The Best Times in Sri Lanka

I think that some of the best times in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate is when a group takes all three rooms. There is a luxury and a privacy of having the place to yourself. 

At the moment we have one family who have taken all three rooms.
I’m inspired to write as they are all in the pool for an early morning swim. What a great way to start the day! Spending time with friends and family, making memories and strengthening that family bond.

Last night they were watching photos and videos broadcast against a wall on the ground floor. The family were using a projector that they had brought with them. I hope that they will be taking more photos and videos that they can add to this collection and reminisce at a future date.

It's not the first time.

They are not the first group to experience GlenMyu Estate by themselves. We have returning French guests who booked all rooms at the beginning of 2023 and spent a unique time with friends from Paris.

Some guests have inadvertently had GlenMyu Estate to themselves. As the hotel is still in its infancy there are times where a couple have been the only residents for a few days. Whether it was their best time or a part of their holiday in Sri Lanka that they will remember I cannot say. However, the reviews we have received from our guests have been wonderful. They clearly enjoyed their time whether sharing with others or on their own.

A small window is open.

We can see that this is a small window of opportunity for guests as every month. The hotel is becoming more established. We are receiving more forward bookings which will limit availability in future. Sri Lanka’s tourist numbers are increasing and the Sri Lankan Hill Country is coming more popular. GlenMyu Estate is higher on the radar due to our reviews.  Some travellers reluctance to be located in the busy tourist centre of Ella. We are a good alternative for many guests.

You are not completely alone.

Of course, you will not be the only ones at the estate as my wife and I live on the upper floor of the property. We also have staff that are there to look after our guests needs and requirements.

GlenMyu Estate is also for sharing.

There are many instances where different couples book the rooms. The experience is differently and we love seeing friendships made. Sharing their experiences and recommendations of their exploration of this paradise island is something special. You can gather so much more information from other travellers compared to reading a blog post or a guide book. Travel comes to life when it is shared with other people. So, we also love it when we have guests sharing GlenMyu Estate. 

Lipton's Seat, Nine Arch Bridge and much more.

We have seen lots of guests bond and join together in day trips to visit Nine Arch Bridge, Little Adams Peak, Diyaluma Waterfall, Horton Plains National Park and Lipton’s Seat. 

Some guests have come to GlenMyu Estate from different directions. This gives the opportunity to provide advice on what is best to see when they leave to see more of the island. 

Have your best times in Sri Lanka.

When guests arrive at GlenMyu Estate they have already had such a wonderful time on their exploration of the island. Some have come from the beach and others from Sigiriya (Lion Rock) and Kandy. They all have such good things to say about the country. A highlight is how they have been treated and welcomed by the local Sri Lankans.

The hospitality received creates a desire of wanting to return again to this paradise island and experience the best of times again and again.

Whatever and wherever you are in Sri Lanka we want you to have the best of times.

We will certainly do our utmost for you during your time at GlenMyu Estate. 

The best time to book GlenMyu Estate, Sri Lanka?

Well, the best time is now.

We offer discounts for booking directly with us and we have already had to disappoint people looking to visit on popular dates. Last year we were full at Valentine’s Day and had to disappoint one lovely guest who wanted to extend her staff as she lived it here so much.

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