What do monkeys like to do?

What do monkeys like to do? At GlenMyu Estate we have two species of monkeys that regularly visit us. Toque macaques are endemic to the island and can often be seen in our trees eating leaves and fruits when available. Tufted grey langurs also can be seen in the trees and sometimes on the ground when the youngsters play and the adult try to steal our crops.

My morning at GlenMyu Estate is quite varied during the year and a little different compared to London when I was on that hamster wheel. Life has certainly changed moving from a city with a population of ten million plus to a five acre estate with a population of eight people.

My morning view has changed as well. In our London flat we would look over the railway track hosting the Bakerloo line and London Overground. Now we look over the rolling hills that lead towards the South coast of Sri Lanka. The sound of the stream that runs along the boundary of the estate and the morning birdsong is my background music. It’s such a contrast to the city.

What do monkeys like to do when they are at GlenMyu Estate?

Quite often there are some monkeys that like to sit on the elderly Lunumidella Tree that is in front of the house. I regularly take photos and videos of these animals enjoying their time on this precipice. They eat the leaves leaving the tree branches somewhat bare. Picking fleas from their fur is a regular pastime. Shaking the tree branch is also a regular event and I still don’t know the reason for this. When there is a family temporarily inhabiting the tree the kids can race around and make it a place of play. I like it when the monkeys just sit, chill and enjoy the view. This is a reflection of what I believe that this paradise island should be all about.

Sit, relax and enjoy the view. Get closer to nature. Take a deep breath off the fresh air. Forget about all the stresses, troubles and strife and enjoy the world.

What the monkeys did this morning.

This morning I watched a pair of monkeys on tree. The sun was out and they were grooming themselves before they started their day. The younger of the two did shake the tree for a while which brought a smile to my face. They weren’t there for long but the relaxed feeling that they emitted had already been transferred to me. 

Not only monkeys.

As I write, the monkeys have left the tree and they have been replaced by a pair of Bulbuls with their Mohican haircuts. They are not the most attractive birds given their aggressive hairstyle. The background has changed as the mist has come in and the sun is hiding behind the clouds. 

The change from light to dark should depress my mood however I have the photos and videos of the monkeys in the sun to lift my spirits and keep a smile on my face.

Enjoy the wildlife and get closer to nature.

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