Restore your Mind Body and Soul

Restore your Mind Body and Soul.

Restore your Mind Body and Soul. A holiday in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate is a great place for you to recuperate from a stressful life.

When researching Mind Body and Soul I came across various articles about why it is important to work on these elements.

I was looking for an article from a source where there was some science behind the idea however found mainly blog posts and organisations trying to sell a course to reduce stress.

There were lots of yoga and mediation experiences on offer which was not really what I was after.

We have had guests meditate at GlenMyu Estate in the main lounge looking towards the beautiful views of the southern hills.

There have also been lots of guests that get up early in the morning and do their yoga session from the same spot. If the weather has been good then the lawn in front of the house is also a space connected with nature which is amenable to practising yoga.

Prior to the issues in Sri Lanka in May to September 2022 we had guests that were considering using GlenMyu Estate for a yoga retreat for a small selected group. Perhaps this will be reinvigorated since the country is now stable.

Nature Aids in Health and Wellness for Mind, Body and Soul

The University of Maryland’s School of Public Health has an article title “Nature Aids in Health and Wellness for Mind, Body and Soul, New Article Finds”.

It opens “Nature has several benefits that impact a person’s overall well-being”. 

One of the main aims at GlenMyu Estate is to provide a facility which brings you closer to nature. The five acre estate has pathways for you to roam and quiet places for you to sit surrounded by green spaces with the sound of water and animals as natures soundtrack.

We feel that we are aligned in the Scandinavian word and meaning behind “friluftsliv”. The concept focuses on “‘living in the free air’ and it’s about our love of the outdoors.”.

You can read our article “What is Friluftsliv” here‘.

Restore your Body.

Lots of people want to go on holiday to relax and unwind. This is certainly something you can do at GlenMyu Estate. If you just want to relax, sleep in, eat great food that’s fine by us. Sitting next to the swimming pool soaking up the atmosphere and nature surrounding you is almost like meditation itself. 

However, if you want some mild exercise Ru is happy to provide a garden tour so you can see what we grow at the estate. We have five acres at the estate so the walk can be as far and intensive ass you like.

Swimming in the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool is a way to increase your exercise and get the heart going. 

If you are brave and able enough, we may even show you the waterfall at the extent of the land. You will have to go the last ten feet by ropes so it’s up to you.

Opportunities to walk, hike and move your body.

A proper workout is available within an hours drive from GlenMyu Estate. 

There are gentle hikes and more challenging treks nearby.

Lipton’s Seat is a nice walk up to the viewpoint where Sir Thomas Lipton used to survey his vast tea plantations. It’s nice to get there early in the morning to see the sunrise.

Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is a wonderful natural place to experience within forty minutes drive of the estate. Hike up to the top pools of the waterfall and have a dip in the cool refreshing water. We love this experience ourselves.

Bambarakanda Waterfall is another gentle walk to the base of the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. The pool is stunningly beautiful. 

Hiking and Walking.

Horton Plains National Park is a UNESCO heritage site just over an hours drive from GlenMyu Estate. The eleven kilometre circular hike takes in stunning views ay Lesser World’s End and Greater World’s End (if the  clouds don’t obscure the view). You will be walking surrounded by the unique nature in this montane cloud forest. As you will be hiking at an elevation of around 2,200 metres you will have a good workout. The hike is not difficult however, you will know that you have had a god walk when you finish. A dip in the pool when you get back to GlenMyu Estate is a great way to work out those tense muscles. 

Little Adams Peak is located outside the tourist town of Ella. Lots of our guests have completed this short hike to see the view.

Ella Rock is a more challenging hike and also is a good thing to do on a day trip from GlenMyu Estate.

Several Stages of the Pekoe Trail are within a car ride from GlenMyu Estate. So you have plenty of opportunities to give your body a different form of exercise.

There are also some unique hikes that are not on the normal tourist trails that are also available if you are up to the challenge.

Use GlenMyu Estate to reenergise before you explore more of this paradise island.

We find that guests underestimate the energy that you need when you travel around Sri Lanka.

The sounds, heat, colour, noise and so on really hit all of your senses and can be quite draining. Getting up early to see the sights so you can avoid the intensity of the tropical heat is tiring itself. 

As the temperature at GlenMyu Estate is more akin to a good summer in the UK we find guests getting out of their vehicles and taking sighs of relief. We do not use air conditioners on the estate as it is not required. Some guests get their first good nights sleep when they come to GlenMyu Estate as they have had difficulty sleeping below an air conditioning unit.

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