Direct flights - Turkey to Sri Lanka.

Direct flights from Turkey to Sri lanka

There was exciting news in June 2023 when it was announced that Turkish Airlines would commence direct flights from Turkey to Sri Lanka. 
At GlenMyu Estate we have already received some Turkish guests that love outside the country and we are looking forward to meeting new customers.
The new direct route will be an opportunity for other European Passengers to use Istanbul as a hub when they are flying to this Paradise Island on holiday.

Press about the new flights from Turkey to Sri Lanka.

There was much ado about the news which will bring more tourists to Sri Lanka. The Tourist Authority is planning for 2 million tourists in  2023 and perhaps this new route will help to achieve the target. At the time of writing Tourist numbers had dipped for the first week of June and expectations was that tourist numbers would pass 600,000 by the end of June 2023. If achieved, that would mean another 1.4 million tourists for the remainder of 2023! 

The Sri Lankan  Cival Aviation authority were excited in this press release.

Financial Times of Sri Lanka also released the following press statement.

Daily News advised that they expect to have The frequency is expected to be four flights per week on their article. Read more here.

Flights from Turkey to Sri Lanka are duet start in the coming few months.

It is expected that the new flights will bring, not just tourists from Turkey, but also it should boost arrivals from Europe, the US and Canada.

Connecting to 129 Countries World-wide

In Newswires despatch they state that “This will enable Sri Lanka to quickly connect with 129 countries in the world with shorter flight and connection times at Istanbul Airport”.

Flights from Turkey to Sri Lanka.

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