World Vegan Day - 1st November

Celebrating World Vegan Day on the 1st November at GlenMyu Estate.

I was reminded to celebrate World Vegan Day in an email from Veganuary

You may know that GlenMyu Estate takes part in Veganary annually where we aim to add something different to our menu.

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What is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day is a global event celebrated annually on 1 November. (n.b. the date/day in November  has some variations in different countries).

People are encouraged to explore and embrace a vegan lifestyle.

This involves abstaining from the use of animal products for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

World Vegan Day provides an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of Veganism.

It also raises awareness about animal rights, and also to promote sustainable and compassionate choices

When did World Vegan Day come about.

World Vegan Day was established by animal rights activist Louise Wallis, then Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, in 1994.

It was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organisation and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism”.

Louis Wallis is the former president of the Vegan Society. She is a singer, DJ and animal rights activist.

 You can read more about Louise in this interview on the Save a Scream website.

And now it's World Vegan Month!

The Vegan Society initially started with World Vegan Day in 1994. This was extended to World Vegan Week and then to World Vegan month.

You can read more about World Vegan month at the The Vegan Society website.

Vegan Food offered all year around.

At GlenMyu Estate we are aware that not all of our guests are Vegan and we do offer some fish and chicken dishes.

We think that the our guests are not ready for GlenMyu Estate to offer only vegetarian and vegan meals. Perhaps in the future, when we have further enhanced our reputation for great food, we will be able to change fully in future.

We have been surprised when we offer guests an alternative to fish, poultry or meat dishes, how much they enjoy them. The ingredients we use are fresh and local which we believe adds to the taste of the meals Ru serves to our guests. You can see Ru in action at our YouTube channel for GlenMyu Estate and also at Ru’s Recipes.

When is World Vegetarian Day?

I thought that there must also be a World Vegetarian Day if there is a World Vegan Day.

World Vegetarian Day takes place on 

So what did we do?

We had one of our delicious Jackfruit Burgers  with sweet potato fries and a salad for our lunch on World Vegan Day. It’s one of my favourites and a dish that our guests really enjoy. 

We had one guest that had come with a friend to have a Roast Chicken Dinner with Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes and roasted vegetables. The friend was vegetarian and had our Vegan Burger for lunch. After having a taste of the Jackfruit burger the guest chose this as their main meal the following day. 

It’s amazing how often we hear the words “You don’t need meat” or “I don’t miss meat” when our guests select dishes from our vegetarian and vegan menus.

The Jackfruit are picked from the trees that are next to the lawn at GlenMyu Estate. 

Ru makes the burger buns freshly in the kitchen. The salads and leaves are mainly picked from the garden.

It doesn’t matter how large or small you celebrate or acknowledge World Vegan Day. Perhaps, just eating Vegan dishes on the day appears to be just a small effort. However, we feel that our responsibility is to encourage people to provide a Vegan option. If we provide the best Vegan food and dishes we can to show them how great the food can taste, maybe we will encourage the movement towards plant based meals which is at least better for the planet.

Jackfruit - a Vegan favourite

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