Podcasts that I like

Podcasts that I love, enjoy and tolerate.

Podcasts that I love, enjoy and tolerate.

Podcasts that I love, enjoy and tolerate.

Life on a paradise island in the Indian ocean. Passing time, learning & amusing myself in Sri Lanka in the Sri Lankan Hills.

When the rest of the world is watching Netflix, my preference it to listen to a podcast.

I was addicted to TV when I was living in the UK. However, I have now eased myself off the screen and I feel that I have a lot more time my hands. 

Listening to podcasts as I work around the estate is so much better  and healthier than sitting and watching the square screen.

You can subscribe to Netflix in Sri Lanka, and many of my neighbours do. However, after a taste of Netflix in Melbourne, we were put off and look at other options to pass the time.

Of course some of what we listen to is educational, motivational, emotional and sometimes shocking.

Variety is the spice of life and we think that to is important to have a wide range of podcasts which have differing views, so we can make our minds up ourselves.

We are trying to baulk the algorithms so we are not fed the same old same old and things that Big Brother assumes we will like.

Educational podcasts - ones to help me grow.

As I was a Banker in the UK, educational podcasts are swayed towards business topics.

Since living in Sri Lanka, I have become more interested in the environment, growing plants for the garden and 

One of my favourite television programmes when I was in the UK was Dragons Den.
Nowadays I only see clips on Facebook of some of the pitches which is enough to keep may interest.

One of the newer dragons, Steven Bartlett, has a podcast called “Diary of a CEO”. It’s really interesting learning business techniques from a range of different people.

One particular thing that I learnt from one of the episodes is that you should also listen to people that you don’t agree with.
I have taken this on board and it gives me an insight of someone  else’s view that I may not have ordinarily heard.

When I want to catch up on the news, I make sure that I read a wide range of online newspapers to get writing from different standpoints.

It's not about the money - but it is.

The Rest is Money is hosted by business journalist Steph McGovern and economics guru Robert Peston. 
I enjoy the relationship that the two hosts have, which helps listening to a subject, that could easily be a little boring.

Newspaper podcasts

Following the theme of getting different perspectives I regularly listen to the Guardian and the Times podcasts.

The Guardian is historically a more left leaning newspaper whilst the Times is part of Rupert Murdoch’s empire. I enjoy both the Guardian Podcast “Today in Focus” and also the Times Podcast “Stories of our Times”.

A step to the left.

For a proper left wing view from a legendary comedian, I listen to the Alexei Sayle Podcast. This really does show me a view from the other side and it is quite enlightening.

On a completely different theme, I love his BBC Podcast “Strangers on a Train”. I find this such a comforting Podcast, especially when I live so far way from the UK. It is a gentle and interesting podcast where Alexei interviews random passengers on train journeys in the UK. It is one of my favourite podcasts.

A bit of politics

The Rest is Politics with the former Downing Street Director of Communications and Strategy Alastair Campbell and cabinet minister Rory Stewart

I like to keep up to date with both UK and World politics. Having hosts who are from the opposite sides of the spectrum makes it interesting and enjoyable listen.

Food and Drink

Out to Lunch was hosted by food critic Jay Rayner and now is hosted by Ade Edmonson. 

Accompanying the host is a famous celebrity and the mix of conversation and discussion about food works well. It’s a good advert for the restaurant and I keep adding them to my wish list.


I love sport and don’t get to watch much in Sri Lanka due to the time difference to the UK.


Rugby was my sport when I was in the UK. I used to play, catch and support my local team. Twickenham was a regular event in the calendar during the six nations. 

The BBC Rugby Weekly has a good vibe and the hosts, a broadcaster and ex rugby players are a good mix.  

My favourite rugby Podcast however, is Flats and Shanks. I love this because it is more about book and tv recommendations rather than rugby.

Rugby in Sri Lanka


My New Football Club is my favourite football podcast. It is hosted by comedian David Earl and Jon Beer who support Exeter City FC. The 49 year old and 22 year old make a good team and have created a funny and interesting podcast.

I listen to the BBC Daily Football Podcast to keep myself up to date with the drama and the theatre of the English Football league. 

Radio 5’s 606 phone in podcast is hosted by ex football players Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton. A good combination of (I’d better not says as I will get in trouble!).


Roots and All podcast is the only gardening podcast that I regularly listen to. Hosted by horticulturist, Sarah Wilson, there are interviews with guests from all areas of gardening and around the world.

Ones that I dip in and out off

There are lots of Podcasts that I have listened got regularly in the past but have taken a break. 

As much as I enjoyed them, sometimes you need a little variety. I do dip back into them from times to time.

Distraction Pieces with Scroobius Pip.
Reasons to be Cheerful with Geoff Lloyd and Ed Milliband.
Full Disclosure with  James O’Brien
The Political Party with comedian Matt Forde
The High Performance Podcast with Jake Humphrey and Damian Hughes.

Just for Laughs

I’m not a parent but during the pandemic I started listening to Lockdown Parenting Hell with Josh Widdicome and Rob Beckett. 

The name has now changed to Parenting Hell and I still love listening to the podcast. They have interesting, funny guests and also give an insight to their own parenting challenges weekly.

Their section Boomer Parenting stories is a must listen. 

I also listen to The Wolf and Owl Podcast with Romesh Ranganathan and Tom Davis. It is bizarre, and passes the time making me laugh.

Awkward but funny

I have listened to Geoff Lloyd and Annabel Ports’ podcast “Adrift” from the start. A podcast titled “A comic tragedy for anyone flailing in the sea of their own inadequacy”.

I find that listening to podcasts like this help my empathy levels for others and make me more accepting of the uncomfortable moments in my life.

How do you find the time?

There are some podcasts that are a must listen to and some that I can miss and not feel guilty.

If you scan the amount of podcast that are available to listen to, you would never be able to skim the surface.

It really depends on what I feel like at the time and this determines what I will listen to.

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