Our Food and Drink Menus

Our food menu is regularly changed throughout the year. 

Ru and the team are always seeking out new recipes and testing the ingredients that we can source locally to GlenMyu Estate.

Soup, Chicken, Fish, Pasta, Risotto, Mushrooms, Jackfruit & Tofu

Our Plant Based Menu

Homemade and freshly to order

Ru and the team make everything freshly on the day. In the mornings they are up early and make fresh bread. 

Meals will be discussed with you early in the day so that Ru has time to prepare your dishes.  

A local seasonal menu

In order to provide the best tasting meal for our guests we only serve fresh season produce.  As much of the ingredients are sourced from our organic garden and from good local producers.

You will find that avocados are only served when they are in season and are only available for a short period of the year. However, when they are, they’re delicious.

Drinks - we are happy for you to bring your own alcohol.

Sri Lanka imports wine and it tends to be quite expensive compared to the rest of the World.
You will also find that the quality will not be great compared to that at home.
We do not stock wine at GlenMyu Estate and welcome guests to bring their own with them to drink with their meals. 

GlenMyu Estate
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