The Beautiful Baker's Falls

What is Baker’s Falls, Sri Lanka

What is Baker's Falls', Sri Lanka?

What is Baker’s Falls, Sri Lanka?

Where is it?
How do I get there?
What do I need?
What is the cost?
Where should I stay?
Is it worth seeing it?

Many of our guests who stay with us at GlenMyu Estate, love their hike around Horton Plains National Park and visiting the beautiful Baker’s Falls.

We answer your questions about this experience in the Sri Lankan hill country.

A spectacular waterfall in Horton Plains National Park

The Horton Plains plateau is home to Baker’s Falls which was named after the Samuel Baker who discovered Nuwara Eliya.

Horton Plains National Park offers a stunning landscape to admire. It provides an opportunity to take photos of you admiring the beautiful cascade is something to be added to your Instagram account.

You access Baker’s Falls on the 11 kilometre circular hike around Horton Plains National Park. 

It is a welcome spot to rest before carrying on your walk in this unique environment in Sri Lanka.

Baker's Falls

Where is Baker's Falls, Sri Lanka?

Horton Plains National Park is situated in the Central Province of Sri Lanka of Nuwara Eliya District

Please see the location on the map.

You reach Baker’s Falls during part of the 11 kilometre circular hike around this montane cloud forest.

The other main stopping places on the hike are Lesser World’s End and Greater World’s End.

How do I get to Baker's Falls, Sri Lanka?

You can access Horton Plans National Park by one of two gates, either Pattipola or Ohiya.

The Pattipola entrance is from the Nuwara Eliya side.

You can enter the Ohiya gate when travelling from Haputale or Ella.

It takes around one hour  or so to reach to park entrance if you are travelling from Nuwara Eliya or Haputale.

What will I need for my hike?

We would recommend that you bring the following items:

  1. Suitable footwear (walking shoes, sandals with a good grip or training shoes.
  2. A lightweight windproof jacket (you will probably need this for part of the hike).
  3. A hat and suncream (you are at a high elevation and the UV can be high)
  4. Some water to drink
  5. Some tissue paper (there are two toilets on the hike)
  6. Some snacks (We send you off with a pack breakfast from GlenMyu Estate)
  7. A smal rucksack to take your possessions.
  8. A phone/camera  (there will be plenty of Instagram opportunities).
  9. Binoculars (there is plenty of birds and other wildlife to spot)
  10. Walking poles (not essential as most of the walk is relatively easy).

What is the cost?

There are different prices for local and foreign tourists.

We visited Horton Plains in January 2024 and the total cost for two foreign tourists was LKR 24,000 (circa US$80/Euro €74).

Although this is one of the more expensive things to do in Sri Lanka, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and we still believe that it gives good value. 

You will also be supporting local people that are employed at Horton Plains along with protecting this unique environment.

The hike around Horton Plains National Park is reasonably well marked and does not require you to use a hiking app to help you navigate.

However, it’s worth viewing the route on one of the hiking Apps to see what it entails.

Please click on the following  All Trails Hiking link to see the trail.

Where should I stay when visiting World's End?

There is some accommodation close to the park which is cheap and basic.

Better quality accommodation is expected to be built in the future, however there are lots of options of good quality places to stay in and around Nuwara Eliya and Haputale.

Lots of our guests at GlenMyu Estate do a day trip to the park.
GlenMyu Estate is a luxury bed and breakfast located near to Haputale.

Our guests love being able to swim in the natural spring-fed swimming pool after their hike and enjoy the food and drink we serve.

Is Baker's Falls, Sri Lanka worth seeing?

We certainly think that it is.

Despite the high entrance fee compared to other experiences in Sri Lanka, visiting Horton Plains and Baker’s Falls, is something that we recommend to all our guests. 

Apart from a little disappointment on not getting a clear view at World’s End on a cloudy day, everyone love the outing. 

The sense of achievement felt by our guests as they return and the appreciation of a dip in our swimming pool to ease their muscles iw worth it.

Beautiful water flow at Baker's Falls

We love it at Horton Plains National Park!

Horton Plains National Park is one of our favourite places to visit from GlenMyu Estate.

We have been lucky to get near views from World’s End (t’s not guaranteed!).

However, we have always found Baker’s Falls to be stunning, whatever the water flow.

The exhilaration that you feel when you complete the hike is the icing on the cake. 

We do feel very lucky to live close to the park and have the ability to visit it often seeing how it changes during the year. 

The hike always appears to provide something new for us. We see wildlife that we have not seen before and the water flow at Baker’s Falls changes every time we see it.

We love chatting to other walkers that we meet on the trail. Many find it more challenging than others but they all are mesmerised by what they have seen. 

I also really enjoy seeing the large groups of local Sri Lankans, who are normally starting the hike as we are finishing. The sharing of the experience with friends and family is really heart-warming. 

I am amazed to see fathers carrying their children on the 11 kilometre hike. Grandparents are included and walk at their own pace. They mainly hike in flip flops which provides me with feeling of admiration of their ability and concern that they are not wearing suitable footwear.

Our guests also love Baker's Falls and the Horton Plains Hike

Our guests feel fabulous when they return to the luxury of GlenMyu Estate after their adventure at Horton Plains National Park. 

The sense of achievement is plain to see. Although the hike is not too difficult, there are places which are a challenge if you do not walk or hike regularly.

Walking at an elevation of 2,100–2,300 m (6,900–7,500 ft) above sea level, then you do feel that you have had a bit of a workout.

Most guests are surprised about what they see in terms of flora and fauna on their hike. It’s such a different landscape from what they have experienced around the island at the beaches or in the historical and cultural sights.

Horton Plains National Park.
Lesser World's End, Horton Plains National Park
Horton Plains in January 2024

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like World’s End at Horton Plains National Park.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on Booking.com and Airbnb.
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A waterfall at Upper Diyaluma surrounded by nature.

Photos of Diyaluma Waterfall

Photos of Diyaluma Waterfall.

Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma are about a 40 minute drive from GlenMyu Estate.

Here are our guests photos of Diyaluma Waterfall.

Fabien and Sandra

Our guests Fabien and Sandra invited us to accompany them on their day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall. This was our first experience of Upper Diyaluma and we were blown away with the experience and regret not visiting the wonder earlier.

Where is Diyaluma Waterfall?

The falls are 18.8 kilometres from GlenMyu Estate (around a 40 minute drive).
GlenMyu Estate is near Golconda and you will travel towards Koslanda on the A4 road.

Ridhi & Janhavi

Our Indian guests Ridhi and Janhavi (best friends from college) were on a “girls trip” discovering Sri Lanka for the first time. We loved having them stay with us at GlenMyu Estate and they did so many things in their few days here.

One of their highlights was a visit early in the morning to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall. Going early meant that they avoided the crowds and at times were the only people at this beautiful natural location. 

You can read why we recommend why you should get up early to see the sights in Sri Lanka in the following article “The 6 best reasons to wake up early”.

Millie and Matt - November 2023.

The Australian flag

Millie and Matt, our Australian/British couple visited Upper Diyaluma Waterfall in early November 2023. The previous night they had stayed at Yala to see a safari and were lucky enough to see a Leopard and a Sloth Bear. 

As you pass Diyaluma Waterfall on the way from the south of the Island from Wellawaya towards GlenMyu Estate, they stopped on the way.

There had been quite a lot of rain over the previous week so there was a lot of water in the falls and the pools. 

They had a fantastic time in the pool and mainly had Upper Diyaluma to themselves given the time of the year when there are less tourists visiting the island.

Greg & Kasia - December 2023.

Greg & Kasia are from Krakow, Poland and they stayed at GlenMyu Estate in early December 2023. 

The stayed in Ella Town after their stay at GlenMyu Estate.

On the way they stopped off at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

The water was quite high so they decided that it was not safe enough to swim (sensible people) however they managed to get some great photos. They thought that Upper Diyaluma was an awesome place.

Thank you Greg and Kasia for allowing us to share your photos.

Why stay at GlenMyu Estate?

GlenMyu Estate is a boutique three bedroom hotel (homestay) which is ideally suited for visiting Diyaluma Waterfall and many other fabulous sights in the Sri Lankan Hill Country. It’s a quieter and more private option than staying in the busy tourist town of Ella.

Please read our guest reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, Booking.com and Airbnb to see what our customers say.

We are listed on Booking.com and Airbnb however you can also contact us directly view the WhatsApp button on our website for the best direct rates.

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