Rugby in Sri Lanka

Rugby in Sri Lanka

Rugby in Sri Lanka

Rugby in Sri Lanka.

Do they play rugby in Sri Lanka?
Can I watch the Six Nations Rugby in Sri Lanka?
Is there local Sri Lankan matches that I can see when I am on holiday in Sri Lanka?

We answer your questions.

Rugby in Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans love their rugby

When I moved to Sri Lanka, I was worried that I would miss the game that I had played since I was twelve years old.

I started playing at school and then played for some junior clubs at a low level. Eventually I got involved in the administration of the game in London.

After hanging up the boots (at around 40 years old) I would occasionally play a game for charity or in a veterans team. 

I even played a match with the old boys from my London club in Brisbane, Australia.
We went to the Suncorp Stadium the next day to see Australia beat New Zealand in the Bledisloe Cup game.

You can imagine my delight when I found that Sri Lankans were very much into rugby and the schools games are an important fixture in the calendar. There is also a senior competition. 

So, Sri Lanka is not just about cricket, it has a long established rugby history which is very much alive today.

Sri Lanka rugby have their own website where you can catch up on all the club and international team news.

Most Sri Lankans follow the news and results from their teams on the Papare website.

Many rugby games are screened live on this site.

The Papare is not limited to rugby, but covers most sports in Sri Lanka.

The History of Sri Lankan Rugby

Asia Rugby has a brief article about the history of rugby in Sri Lanka which commenced in 1908 as the Ceylon Rugby Football Union.

Schools rugby

When I loved in Colombo I volunteered to coach some school children at a rugby playing school in the capital.

I was surprised at the level of training and commitment from the players. Training and playing the game in the hot conditions and some hard grounds is very tough.

However, there was no holding back and I was impressed by the quality and level of training undertaken by the school U18 teams.

Playing for your school is still a very important and honour 

Rivalries in Sri Lankan Rugby and the Bradby match

There is fierce loyalty to the schools rugby from the old boys and sometimes it is difficult to get a ticket to a match.

There are many annual matches between schools that amass great crowds of support. 

One particular match is between Royal College Colombo and Trinity College Kandy.

Summa Navaratnums' Academy

I feel vey honoured to have coached at the Summa Navaratnum Rugby Academy. 

Known as the fastest man in Asia and the Bolt of Asia, Summa was an accomplished athlete.

You can find out more about Summa’s life in the following article and the interviews with him.

The Summa Navaratnum Royal Junior Academy has a Facebook (Meta) page where you can find out more information and get updates.

Where can I see a match?

The Papare streams both schools, senior and international rugby matches. Click on the following link to the Papare to see the schedule of matches for rugby in Sri Lanka.

Can I watch International matches, the Six Nations and Super Rugby?

Sri Lanka is 5.5 hours ahead of GMT during the Six Nations rugby.

Therefore, you will be watching the matches in the evening rather in the afternoon.

Matches are shown on some of the TV stations and shown in some venues around the country.

There is also the opportunity to stream the match however you will need to ensure that you have a fast enough internet connection.

You will need to take into account the time difference for International matches and Super Rugby.

It may be that you will be watching some matches at inconvenient times.

What do you do at GlenMyu Estate

I must admit that nowadays I tend to listen to podcasts and read about the matches rather than watching them.

The time difference makes a Friday evening Paris Six Nations match a toss up between watching the match or going to bed because of the time difference!

As the Six Nations takes place during the peak tourist season in Sri Lanka, I tend to be busy interacting with guests.

I have no complaints, as both my wife and I really like hosting guests at GlenMyu Estate. 

There is always time to catch up on the matches through my favourite rugby podcasts the next day.

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