Sri Lanka's Popularity is surging with travellers

Sri Lanka’s Popularity with Travellers is Surging

Sri Lanka's popularity with travellers is surging

Sri Lanka’s popularity with travellers is surging according to Forbes article in May 2024.

Why are tourists choosing Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka has seen a surge in visitors year on year and it is forecast to continue.

Forbes state that “the country has seen tourism revenue increase by 122% in January 2024”.

They go on to report that “The reasons why aren’t hard to deduce”.

“Sri Lanka is a world-in-one island of palm-fringed beaches, rice paddies and lily ponds, ancient cities, lush rainforests, tea estates and generous, welcoming people”.

Where do they recommend that you visit on the Island?

Forbes’ article mentions the following places in their itinerary ideas and highlights.

Sigiriya – The ancient rock temple is a favourite place to visit when on holiday in Sri Lanka. The structure is iconic and there is a great story behind the former Kings’ palace. 

Dambulla – a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the best-preserved cave temples in Asia. 

Anuradhapura – This ancient capital of the Island, is a city which was it’s most vibrant from the 4th century BC to the 11th century AD. A tour of the temples in this city is an enlightening activity when on holiday there.

Kandy – Another capital of an ancient kingdom, Kandy is famed for the Temple of the Tooth and it’s Botantical Gardens. A walk around the lake is also a pleasant think to do in Sri Lanka’s central highlands

Sri Lanka's popularity with travellers is surging in the Tea Hills

Head for the Ceylon Tea Hills – Lots of our guests at GlenMyu Estate arrive from Kandy by train. The picturesque scenery you will see on the way is said to make this one of the most beautiful train journeys in the world. 

There are lots of opportunities to visit tea estates and walk through tea gardens. A tea factory tour explains how your favourite drink is made.

Galle – This historic Dutch Port is a stunning city with interesting architecture. A walking tour of the city is the best way to get to understand this historic and beautiful place.

Balapitiya – Forbes mention Balapitiya which I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t aware of! It’s now on my post of places in Sri Lanka to visit.

They describe Balapitiya as “a peaceful oasis near a traditional coastal fishing village featuring golden soft beaches and the endless Indian Ocean”.

It sounds intriguing. Of course there are a variety of beaches on the South Coast of the Island which all have a different feel to them. So there are plenty of beaches to see and visit.

Sri Lanka's popularity is excepted to continue to rise, so holiday now!

The Sri Lankan government have ambitious targets for visitor numbers. 

We would recommend that you come and visit this wonderful island sooner than later!

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