Tourist numbers in Sri Lanka are rising.

The tourist numbers in Sri Lanka are rising.

For the fourth month in a row over 200,000 travellers per month have visited this paradise island.

Things to see on holiday in Sri Lanka

A great result but.....

It was reported in the Sri Lankan Daily Mirror that there were over 200,000 arrivals in March 2024.

However the total was lower than the target set by the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

The online newspaper reported that “In March, the island nation welcomed a total of 209,181 international visitors, a 66 percent year-on-year growth”.

See the month on month growth at the SLTDA

After the challenging years of the global pandemic and then the financial crisis it is good to see number tourist numbers rise. It’s an important part of the economy on the island and creates employment for lots of people. 

The Sri Lankan Tourist Development Authority (SLTDA) publishes weekly and monthly tourist arrivals on their website.

Click on the button to see the statistics.

Why are tourist travelling in numbers to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka is a small island off the tip of India, but it as so much to do and see there on holiday.

The island is brimming with a rich history, diverse culture, spectacular wildlife. There are stunning landscapes and unparalleled experiences to enjoy.

You can go on exciting safaris, taste incredible cuisine, enjoy beautiful weather and so much more

Noen Arch bridge
Things to see on holiday in Sri Lanka.
Horton Plains in January 2024
Beaches on the East Coast of Sri Lanka

A variety of beaches around the island

This small island has a diverse offering of beaches around its’ coasts. 

The South and West coasts are great to visit from December to April.

Visiting the North and East costs are best from May until September. 

The beach bar at Maalu Maalu
Beaches in Sri Lanka
Things to see on holiday in Sri Lanka.
Wake up early for the Sunrise

Ella and the Sri Lankan Hill Country

There are so many great places to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill country.

Ella Town is around one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate. Most of our guests visit Nine Arch Bridge, Ravana Waterfall and climb Mini Adams Peak.

Our guests also visit great sights such as Lipton’s Seat and Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

Enjoying the sunrise at Lipton's Seat
Alone at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights such as Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

GlenMyu Estate
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