A Luxury Bed & Breakfast in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

“It’s not just a place to stay; it’s an experience”.  Grzegorz (guest from Poland).

GlenMyu Estate - Beragala | Haputale - Sri Lanka.

Stay, Swim, Eat and Sleep.

GlenMyu Estate was formerly part of a larger tea estate. It was subsequently used to produce sugar cane prior to being abandoned.

The estate has been lovingly transformed into a 3 bedroom luxury Bed & Breakfast set within 5 acres of calm & tranquility in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

Although we are a Bed & Breakfast, lunch and dinner is available and our guests enjoy the food prepared and served by Ru and the team.

Supporting biodiversity and the local Sri Lankan community.

By staying at GlenMyu Estate you will support;
1. Our aim to encourage wildlife to thrive by planting a diverse range of plants creating a food forest to feed our guests and the animals that visit the land.  
2 Provide a regular income for local people and their families.
3. To support local businesses and suppliers.

A unique experience.

Enjoy a unique experience with family and friends in a relatively undiscovered part of Sri Lanka. 

At GlenMyu Estate we find that our guests love to;

– Rest & recuperate
– Enjoy the stunning views from the
3 luxurious bedrooms and 2 spacious lounges. 
– Sleep without air conditioning in a climate as imore akin to those in Europe (around 22 – 26 degrees Celsius).
– Eat well with bespoke meals prepared by Ru.

Away from the crowds

A less touristy location if you want to be away from the crowd.

Popular places to visit include Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plains National Park and many more.
We are close to Stages 12,13 & 14 of the new Pekoe Trail.

GlenMyu Estate is only around 1 hours drive away from the popular tourist destinations near
Ella Town including Nine Arch Bridge, Mini Adam’s Peak, Ella Rock and the other visitor sites.

What our guests say.


We are located at the 185/14 kilometre point on the A4 Colombo to Batticaloa Highway.

Our address is kilometre post 185/14 Pahala Viharagalla, Nikapotha, Near Beragala, Badulla District.

GlenMyu Estate is 4 km from Beragala junction towards Welawaya/Koslanda.

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Contact us by Telephone or press the WhatsApp button on this page.

+94 75 299 9272

Only one hours drive from Ella, Sri Lanka. 
Take a day trip to Ella from GlenMyu Estate to:

Frequently Asked Questions:

We do not have air conditioning as it is not required in the Sri Lankan Hill country.

The temperature at night is between 16 and 19 °C and we have duvets on the beds if you are cold.

We have an overhead fan for use during the day if required.

We do not have a generator at the Estate.

We do not use air-conditioning at GlenMyu Estate as the temperature here does not require the use of one.

We have solar and battery operated lights which are used during the scheduled power cuts and therefore are able to provide sufficient light in the evenings around the property.

We have a battery back up for the Wi-Fi and therefore this is still in operation during power shortages.

We cook on gas, electric and wood and therefore always have a back up option so that we can continually serve food to our guests.

Our aim at GlenMyu Estate is to be kind to the environment as much as we can and therefore do not want to use diesel which would be required to operate a generator.

If you read our reviews on Booking.com, AirBnb and Google you will see that none of our clients were inconvenienced during the scheduled power cuts that the country is presently having to encumber.

We love animals here at GlenMyu Estate however as we already have seven dogs on the property we do not allow you to bring your pet. We feel that both you, your pet and ourselves will have a more relaxing stay without being concerned about your pets safety.

We do not have drivers quarters at the Estate however can provide you with a recommendation of places locally where your driver can stay.

We do not have Televisions at the property however do provide WiFi. 
The concept for the property is for you to get closer to nature and enjoy the surroundings. 
We offer a different experience without the distractions of  a television.

We do not permit you to bring in your own food as  we are unable to control the  quality and hygiene. We offer good value meals which are freshly prepared daily and we would recommend that you have a look at our sample menus for prices.

The kitchen closes strictly at 10.00 p.m.

Last orders 8.30 p.m.

We do provide other meals which are charged for separately. Please visit our menu page to see our sample menus. We cook everything freshly on the day and can adjust the menu to suit your dietary and other requirements.  

We live on the upper floor of the property which has a separate entrance.

In effect you will have the middle and part of the lower floor to yourselves however we reside on the upper floor.

Parties are not permitted at the property. If you are playing music we would request that you be courteous and respectful of  our  neighbours and not disturb the other guests by (1)  keeping the volume at a reasonable level (2) stopping the music by 10 am. 
Although we are in five acres we still have neighbours that we need to respect. 

GlenMyu Estate
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