A Honeymoon Chair for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka

Our 1st Honeymoon

Our 1st Honeymoon

As GlenMyu Estate is a new property, completed in 2021, we have had a lot of new experiences when welcoming guests. We have celebrated our 1st Christmas, our 1st Birthday and now our first Honeymoon in Sri Lanka.

The Honeymoon Bed
Red Swans on the Honeymoon Bed
A Honeymoon Chair for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
Enjoy your honeymoon at GlenMyu Estate

Our first honeymooners were a delightful couple from Ireland and Ru and I were keen to do something to make their holiday in Sri Lanka special.

We welcomed the newlyweds in December so we had already decorated the house in readiness for Christmas 2023. Most of the decorations were made by the staff and Ru’s mother did lots of crocheting and needlework to make Santas, festive tablecloths and decorations.

Baubles on the Christmas Tree
Our Christmas Tree
A homemade Santa
Homemade decorations
An elephant at Christmas
The Christmas display below the Elephant Art
A elf welcome at Christmas
Santas Helpers at Christmas

So the House at GlenMyu Estate was already looking good for when our honeymooners arrived.

Preparing the Honeymoon Room.

The honeymooners had chosen the Mahogany Bedroom which has a spectacular view of the hills and valleys below the house.

We wanted to do something extra in the room to make it special for the couple when they arrived.

Ru’s mother had made some love heart cushions and Sampath decorated the bed with red coupled swans made from red towels.

The concrete bath had a scattering of candles in case the couple wanted to have a romantic bath together. Yes, our baths are made for two!

Here are some pictures of what the guests saw when they arrived.

Light on the Honeymoon Bed for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
The Honeymoon Bed in the Mahogany Bedroom. Also for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
Honeymoon Swans
Honeymoon Swans on the kingsize bed
A Honeymoon Chair for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
Enjoy your honeymoon at GlenMyu Estate
Honeymoon Hearts for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
Hearts and Swans on the Bed for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
Entering the Honeymoon Room
Enter the Honeymoon Room. Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
The Honeymoon Bed lit up
A welcoming honeymoon bed

The reaction was just what we were hoping for so it was a job well done.

Happily we have our second honeymoon at the end of December so we will be ready to welcome them with a similar display.

What is a Honeymoon?

A Honeymoon is a holiday spent together by a newly married couple.

The word comes from the Scandinavian custom of drinking mead or fermented honey as it was thought to increase the likelihood of fertility.

Normally the honeymoon is taken immediately or shorty after the wedding. 

We have found however that some couples take a “mini moon” and then a longer honeymoon later on.

A mini moon is typically a long weekend (up to 5 days)  that gives the couple a much needed rest after all the stress of planning their wedding.

We didn’t know about the phrase when we got married but this is in effect what we did.

Ru and I got married in Sri Lanka and did a short trip to a different part of the island a few days later. We didn’t realise how exhausted we would be and it was really needed.

Our honeymoon was several months later in a cottage in the Welsh Countryside. It was a lovely to spend some time together and reminisce about pour special day.


Why are Honeymoons so important?

A Honeymoon is the first significant time that the couple will spend and share together after a marriage.

One of the main benefits is to have some undistracted time together.

It is a time to bond, relax, celebrate together, reflect on matters, plan and look forward to the time ahead.

The honeymoon is something to look forward to after the marriage.

What should we do on our honeymoon in Sri Lanka?

Well, I suppose that it depends on what you like to do.

Most couples spend their time indulging in a romantic time together. Having a special dinner together, exploring new places, having an adventure or partying at a club.

There are so many things that you can do.

Tips for planning a perfect honeymoon

It is worth planning your honeymoon and we would suggest that you start with the following:

1. Both the Bride & Groom should start by writing down their three favourite things, such as art, food, beach or nature, history and spa. Clearly these items are not exhaustive.

2. Discuss and finely hone down your shared interests which will help define where you want to go

3. Budget and put money away toward the honeymoon and experiences.

By having unified plan for your honeymoon it will add substance to the start of your lives together.

Why Honeymoon in Sri Lanka?

If you are looking for a a honeymoon bursting with culture and adventure then we would suggest that you consider Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka you can:

Visit beautiful temples

Taste a variety of delicious teas at one of the tea plantations.

See a range of animals on a safari.

Relax on one of the many beaches around the island.

Experience a wide range of accommodation for different budgets.

Enjoy breathtaking views from the Lion Rock Temple at Sigiriya, Lipton Seat or the many Waterfalls.

There are so many things that you can do I’m sure that it would fit into one of your items on your honeymoon list.

Why consider GlenMyu Estate as part of your honeymoon trip to Sri Lanka?

A holiday to Sri Lanka is wonderful however it can be quite exhausting.

The colours, new experiences and tropical heat on this Paradise Island are so different than it can drain your energy.

As GlenMyu Estate is in the Sri Lankan Hill Country the temperatures are a little more comfortable than the heat of the coasts and cities.

We find that guests arrive and there is a sense of relief coming to a slightly cooler climate with space and surrounded by nature.

We only have 3 guest bedrooms at the 5 acre estate so there are plenty of opportunities for you to have “couple time” around the estate. There are plenty of places to sit and enjoy nature together.

You can find out more at our website.

The views around the Estate
Looking out to the hills below the house at GlenMyu Estate.
The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate
The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate
Relax in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate and enjoy some delicious food.
Enjoy delicious food at our table for two with a beautiful view.
A romantic sunset silhouette.
A beautiful moment where our guests enjoy a fantastic sunset on holiday at the balcony of the lounge at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

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