8 ways to unplug from technology on holiday

Here are 8 ways to unplug from technology on holiday which may help you having a more relaxing time during your precious time off.

We find, at GlenMyu Estate, that it’s easy to switch off and be in the moment.

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1. Let people know that you are on holiday

A great place to start is to let everyone know that you are going away before you leave for that well-earned break.

Friends and Family – Let your friends and family know that you are going away. You could send out a short email or text to those that you regularly have contact with, letting them know when you’ll be gone.

Colleagues and Coworkers –  Let your workmates know the following:
When you’re leaving.
How long you’ll be gone/when you will be back.
How to reach you in case of an emergency.

Set up an out-of-office message on your work inbox. Ensure that you  let people know when you’ll return and who to contact a in your absence.

2 Pack less technology in your luggage

Leave most of the tech at home. An easy way to use less technology is to not take it with you.

However, while going completely tech-free is a ultimate goal, it’s a bit of an unreal stretch too far.

Before you pack consider what devices you really need. Your phone is a must-have in case of an emergency. A tablet is great for watching movies on a plane or reading a book while relaxing by the pool.
That may be all you need to make the most of your vacation.

You could ditch the tablet and take your book reader only which will limit the time you can spend on tech during your vacation.

A camera may help you reduce your phone usage
Packing your camera may result in you not reaching for your phone when you want to capture a moment from your holiday.

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3. Plan out your technology use - and stick to it!

Going completely unplugged from technology is a real challenge when it is part of your everyday life.

Reading a book on your tablet, using a map to get you around and checking out restaurant reviews on your phone are all things that make your holiday easier.

Instead of trying to eliminate technology completely, set limits for how you’re going to use your devices.

Plan out how much time you’ll use technology per day, what you will use it for, and when you’ll use your devices.

You can download some apps which will help you manage your screen time

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4.Travel to a remote destination (better still off grid)

A great way to avoid using technology on holiday is by going somewhere with limited internet access.

There are lots of travel spots which offer plenty of things to do and see which will stimulate your mind and keep you away from technology.

Hiking in places where there is limited internet access such as Horton Plains means you can live in the moment.

Ben Fogle’s “New Lives in the Wild” visited Cliff Lodge, Haputale, Sri Lanka is an ideal place. An off grid camping experience with activities including hiking to a waterfall will provide you with that tech free experience.

5. Turn off all (or most) notifications

By turning off your phone alerts and notifications you will not have the distraction of that ping alerting you to a new email etc.

 Turn off the push notifications on your devices along with your ringer.

If there isn’t anything making you to look at your phone, you’ll be less likely to be tempted to use it.

6. Plan activities that don't involve devices and tech

Alongside planning your tech use, participating in tech free activates will mean that you won’t have time to even think about reaching for your devices.

In Sri Lanka you can hike, swim, surf, scuba, kite sail and more. There are activities that don’t involve technology.  

If you’re traveling with a group, suggest a tech-free dinner where everyone leaves their phones in the hotel bedroom.

7. Bring a notebook and pen

Taking a simple notebook and some art supplies can help keep you and the children entertained without the focus on screens.

By participating in some art activity as a family you can stimulate those creative juices and get them flowing again. How about having a drawing or painting competition? You can even give a prize for the best picture.

Starting journal for the holiday so that you can remember the good times, food that you eat and people you met.

Perhaps a scrap book is the way to go, where you can paste in mementos of the trip. Instead os sending postcards, you can glue some into your scrap book and add some photos that you have taken later to remember the places you have visited.

By starting this habit, it may become a creative routine for you and the family later on.

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8. Take a book or two

There is nothing like turning the leaves of a book, especially when you are engrossed in the story.

Find some books that you are interested in. Perhaps you will find some on a list of bestsellers which you can find online. Maybe you want to read the latest Booker Prize winner. 

Set yourself the task to read a target number of pages per day at a particular time to get you started. Aim to read both books before the completion of your holiday. 

Again, if you start the habit and enjoy it, you may continue this when you get back home and not pick up the screens as often.

Reading a book on holiday

Unplugging from your life for a few days is hard.

However, by following these tips, you’ll be closer to finding the peace and calm that you need on vacation.

8 ways to unplug from technology on your holiday in Sri Lanka - Summary

  1. Let everyone know.
  2. Pack less technology in your luggage.
  3. Plan out your technology use.
  4. Travel to a remote destination (better still off grid)
  5. Turn off all (or most) notifications.
  6. Plan non – tech activities.
  7. Bring a notebook and pen.
  8. Pack a book or two.

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