What's your New Year's resolution?

We are excited – Veganuary 2024 is here.

We are excited - Veganuary 2024 is here.

We are excited – Veganuary 2024 is here.

Are you going to participate?
You don’t have to eat Vegan food for the whole of January.

Veganuary is all about encouraging people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond.

Veganuary 2024 is here. What's the risk of dipping your toe into Veganuary?

You never know, you may (and probably) will really like what you eat. Plant Based meals have really come on in recent years. There are even lots of Michelin Star Vegan Restaurants around the world

Veganuary 2024 is here. What should I participate?

By moving towards a more plant-based diet your will:

  1. Help protect the environment.
  2. Prevent animal suffering.
  3. Improve your health.

Good for you, the animals and the environment.

Start your year off with some positive things.

It’s easy to try a plant based diet – there are lots of options for you to choose.

  • More restaurants offer a plant base option.
  • There are many more plant based restaurants to visit.
  • Your supermarket had plenty of Vegan and plant based meals for you to try.

It's easy to try Plant Based food at GlenMyu Estate - it's delicious!

As we can get some great local produce at GlenMyu Estate we have developed and continue adding to our Plant Based Menu

We even offer a free Sri Lankan cooking demonstration when our guests order our Sri Lankan sharing platter.
The event is run by Ru’s mum and we find our guests really enjoy the experience. You can see how the dishes are made and try them at home for yourself.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate. Try our plant based menu and explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

We are excited – Veganuary 2024 is here. Read More »

Veganuary is Coming!

Veganuary is Coming!

Veganuary is Coming!

The launch of the registration for Veganuary 2024 opened on the 7th December 2023.
Are you going to join in?

Perhaps you have your Christmas dinner and are working your way through those turkey sandwiches? Meat, meat and more meat is one of my recollections of the festive period.

I used to get to the stage where I didn’t really want anymore and I was feeling quite unhealthy.
My thoughts turned to healthy vegetables and salads to get my body back in balance.

However, living in the UK, the range of vegetables around the winter period were mainly heavy root vegetables. Some I like and some I don’t. Although I know they are good for you, just ask my wife my reluctance to allow beetroot, cauliflower or cabbage anywhere near my mouth. (apart from coleslaw of course!).

The temporary enthusiasm for a more vegetarian diet quickly disappeared from my mind.

That was then and this is now.

If I was still living in the UK life would be a little different.

The choice of vegan, vegetarian and plant based restaurants to eat was not there when I left seven years ago.
Supermarkets now have a large rang of plant based meals on offer made by good producers such as Bosh.
There are cookbooks such as:
Anything You Can Cook, I Can Cook Vegan by Richard Makin
Plant-Based India by Dr Sheil Shukla
Whole Food Cooking Every Day by Amy Chaplin
East by Meera Sodha
The New Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone by Deborah Madison
Mildred’s Vegan Cookbook

Flavour by Yotam Ottolenghi and Ixta Belfrage

If celebrity chefs are in the bandwagon then......

It was a little bit of a surprise that Gordon Ramsay was cooking vegan dishes. I guess he has to cater for everyone in his restaurant empire!

Here is Jamie Oliver with just some of the plant based recipes for some British classic dishes.

An easy change to a more weighted plant based diet in Sri Lanka.

When we started GlenMyu Estate we quickly realised that the good quality ingredients that we sourced were much more suited to a vegetarian or vegan menu.
My wide also loves to experiment with the produce we can source and try different types of dishes.

It’s easy to mainly eat a plant based diet as there are many dishes that are mainly made from a vegetarian base. 

I do still eat some fish and chicken however, if I have the option I will opt for mushrooms, tofu or our Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Veganuary is coming! It's easier at GlenMyu Estate!

So, it’s easy at GlenMyu Estate to join in with Veganuary.

The dishes are delicious and varied. being in the tropics, we have a wider variety of fruits, vegetables and spices available to make the dishes at this time on year.

Veganuary is coming. Dip your toes in!

If you are nervous about trying some plant based food then we would welcome you to book a stay at GlenMyu Estate and try some of the dishes that Ru and the team makes. 
You may find this a pleasant surprise!

Try our Vegan food when you stay at GlenMyu Estate.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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An elephant at Christmas

A Plant Based Festive Season

A plant based festive season.

The festive season is coming. I thought I would compile a few ideas for a plant based festive season and menu for Christmas.

I have scoured the internet to find recipes and videos that may be of interest.

We are not plant based at GlenMyu Estate.....but...

At GlenMyu Estate we offer chicken and fish options alongside or plant based options. 

You can see our food menu by clicking this link.

At the estate,we intend to increase our plant based offering over time as we get a reputation for this style of cuisine. In order to satisfy our guests we still offer non-plant based option. Our philosophy is that all are welcome whatever our guests’ food preferences.

We will try to provide the best meals we can from the ingredients we can source locally.

Hopefully, as we develop our menu, GlenMyu Estate will be a must place to stay on holiday in Sri Lanka, partially for our plant based menu.

In our experience, we do find that, even if our guests have not tasted plant based options before, they tend to order our vegetarian and vegan options once they have sampled some of Ru’s dishes. 

We cannot get all the ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Although we do manage to source some fantastic ingredients at GlenMyu Estate, we cannot get some of the ingredients that are required for the recipes so we cannot try them all for ourself. 

This is where, although we live on a paradise island, there are reasons to be jealous of you living in the western world where you can go out and pick up a bottle of soya or oat milk from your local supermarket. 

Here are the recipes that I have found that make my mouth water. 

Hopefully you will try some of them and have a delicious plant based festive season!

1. Plant Based Festive Appetisers and Canapes

2.Starters for a Plant Based Festive Season

3.Plant Based Festive Mains

4. Plant Based Festive Desserts

6. Vegan Festive Treats.

5. What to do with Plant Based Festive Leftovers.

We have no problems disposing of leftovers at GlenMyu Estate whether it is the during the festive season, plant base for not!

In no particular order leftovers are happily received by:

The Dogs (we have too many!)

Our Chickens

Our Ducks

Our Cow

And if we actually manage to satisfy the appetites of our animals the remainder can find its home in our compost!

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and try our plant based menu..

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country. We will offer some plant based festive offerings and will try some of these recipes (if we can source the ingredients). 

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

A Plant Based Festive Season Read More »

Making pasta at GlenMyu Estate

My wife likes to experiment… with food.

My wife likes to experiment… with food.

My wife likes to experiment …with food. Fortunately there is lots of inspiration to create new dishes in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

Moving to the Sri Lankan Hill country provided lots of opportunities for my wife to experiment with food.

GlenMyu Estate was completed during the glacial pandemic. At that time there was a limited amount of produce coming to the hill country. 

The supermarkets in Sri Lanka don’t have a wide range of groceries. Especially compared to what you get in the western world.

You can still but some unhealthy ultra processed goods. However, you do not get the variety on the shelves. For example, we only have two variations of bacon; streaky and back, (and only a couple of different brands).

So, having lived in Sri Lanka for the last seven years we are used to having little choice. We have to be a bit creative with what we can get and grow.

The peak effect of the financial crisis in Sri Lanka between March 2022 and November 2022. This resulted in some of our supermarket shelves being empty of certain goods. We managed without butter on several occasions and ether was also shortages of milk.

Our tastes have changed

At first I missed the variety of produce which was on our doorstep in London. It’s amazing how quickly you wean yourself off of salamis, french cheeses and cadburys chocolate. I do still like to eat these items every so often. But now, I mainly wait until my annual trip back to the UK.

Amma's Sri Lankan sharing platter.

We experiment with what we can grow

My wife loves cooking and I am confident enough to say that she has a real love and flair for it. Having learnt to cook in the UK (she raves about Delia Smith) and completing a short Corden Bleu course in London, Ru is really good. Our guests love the dishes that she serves and the reviews of GlenMyu Estate regularly rave the food.

Cookery demonstration

GlenMyu Estate is a five acre property in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

The main property hosts three guest bedrooms in the bed and breakfast part of our offering. 

We are slowly developing the estate into an organic garden and fruit forest.

Garden tours around GlenMyu Estate

Our organic vegetable garden is operating well. We are still working out how to improve our production so we can serve more of our home grown produce to our guests.

We still support good local suppliers for the produce that we cannot grow. It is important that we support the local business community, people and suppliers.

My wife has been experimenting with food that we grow

We are lucky to live on a paradise island. Fortunately, we can get great produce that has not travelled many food miles. The fruits and vegetables that we cannot grow don’t have to come too far. 

Some of the homemade food we serve at GlenMyu Estate

Although we are not near the coast, fish is brought up fishmongers to the Hill Country.

It came take as little as three hours and therefore we can get fresh fish daily.
Fish is an important part of many Sri Lankans’ diets.

Experimenting with food. Moving towards a plant based diet.

Living with animals (we have a cow, lots of ducks and chickens) we are eating more of a plant based diet. Unlike the UK, we are not confident of the animal husbandry in Sri Lanka. We now prefer to eat more fruit and vegetable based meals.

Historically, Sri Lankans mainly ate a vegetarian or vegan diet as that was the main produce available.
This makes it easy to eat a plant-based diet in Sri Lanka.

It’s healthy and good for the planet so we have no reluctance to change our diet.
I might even lose a few pounds which would make my wife very happy!

No need to fight against the tide.

It makes sense for my wife to experiment with the foodstuffs that are easy to source. There is no point us trying to source expensive steak from Australia to serve to our guests. Especially when they can get one for half the price back at home.

As we have no control over the suppliers of pork, chicken and other meats we think there is no point in pushing to find a supplier.

Our guests have been delighted with what we serve and lots of them select our plant based dishes once they have tried Ru’s cooking.

What does my wife experiment with?

At the present time she is concocting and experimenting with dishes using soya as a base.

Making our own soya milk has been quite easy. 

Soya ice cream will be perfected to give our vegan clients another dessert alternative to sorbet and coconut cake.  

Filling Sri Lankan roast paan with a soya and other flavours is another offering that we will provide to our guests in the future.

Using jackfruit in dishes is a staple for Sri Lankans.
Jackfruit was in the headlines as a vegan superfood around five yeas ago. 

We are fortunate to have several Jackfruit trees growing in the garden. They are different varieties and we use them in curries, for our pulled jackfruit burger and the jackfruit nuts are used as a savoury snack (great with beer or a G&T!).

My wife will continue experimenting with food.

Ru really enjoying trying different dishes.
She used some of our neighbours as Guinea Pigs.
They don’t mind as I am normally the first taster before it is adjusted prior to our neighbours getting to sample the new dishes.

Keep an eye on our menu

If you are interested in what my wife is experimenting with please have a look at our food menu from time to time. 

I’m happy that my wife likes to experiment.

It’s great that my wife has the inspiration in the Sri Lankan hill country to experiment and try to create new dishes. 

And I don’t mind sampling the food that she comes up with.

So, I hope that she continues to experiment with different foods for a long time in the future.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and sample Ru's new dishes.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate  is a unique experience and you can sample Ru’s new dishes.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

My wife likes to experiment… with food. Read More »

Plan your meals. A healthy breakfast at GlenMyu Estate.

The Veganuary Story

The Veganuary Story

The premiere of the “The Veganuary Story” took place on Friday the 17th November 2023.

We watched the video and learnt a lot about where and when the idea for Veganuary came from.
It is amazing of how a an idea discussed at a kitchen table in Yorkshire, England has developed in a moment and an idea that such a large amount of the UK population knows about. Starting with around 3,300 participants in 2013 the numbers now are really phenomenal.

Now an international movement it was great to hear how strong Veganuary is in Germany. The US and South American is a vast market where the Veganuary team is making significant inroads.

Veganuary is supported by a range of well known Ambassadors including musician Sir Paul McCartney, wildlife presenter Chris Packham , Author and Poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Actor Evanna Lynch which helps highlight the cause.

We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of this video and would recommend that you click on the video below to watch the program for yourself.

Watch the Veganuary Story - YouTube Video

We would also recommend that you subscribe to the Plant Based News You Tube channel as there was subsequently a question and answer session which I am unable to post on this article. There is also the Plant Based Website for more information. 

GlenMyu Estate and our Veganuary Story

Like many other mentioned in this video we had an awareness of Veganuary. Well done to the Veganuary team!

Sri Lanka is an easy country to be a Vegan or Vegetarian as much of the local cuisine is plant based.

Having come to Sri Lanka from the UK we were more confident with the sources and quality of the the produce we eat there.
Also, eating meat was convenient, easy and affordable.

We were sceptical about the conditions and the treatment of animals here and we could not be sure that they were free range and organic. Our thoughts were not as a result of seeing evidence of bad practices ourselves and there may well be good organic producers that treat their animals well.

However, the simple solution to this was to reduce our meat, poultry and fish consumption and we moved naturally to a plant based diet.

Ru was able to experiment with the organic produce we grow at the estate. Over time, she has also developed contacts with good suppliers of mushrooms, vegetables (that we can’t grow) and fruits.  And, actually Tofu can be delicious if it is cooked the right way.

After a while, we didn’t miss eating meat and really prefer to eat mainly a plant based diet.

One step at a time.

Ultimately, we would really like to only offer Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine.

Our plan is the fully establish the business, have enough guests write reviews about the Vegetarian and Vegan food we serve which will give us enough confidence to remove the fish and chicken items from our menu.

Until then we need to offer alternatives to our guests. 

The good news is that when we serve our Vegetarian and Vegan options to our guests they are wowed and happy to choose their next meals from those menus.

Read our articles about our Vegan food and Veganuary.

Find out more about Veganuary

You can find out more about Veganuary and try some Vegan dishes yourself from the recipes on the Veganuary website.

Vegan Social Media Influencer in Sri Lanka.

Recently social media influencer Maya from @FitGreenMind visited Sri Lanka. She travelled around the island and found out more about Vegan cooking and the cuisine in Sri Lanka.

You can watch the interview by Good Life X here. 

Holiday in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate.

Ideally located to take day trips to Ella, Nine Arch Bridge, Upper Dityaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plain National Park and many more.

A luxury Bed & Breakfast with only three bedrooms with spectacular views of the Sri Lankan countryside.

We are listed on and Airbnb however, please contact us directly by WhatsApp for our best direct rates. (WhatsApp 94 752 999 272).

The Veganuary Story Read More »

We are excited!

We are excited! The Veganuary Story - premiere 17th November.

We are excited and are looking forward to watching “The Veganuary Story” which is due to premiere on Friday the 17th November 2023.

At GlenMyu Estate, we have been supporting Veganuary in our own way since we opened our B & B in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

Our menu has a specific Vegan menu which our Vegan  and non Vegan love.

We are not totally Vegan and do offer, vegetarian, fish and chicken to our guests. In the future we hope to build a reputation for primarily Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. 

It's easier to be Vegan in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan cuisine lends itself to Vegan options as lots of the dishes are vegetable based. Historically milk is not a big part of the Sri Lankan diet and many of the ice and curries are totally vegan. If you are Vegan and visiting Sri Lanka on holiday we recommend that you ask whether the dish is Vegan. Then check and ask again, because sometimes you need extra clarity here.

Find out more about Veganuary.

If you want to find out more about Veganuary please visit their website where you will find a some inspiration. There’s free, downloadable recipes which is a good start.

Eating guides and a blog will help you with your Vegan journey and give you some inspiration.

Celebrity recipes from stars including 

Ambassadors for Veganuary include: musician Sir Paul McCartney, Wildlife TV Presenter Chris Packham, Author and Poet Benjamin Zephiniah, Actor Evanna Lynch, Comedian Sara Pascoe and many more.

A variety of Vegan offerings at GlenMyu Estate - not just rice and curry.

Ru, the owner of GlenMyu Estate lived in the UK for around fifteen years and has a love of cooking. We know that Vegan guests enjoy Sri Lankan food as they travel around and discover the island. However, a majority of dishes are rice and curry, which are great and there is variety to the ingredients which keeps the tastes interesting.

Ru offers a variety of Vegan dishes outside the usual rice and curry. Dishes could be considered fusion with a Sri Lankan twist. 

Lots of the ingredients used are sourced either from our organic garden at GlenMyu Estate or from local suppliers. 

Find out more about GlenMyu Estate. Sri Lanka.

If you are going on holiday to Sri Lanka and want to stay at a place that serves Vegan dishes please visit our website to find out more.

GlenMyu Estate is located near to Haputale which is convenient for visiting the wonderful sights in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

We are listed on Airbnb and
Please contact us by WhatsApp for our best direct deals (00 94 752 999 272).

What you will find at GlenMyu Estate.

3 Kingsize Double Bedrooms with Spectacular Views
2 Spacious Lounges with views over the hills below the house
A Natural Spring-Fed Infinity Swimming Pool
5 Acres of land to explore

Delicious bespoke meals freshly prepared by the host
A selection of places to dine

A place to relax and be closer to nature

Within reach of the following tourist sites

Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma Pools
Horton Plains National Park – Mini Worlds End, Worlds End and Bakers Falls
Adisham Bungalow
Lipton Seat
Dambetenna Tea Factory
Bambarakanda Waterfall
Thangamale Bird Sanctuary
Ella Town
9 Arch Bridge
Little Adams Peak
Ravanna Waterfall

We are excited! Read More »

Jackfruit - a Vegan favourite

World Vegan Day 1st November

World Vegan Day - 1st November

Celebrating World Vegan Day on the 1st November at GlenMyu Estate.

I was reminded to celebrate World Vegan Day in an email from Veganuary

You may know that GlenMyu Estate takes part in Veganary annually where we aim to add something different to our menu.

You can read more about Veganuary at GlenMyu Estate in the following articles:

Launching our new Vegan Menu.

Veganuary 2023.

Vegan Recipes our guests love.

Looking forward to Veganuary 2024.

What is World Vegan Day?

World Vegan Day is a global event celebrated annually on 1 November. (n.b. the date/day in November  has some variations in different countries).

People are encouraged to explore and embrace a vegan lifestyle.

This involves abstaining from the use of animal products for food, clothing, or any other purpose.

World Vegan Day provides an opportunity to educate the public about the benefits of Veganism.

It also raises awareness about animal rights, and also to promote sustainable and compassionate choices

When did World Vegan Day come about.

World Vegan Day was established by animal rights activist Louise Wallis, then Chair of The Vegan Society in the United Kingdom, in 1994.

It was created to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the organisation and the coining of the terms “vegan” and “veganism”.

Louis Wallis is the former president of the Vegan Society. She is a singer, DJ and animal rights activist.

 You can read more about Louise in this interview on the Save a Scream website.

And now it's World Vegan Month!

The Vegan Society initially started with World Vegan Day in 1994. This was extended to World Vegan Week and then to World Vegan month.

You can read more about World Vegan month at the The Vegan Society website.

Vegan Food offered all year around.

At GlenMyu Estate we are aware that not all of our guests are Vegan and we do offer some fish and chicken dishes.

We think that the our guests are not ready for GlenMyu Estate to offer only vegetarian and vegan meals. Perhaps in the future, when we have further enhanced our reputation for great food, we will be able to change fully in future.

We have been surprised when we offer guests an alternative to fish, poultry or meat dishes, how much they enjoy them. The ingredients we use are fresh and local which we believe adds to the taste of the meals Ru serves to our guests. You can see Ru in action at our YouTube channel for GlenMyu Estate and also at Ru’s Recipes.

When is World Vegetarian Day?

I thought that there must also be a World Vegetarian Day if there is a World Vegan Day.

World Vegetarian Day takes place on 

So what did we do?

We had one of our delicious Jackfruit Burgers  with sweet potato fries and a salad for our lunch on World Vegan Day. It’s one of my favourites and a dish that our guests really enjoy. 

We had one guest that had come with a friend to have a Roast Chicken Dinner with Yorkshire Puddings, Roast Potatoes and roasted vegetables. The friend was vegetarian and had our Vegan Burger for lunch. After having a taste of the Jackfruit burger the guest chose this as their main meal the following day. 

It’s amazing how often we hear the words “You don’t need meat” or “I don’t miss meat” when our guests select dishes from our vegetarian and vegan menus.

The Jackfruit are picked from the trees that are next to the lawn at GlenMyu Estate. 

Ru makes the burger buns freshly in the kitchen. The salads and leaves are mainly picked from the garden.

It doesn’t matter how large or small you celebrate or acknowledge World Vegan Day. Perhaps, just eating Vegan dishes on the day appears to be just a small effort. However, we feel that our responsibility is to encourage people to provide a Vegan option. If we provide the best Vegan food and dishes we can to show them how great the food can taste, maybe we will encourage the movement towards plant based meals which is at least better for the planet.

Jackfruit - a Vegan favourite

Find our more about a stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

GlenMyu Estate is ideally located to discover the sights in the Sri Lankan Hill Country such as Ella Town, Nine Arch Bridge, Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plains National Park, Upper Diyaluma, The Pekoe Trail Waterfall and many more.

We are a luxury boutique hotel with three guest bedrooms looking our towards the south coast of the country. 

Read our reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb to see what our guests say about a stay at GlenMyu Estate.

We are listed on and Airbnb.

Contact us directly by WhatsApp for our best rates.

World Vegan Day 1st November Read More »

Looking forward to Veganuary 2024

Looking forward to Veganuary 2024

For the last two years Ru at GlenMyu Estate has participated and supported Veganuary by coming up with new Vegan based dishes and adding them to our menu. We are already planning what we will do for Veganuary 2024 and are regular visitors to their website.

Growing ingredients to use in our Vegan recipes.

At GlenMyu Estate, we grow vegetables, fruits and spices on the five acre estate (guests love Ru’s garden tour).

No to pesticides!

We don’t use any chemicals and pesticides on the land and all our produce is organic. Last year we got our rescue cow Maali, our natural fertilising machine, and she adds to our organic principles. Maali will never be used to produce milk and will live a simple, healthy and natural life with us at GlenMyu Estate. She has really added to the interest and landscape at the estate and our guests really look forward to meeting her.

Sri Lanka is a good place to visit as a Vegan as many of the dishes are Vegan anyway.

Check, check,check!

However, it’s important that you check with the hotel/restaurant about the dish you order to avoid any disappointment!

Rice and Curry - we love it ....but!

Rice and Curry is the favourite dish in Sri Lanka and we tend to find that sometimes when guests arrive at GlenMyu Estate, they are Rice and Curried out! 

As Ru lived in the UK for several years and developed her love for cooking there, she understands that guests want a variety of dishes during their stay. We offer a range of western, fusion and traditional Sri Lankan dishes at GlenMyu Estate. You can read more at our menu page on our website. 

Learn about Vegan Sri Lankan dishes.

We still love offering Sri Lankan dishes and lots of our guests enjoy Ru’s mothers informal Sri Lankan cooking demonstration for our “Vegan” Sri Lankan sharing platter. You can see some videos of the cooking demonstration at Ru’s Recipes YouTube channel

Subscribe to Ru’s Recipes.

Creating new Vegan recipes

Ru loves creating new dishes and twists on common recipes using the produce that is available in the garden or from good producers nearby and around this paradise island. We have found a great producer of mushrooms near Bandarawella. One of our neighbours found some great Kithul Treacle which has not been adulterated with additional sugar. Producers typically add sugar to improve their profits! We support good local businesses and serve locally grown and roasted Hansa coffee to our guests. The tea we serve is organic and supplied by Stassen, who collect the leaves from small local organic tea estates.

Some of our Vegan offerings on our menu are starting to become staples such as our Jackfruit Burger, Mushrooms in Cashew Sauce and Pineapple & Cinnamon Sorbet. I love all of these dishes and really love it when guests order them as I get a portion too!

Not 100% Vegan - yet!

We would love to be a 100% Vegan – Vegetarian hotel at GlenMyu Estate however at this stage in our development we do offer non Vegan and Vegetarian dishes to our guests. 

Over the last few years we have found that several of our guests have one Vegan/Vegetarian and one non plant based person in their party. However, we see a trend where once the non Vegan party has tasted Ru’s Vegan dishes they are happy to eat Vegan whilst they are here. One of our American guests recently said that they had been converted to Jackfuit!

Stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

So, if you are travelling around Sri Lanka and looking for a fabulous place to stay that offers great Vegan food maybe GlenMyu Estate is an option for you.

We are looking forward to Veganuary 2024 and hopefully will delight you with what we have to offer.

We look forward to meeting you at GlenMyu Estate and giving you a warm Sri Lankan welcome.

Looking forward to Veganuary 2024 Read More »

Amma's Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Vegan Recipes our Guests Love

Vegan Recipes at GlenMyu Estate

At GlenMyu Estate we have adapted our menus to reflect our guests tastes and requirements. We have been surprised and delighted that we have had so many guests that are Vegan since we opened in late 2022. Our guests enjoy the Vegan recipes that Ru cooks for them and here are some Vegan Recipes that our guests love.

Why Vegan?

Well, I guess we have to move with the times. In order to care for the planet, use locally produced ingredients and change to a more healthy lifestyle is reason enough.

We don’t profess to be a Vegan venue and will always cater for the range of guests that visit GlenMyu Estate, however, we have found that there is a growing demand for Vegetarian or Vegan food. 

It’s amazing that, when we have a pair of guests, one Vegan or Vegetarian and one that eats meat, after sampling the Vegan or Vegetarian food that we serve then often the request is for non meat from then on.

Another reason for concentrating on Vegan and Vegetarian food is that we grow organic produce at the 5 acre estate and we like to serve food with ingredients that is as fresh and tasty as we can.
We don’t have the ability to serve everything we need from the garden however it is important to us to support local producers and help the local economy.

Other options are available!

We still serve fish or chicken if our guests request this. As we are and Island surrounded by water it would be wrong for us not to offer a seafood option.

Our aim at GlenMyu Estate.

Our aim however, if we can make it economically viable is to mainly cater to Vegan and Vegetarian clients in the future. We would hope that our non vegetarian guests would be happy to forego meat as the food is so tasty. So, I guess that it is over to you! If we have mainly Vegan or Vegetarian guests and can make it work we will be able to achieve our aim.

Nevertheless, we aim to make GlenMyu Estate the go-to place in Sri Lanka for fabulous Vegan and Vegetarian food.

Great ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country that is abundant in vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs and spices. That is why Sri Lanka is a great destination choice for Vegans and Vegetarians. Rice and Curry is a staple meal in Sri Lanka.

There are many variations of Sri Lankan Vegetable curry and the ingredients will vary from house to house, restaurant to restaurant and hotel to hotel.

We provide garden tours at GlenMyu Estate so you can see where the ingredients is sourced from.

There are some classic Sri Lankan recipes that you will find on your travels around the Island. You will find that there may be slight differences to recipes and tastes around the country. I have found that Parripu (Dhal Curry/Red Lentil Curry) changes in density and taste depending upon who makes the curry and what additional ingredients they use.

Varieties of Rice

In Sri Lanka there is a large variety of types of rice which also changes the taste of your meal. Back in the UK we would normally buy Basmati Rice, Long Grain or  Brown Rice (or Arborio when making Risotto).

In Sri Lanka you will come across healthy Red Rice, Rose Rice and White Rice in most shops.

Varieties include:

Kuruluthuda wee.

Each type of rice brings a different texture and taste to your dish. 

You can read more about the different types of rice in Sri Lanka in the following link.

Guest favourites at GlenMyu Estate Hotel

Here are some of the Vegan recipes that our guests love at GlenMyu Estate.

Ru keeps experimenting with new recipes from ingredients grown on the 5 acre estate so there will be more exciting meals to sample in the future at GlenMyu Estate.

Sri Lankan Vegetarian Sharing Platter

Although this meal is called Vegetarian, it is actually Vegan. 

This is the most popular choice for our guests that stay with us at GlenMyu Estate, whether they are Vegan, Vegetarian or meat eaters. 

Ru’s mother is the main chef preparing this meal and she regularly does a complimentary cooking demonstration which our guests love. Some even get involved on the cooking themselves.


The Sri Lankan sharing platter dishes vary depending upon what ingredients are available from the garden and to purchase from local suppliers.

Normally it would include one or two types of Jackfruit curry, Aubergine (Eggplant) curry, Banana curry, Kohlu (a lentil curry), Mallum and a fish tasting salad.

The platter is normally served with Parathas which are wonderful for dipping into the different dishes and soaking up the gravy.

Find our more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate Hotel

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See our Food menus.

Our food menus are regularly updated on our website.

Please visit our food menus at this link.

Mushrooms in Cashew Sauce

Another favourite dish which has a taste of this Tropical Island.

Abalone or Oyster mushrooms (whatever is available locally and fresh) in a creamy cashew sauce served with green beans and a fresh side salad.

Breads are also served and a delicious soaked in the cashew sauce ensuring the cleanest of plates.

Roasted Pumkin Ravioli.

Handmade Ravioli stuffed with roasted pumpkin served with tile bread and red pepper salsa.

Ru is happy to show you how she makes the Ravioli from scratch.

Ru Making pasta at GlenMyu Estate.
Please subscribe to her channel Ru’s Recipes for more videos and YouTube Shorts.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Macaroni serves with Cashew Cheese.

Mushroom Risotto

A classic mushroom risotto.

Pulled Jackfruit Burger.

Jackfruit harvested from the garden in a Barbecue Sauce served with chunky chips and fresh crispy salad. 

The chips will be made with potato or sweet potato depending upon what is available.

Soups, Soups, Soups

Although we are on a Tropical Island sometimes there is nothing better than a hearty soup. 

The temperatures in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka get cooler in the evenings and therefore a warming soup accompanied;anied with freshly made bread is a really comforting light evening meal.

Our favourites are:

Carrot & Ginger – a touch of ginger really adds to that warming taste.

Roasted Pumpkin – we love pumpkin. When it is roasted and blended it makes a delicious soup.

Leek and Potato – another homey staple that is a simple winner with our guests.

We have Vegan Desserts too!

Sometimes you just need sweetness to finish a delicious meal.

Fresh Fruits with Vegan Ice Cream – A simply classical dessert.

Pineapple and Cinnamon Sorbet – Locally sourced Pineapple and Cinnamon from the garden at GlenMyu Estate.

Baked Banana, Banana Sorbet topped with Caramelised Cashew Nuts – naughty be soo, so nice.

Rice pudding with freshly cut oranges – Mandarin oranges sourced from our garden.

Read our reviews - see what our guests think of our food.

Our guests love the food that we serve. Please see our reviews on Booking.Com, Airbnb, Google and TripAdvisor.

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Homemade breakfast with freshly baked bread and jam every day in addition to fresh fruit and local specialities. The dinners are simply fantastic and made with love from mostly local ingredients
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Food: ....THE FOOD!! Ruwanthi and her mother's cooking is beyond delicious, the best food I've ever had? I think so yes!
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The food is exceptional, with products directly grown in the garden.

Vegan Recipes our Guests Love Read More »

Amma's Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Veganuary 2023

Veganuary 2023

In 2022, at GlenMyu Estate we launched our Vegan menu in support of Veganuary  and to reflect the changing requirements of our customers. We are revamping our Vegan menu in support of Veganuary 2023.

How was our Vegan menu launched in 2022 received?

Our guests really enjoyed the dishes that Ruwanthi has devised.

When our guests arrive we normally offer a small range of meal options and lots pick our Sri Lankan Paratha Sharing Platter. 

The platter varies depending on seasonal items available and normally consists of:

Freshly prepared parathas

Aubergine curry

Jackfruit curry

Kohlu curry

Passionfruit leaf salad

We had two ladies from Austria who said that they had not eaten as delicious food in Vienna.

A couple from Melbourne, Australia really enjoyed their Vegan meals as they had found that Vegan meals had mainly been just eating rice and curry around the Island.

And we have also been surprised on the number of guests who have either been Vegan or Vegetarian who have stayed at GlenMyu Estate in 2022. 

If you want to view our existing Vegan Menu please click the tab

We are not Vegan but…

At GlenMyu Estate we still offer meat, fish and vegetarian meals.

We feel we need to do this to reflect the requirements of our customers.

However, we are pleasantly surprised of the amount of people that have stayed with us that are vegetarian or vegan.

We will continuously adapt our Vegan and Vegetarian Menus with a plan to establish a reputation as a place to go for Vegan and Vegetarian food.

A change is coming

There are several factors which has led us to come to the conclusion that there will be more requirements for Vegan food in the future.

The events of early 2022 should result in the change in peoples habits being quicker to take place. 

We list some of the events that have led us in our thinking.

Inflation and rising costs

The economic crisis in Sri Lanka had led to change in habits for people on the island.

The lack of fuel available earlier in 2022 lead to goods not being able to be transported around the island.This led to us looking at substitutes for things like butter and milk leading us to more use of fresh coconuts.

Import restrictions and the depreciation of the Rupee led to a shortage of chicken feed which in turn reduced the number of eggs being produced. A forecast food shortage led to the Government encouraging people to grow more fruits and vegetable in their gardens, in pots on windowsill and other means to try to fill this expected gap.

Inflation has skyrocketed here.

CCPI based headline inflation recorded at 64.3% on year-on-year basis in August 2022.

It is a real challenge for people to cope as wages have not increased and this has led to many missing meals as it is unaffordable.

The Current Situation

A fuel quota system has been introduced so we are seeing supermarket shelves filled again and those stales are in reasonable supply.

The costs of some staples have been reduced however are significantly higher than last year. For example rice was around 110 rupees per kilo and now is 240 per kilo.

A fertiliser ban was revoked and is now imported and being donated by other countries. This should lead to an increased production of crops such as rice next season. 

The Country wants to go down the organic route and we think it will achieve this in the future however it must be phased in slowly.

An increase in Tourist numbers

We were pleased to see that in August 2022 most Foreign Office advice was lifted by many countries and it was considered okay for tourists to visit this paradise island again.

There have also been press about the number of airlines that will start flying to Sri Lanka again from early November.

The country really needs to generate more foreign income to try to get the economy back on track so we really appreciate tourists coming wherever they stay in Sri Lanka.

So, we at GlenMyu Estate, are looking forward to welcoming guests and them sampling the menus we have to offer.

Veganuary 2022 - The Numbers

According to the Veganuary website the good news is that.

629,000 signed up

228 Countries & Territories took part

1,540 new vegan products and menus launched

There is a free celebrity recipe booklet to download if you sign up with your e mail.

On the website there are also Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Sweet Treats recipes that you can try and experience homemade Vegan food for yourself.

Maybe sampling some of our Veganuary 2023 will start you on your Vegan journey.

Although we still eat meat, chicken and fish we have changed our own diets so that it is much more plant based. Our aim is to do our bit for the environment along with eating healthier.

As more of our guests opt for Vegetarian and Vegan dishes this reflects what we tend to eat also.

When I was growing up in the UK there was very little in the way of offering for Vegetarian and Vegan food. I’m delighted that there are so many tasty options nowadays and we hope that your experience at GlenMyu Estate will provide a reason to consider a change of lifestyle.

Experience our Vegan menu supporting Veganuary 2023 at GlenMyu Estate

You can contact Ruwanthi at GlenMyu Estate for bookings via the green WhatsApp button or write to Michael by E-mail

Here is a taste of what GlenMyu Estate is all about;

3 Kingsize Double Bedrooms with Spectacular Views

2 Spacious Lounges with views over the hills below the house

A Natural Spring-Fed Infinity Swimming Pool

5 Acres of land to explore

Delicious bespoke meals freshly prepared by the host

A selection of places to dine

A place to relax and be closer to nature

Within reach of the following tourist sites:

Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma Pools

Horton Plains National Park – Mini Worlds End, Worlds End and Bakers Falls

Adisham Bungalow

Lipton Seat

Dambetenna Tea Factory

Bambarakanda Waterfall

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

Ella Town 

9 Arch Bridge

Little Adams Peak

Ravanna Waterfall

Please also visit our website for further details and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Veganuary 2023 Read More »

Veganuary – launching our new Vegan Menu.

January may be over however we just love our Vegan Menu!

We supported Veganuary 2022 and we are delighted with the response to our menu.

The menu will continue to be available and we will tweak it every so often depending on what local produce is available.

We hope that you come to GlenMyu Estate in the near future, enjoy a wonderful stay and sample our menus.

Veganuary 2022 - Supporting this cause by launching our new Vegan Menu

In order to support this worthy challenge and to encourage a more healthy lifestyle whilst looking after the planet we at GlenMyu Estate are launching our new Vegan Menu.

To find out more about the challenge please click on this link.

Our New Vegan Menu

We understand that some of our clients will not wish to participate in the challenge and therefore we are still offering our normal menus which can be found on the following link.

Veganuary – launching our new Vegan Menu. Read More »

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