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A Plant Based Festive Season

A plant based festive season.

The festive season is coming. I thought I would compile a few ideas for a plant based festive season and menu for Christmas.

I have scoured the internet to find recipes and videos that may be of interest.

We are not plant based at GlenMyu Estate.....but...

At GlenMyu Estate we offer chicken and fish options alongside or plant based options. 

You can see our food menu by clicking this link.

At the estate,we intend to increase our plant based offering over time as we get a reputation for this style of cuisine. In order to satisfy our guests we still offer non-plant based option. Our philosophy is that all are welcome whatever our guests’ food preferences.

We will try to provide the best meals we can from the ingredients we can source locally.

Hopefully, as we develop our menu, GlenMyu Estate will be a must place to stay on holiday in Sri Lanka, partially for our plant based menu.

In our experience, we do find that, even if our guests have not tasted plant based options before, they tend to order our vegetarian and vegan options once they have sampled some of Ru’s dishes. 

We cannot get all the ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Although we do manage to source some fantastic ingredients at GlenMyu Estate, we cannot get some of the ingredients that are required for the recipes so we cannot try them all for ourself. 

This is where, although we live on a paradise island, there are reasons to be jealous of you living in the western world where you can go out and pick up a bottle of soya or oat milk from your local supermarket. 

Here are the recipes that I have found that make my mouth water. 

Hopefully you will try some of them and have a delicious plant based festive season!

1. Plant Based Festive Appetisers and Canapes

2.Starters for a Plant Based Festive Season

3.Plant Based Festive Mains

4. Plant Based Festive Desserts

6. Vegan Festive Treats.

5. What to do with Plant Based Festive Leftovers.

We have no problems disposing of leftovers at GlenMyu Estate whether it is the during the festive season, plant base for not!

In no particular order leftovers are happily received by:

The Dogs (we have too many!)

Our Chickens

Our Ducks

Our Cow

And if we actually manage to satisfy the appetites of our animals the remainder can find its home in our compost!

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and try our plant based menu..

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country. We will offer some plant based festive offerings and will try some of these recipes (if we can source the ingredients). 

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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