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Luxury Hotel Awards – 98 Acres Resort & Spa

Congratulations to 98 Acres Resort & Spa

We, at GlenMyu Estate, were delighted to and congratulate, one of our ‘neighbours’, 98 Acres Resort & Spas be awarded World Luxury Mountain Resort 2022 in the Luxury Hotel Awards.

It was great waking up this morning and seeing the article on about this prestigious award.

If you want to read the article please follow this link Newswire Article.

The Luxury Hotel Awards - 98 acres resort & spa

The World Luxury Hotel Awards were established in 2006.

They are known as thei pinnacle of achievement in the luxury hotel industry and offer international recognition. Voting is from guests, travelers and industry players alike.

There are over 300,000 votes amassed from international travellers  each year.

There is a 4 week period running up to the selection of the winners.

Hotels have the opportunity to participate in the World Luxury Hotel Awards by entering hotel categories, such as Mountain Resort, which showcase the unique selling points for their establishment.

A much needed boost for the Travel Industry

Sri Lanka tourism has suffered over the past 3-4 years from the Easter Attacks, the Covid 19 Pandemic and then the financial crisis.

As 98 Acres Resort & Spa has won this award, it will be a much needed boost for the travel and tourism industry in Sri Lanka. It will put that renowned Sri Lankan smile back on the faces of the people in the country.

98 Acres Resort & Spa has been a successful and popular hotel in the Ella area in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka.

If you visit their website you can see why they are worthy winners of the award. 

It is  an elegant, unique hotel set in a scenic 98 acre tea estate and surrounded by a stunning landscape.

There are stunning individual chalets which have stunning views and are surrounded by spectacular scenery.

We love the fact that they are very eco friendly and have been kind to the environment in the material that they have used to construct this beautiful venue.

Located in reach of the buzz of Ella Town

The hotel has enough facilities and offerings to spend your time enjoying the hotel and grounds.

However, it is also located near to Ella Town and the interesting tourist sites there.

There are coffee shops, restaurants and bars in Ella Town that provide a different experience for tourist, especially if you are after a bit of a buzz and atmosphere. 

Venues, such as Chill Cafe are popular and sometimes provide live music.

Excursions - places to visit from 98 acres resort & spa

The hotel at 98 Acres Resort & Spa is located in reach of great places to visit.

Highlights are:

Hiking up Little Adam’s Peak.

Upper Diyaluma Waterfall

Ravanna Waterfall

Nine Arch Bridge, Demodora

Lipton Seat

Dambetenne Tea Factory

GlenMyu Estate - an alternative choice

GlenMyu Estate is also located in the Sri Lankan Hill Country and within reach of these wonderful tourist sites.

We consider ourselves as an alternative option to the other hotels in the area.

The Estate is in 5 acres of an abandoned tea estate and has spectacular views towards Udawalawe Reservoir and the Southern coast.

There are only 3 guest bedrooms and therefore an option for those that want a more unique and bespoke experience.

Please visit our website for more information and contact details.

A hearty congratulations to 98 Acres Resort & Spa

So,, again, we congratulate and send our best wishes to 98 Acres Resort & Spa who are worthy recipients of the World Luxury Mountain Resort Award for 2022.

We love what they have created and the awareness of this beautiful part of this paradise Island.

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Two comfortable chairs

All I want for Christmas is……..a comfortable chair!

All I want for Christmas is...... a comfortable chair!

What is it about a comfortable chair?

If a chair is comfortable enough its a great place to:

read the newspaper and pick up on yesterdays goings on and all the gossip

get stuck into a book and never lift your head

take in the view and just feel that you are so lucky

think without any distractions

have a conversation with a friend or loved one

have a delicious cup of tea or coffee, whichever is your poison

have a glass or two of something a little stronger

or perhaps to have a much deserved forty winks!

I really like the idea of having a chair that’s so comfortable you can just nod off.

Surely, that’s just bliss!

I have been to many hotels over the years where there isn’t a comfortable chair in the room.

Mostly there is only one chair so, being a Gentleman, my wife tends to be the recipient of the desirable object.

I have a theory that, if there are comfortable chairs in the bedroom, guests are unlikely to leave the room, and therefore provide the hotel with an opportunity to make sales.

This really makes sense but it’s just not what we are about in the Hill Country.

No compromises at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

An important requirement for me when furnishing the house at GlenMyu Estate was to have comfortable chairs in all the bedrooms and in the lounges. 

If I wasn’t comfortable sitting in the chair, I didn’t want to offer it for a guest to sit on!

I just think that this is fair to the customer.

Sometimes we have given up a bit of style for comfort, however, I really believe that it’s a compromise worth making.

A little bit of research which opened up various rabbit holes!

As I was thinking about a comfortable chair I decided to do a few searches on the internet and see what I could find.


Well, it led me to some crazy but interesting places!

The Chesterfield

One of the most desirable sofas is the famous Chesterfield.

I found a “History of the  Chesterfield Sofa” on

It talks about that they are one of the most world renowned sofa designs. They are defined by their large, rolled arms that are the same height as the back.

The Chesterfield design allowed gentlemen to sit comfortably without creasing their suits.

Chesterfields date back to the mid-1700’s when Lord Philip Stanhope commissioned a piece of furniture that evolved into todays Chesterfield sofa.

Lord Philip Stanhope was the fourth Earl of Chesterfield and this is where the name comes from.

For more information on the history please visit 

There are several factors which makes a chair comfortable and they are outlined in the following blog.

Music and comfortable chairs???

The Comfortable Chair album by The Comfortable Chair

I was surprised to find that there was a California based pop psychedelic sextet called “The Comfortable Chair” which was formed in 1968 and only released one self titled album that year.

The name of the band refers to sitting in a comfortable chair while meditating. 

They feature in a Bob Hope and Jackie Gleason comedy movie called “How to Commit Marriage” and played a rock group associated with the young people in the plot. They performed a protest song called “A Child’s Garden”.

Their songs can be found on YouTube.

The Kooks - The Sofa Song

Ed Sheeran - Sofa Lyrics

“The 7 Best Songs about Furniture EVER”

Now this is getting a bit silly!

Here is the link if you are interested in finding out more!

Comfortable Chairs and Sofas at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

We have leather sofas, comfortable armchairs, wooden chairs with rounded backs, metal chairs

A view of the Snug in the middle floor lounge at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Newly opened in 2021 - GlenMyu Resort, Hotel and B & B, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Even the metal and wooden chairs we have are comfortable.

The ground floor snug at GlenMyu Estate Hotel, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

A little bit more about GlenMuu Estate.

The House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and B & B, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

We would be delighted if you would spend some time at GlenMyu Estate to enjoy this unique experience with us.

For more information, rates and availability please visit our website and contact us either by telephone, whatsapp or by email.

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Hotel Bedrooms with a View

Hotel Bedrooms with a View

Hotel Bedrooms with a View

When we designed the house at GlenMyu Estate we thought what would we like from a hotel bedroom. An initial thought was that we should provide hotel bedrooms with a view.  We wanted to make the best of the opportunity of what the stunning landscape of the hills below the house provide us.

We have no background in hotel design and just tried to imagine what we would really like to provide for guests.

Being a little bit older we had a seasoned experience of what we like and what we don’t like. Ruwanthi travelled extensively for work and stayed at various standards of hotels around the world. Therefore she had a really good insight into what works.

Hotel Bedrooms with a View

Important things.

There were several important elements that kept coming up and here are some that were really important to us.

Space – given the squeeze on space in the cities around the World as they become more populous people are crammed into smaller and smaller spaces.

It was really important that our hotel bedrooms had a sense of space.

We were limited by the footprint and the space where the house was to be built. So it took us quite some time to get the configuration to the size that we liked.

My wife and I have been in hotel bedrooms that are too big and the space is wasted. We have also been in hotel bedrooms where you couldn’t swing a cat!

I remember looking at an apartment hotel in Hong Kong and I was surprised to see that the square footage of the room was clearly stated. The prices of the rooms increased the larger it got. We ended up booking a larger room however it still appeared to be cramped as so much had been squeezed into the area. It just didn’t feel comfortable!

Comfort - Beds and seating are so important to us.

One thing that Sri Lanka does well is to make mattresses.

We were recommended to buy mattresses from HANTS by another hotelier who runs a really upmarket hotel. This was one of the best decisions we made! I have not slept in such a comfortable mattress over my 50 plus years on this earth.

The feedback from our guests has been great and we are so happy with our choice (and the recommendation we were given).

The Mahogany Room - One of the three luxurious bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

A comfortable chair is a must.

One of the things I have a problem with most hotels is that they do not provide ample comfortable seating 

The amount of hotel bedrooms we have been in which only has one chair for a guest (even though there are two in occupation) really annoys me. I would spend half the time lying on the bed where I really wanted to be sitting in a chair.

We ensure that there are two comfortable seats or bean bags in the rooms so one of the party of two is not left out!

I also believe that a great chair is one so comfortable that you can fall off to sleep in after a sumptuous lunch!

The Cinnamon Room - One of the three luxurious bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

A place to relax - not just at night

I have a theory that hotels don’t make their bedrooms as comfortable as possible so that they have the opportunity to sell more things to their guests out of the room.

If the room is not a place that you want to stay in for hours then the hotel will be able to sell a drink and snack in their lobby or other places around the venue.

We find that although we have two comfortable lounges at GlenMyu Estate lots of guests like to stay mainly in their rooms.

As they have a great view and a comfortable place to sit there is no reason why not to

Something different than home

We thought that it was really important to be in a place which is completely different than most standard homes. 

If we had designed a property that was the same as yours at home, but just had this fantastic view, there would not be much fun in that.

The bedrooms are a place where you can be comfortable in for three or four days but it’s not a home – it’s just a special place to spend some time.

Uncluttered - cleanse your mind.

One way to clear your ind is to live in an uncluttered space. I found that I could not relax whilst at home due to the things that we gather in life. There are also always chores to do and they are on your mind.

At one point we were considering adding more furniture, however, we listened to our guests thoughts. We decided that the uncluttered sense of space was more important.

There is enough space and seating to cater for the three bedrooms and capacity of seven people in the property so there was no need to add more items.

The Luxurious Mango bedroom at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka. Wonderful for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
A view of the Snug in the middle floor lounge at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

A private en suite

I would rather not go on holiday if I had to share a bathroom with other guests. One of the important things I want from a holiday is to relax. How can you relax if you are always concerned about the potential queue for the loo!

A loo with a view!

As the hotel bedroom with has a view we though why shouldn’t the bathroom also have a view.

We have mirror stickers on the windows in the bathroom which provides privacy so, as I tell our guests, you can be as naked as you want to be.

You can sit on the loo and enjoy the view!

Having a shower and looking out onto the stunning hills below the house just feels like a luxurious thing to do.

The shower is generous which was an important factor to me being “a little larger than the average bear!”.

A concrete bath (In the Mahogany and Mango bedrooms)

We also provide a bath with a view in two of the three bedrooms we have in the property. The baths have a different look and feel to a plastic or ceramic bath. They are also large enough for two!

We provide candles on guests requests which makes it a unique experience in the evening as the stars come out and provide a different type of background.

If you want to experience our hotel bedrooms with a view please visit our website for more information, rates and what else there is to experience at the five acres at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

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A view from the lawn of the the house at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Unique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Unique Hotels in Sri Lanka

There is a drive for holidays to be about new experiences. People want to be off the regular tourist routes. They want to do something that differs from what everyone else is doing. There are some unique hotels in Sri Lanka and perhaps GlenMyu Estate can be considered one of them.

People now want unique experience and that includes discovering and enjoying new types of accommodation.

At GlenMyu Estate, we hope that we provide that new experience that is something. Something a little bit different, from which you will find on your tour of this Paradise Island.

There are some spectacular hotels in fabulous setting around Sri Lanka.
We would never purport today that we can compete with many of the luxurious stays around the island.

There are superb Colonial Bungalows such as Thotalagala, Scottish Planters Bungalow and Mountbatten Bungalow (and many more).

There are five star beach hotels around the coast providing wonderful experiences by the beach with fabulous sunsets. Notable ones include the Galle Face Hotel Colombo, Jetwing Blue Negombo and Maalu Maalu, Pasikuda amongst many others.

There are hotels looking onto UNESCO heritage sites such as Alia Hotel which has a superb view of the Lion Rock.

There are Ayurvedic hotels providing a place of calm and healing such as Saman Villas and Ayurvie Weligama

i Weligama.

When you visit Sri Lanka on holiday you have a variety of styles and experiences at different price points and standards.

There are a great many home-stays around the country which offer an experiencer to get to understand the ways of life for most of the population on the island.

What makes a unique hotel in Sri Lanka?

Well, I suppose it must be something different.

Does GlenMyu Estate fit the definition of a unique hotel in Sri Lanka.

Small and beautiful

We feel that the Covid pandemic has shifted the demand for larger hundred room plus hotels towards smaller personal spaces. 

We only have three bedrooms available for guests at GlenMyu Estate which gives a sense of uniqueness and privacy. We have several pathways around the five acre estate which means that you can always have space for yourself. 

Limiting the number of guests also ensures that there is no pressure on using the swimming pool. We do not have to allocate slots like other hotels.

Being small also means that we don’t offer large buffets and a large range of menu options for meals. Ruwanthi discusses each meal with our guests and makes fresh bespoke dishes for our clients. 

A holiday in a “Grand Designs” home?

Ruwanthi and I loved watching the Grand Designs series whilst we were living in the UK. The presenter, Kevin McCloud, has a soothing, comforting and calming voice whilst narrating the builders struggles as they try to create their dream home.

One of our recent guests tried to describe GlenMyu Estate and said that it was like holidaying in a Grand Designs home. What a good idea for a holiday!

GlenMyu Estate is certainly Ruwanthi’s creation and our struggle and we are touched that a guest would describe it in that way. 

Like the other couples, we are just delighted that we finished the project, still together and over budget like everyone else!

Decide for yourself!

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

We think it is the right of our guests to decide whether GlenMyu Estate fits into the category of a unique hotel in Sri Lanka.

Whatever your decision, we love it here, and hope that you do too.

Where is GlenMyu Estate?

Find out more at our website GlenMyu Estate, Haputale

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It’s good for the soul

It's good for the soul.

I was walking up the stairs to my balcony this morning and as I looked out at the view and the thought that came into my mind was “this is good for the soul”.

It's Good for the Soul when you wake up to a view like this.

Sweeping over the specular scenery that the valleys and hills below us invigorate my senses and enters deeply into my body.

I stand, inhale deeply taking in the freshest of air that has been warmed by the morning sun and I feel a sense of calm within.

Sometimes I stand there feeling like I am the luckiest man alive to be able to experience this every day.

A new landscape every day it just warms your heart.

I remember staying with a friend of our in the heart of London with spectacular views of the banking and insurance district of the capital. 

 The Gherkin, Tower-42, The Walkie Talkie 20 Fenchurch Street, the once futuristic Lloyds of London and the Cheese Grater The Leadenhall Building reflect the tradition and innovation keeping the financial district at the top of the pile.

Another view takes in St Pauls Cathedral, Tower Bridge, The London Eye and the meandering River Thames.

The morning light washes the hills below - it's good for the soul
The morning light washes the hills below - it's good for the soul

We were lucky enough to spend a New Years Eve at the apartment and watched the fireworks dancing across the night sky as we welcomed in the start of the new calendar.

I remember a remark about perhaps you could get bored with the view after a while.

However, the London landscape is constantly evolving with cranes littering the vista building new towers changing the view. The light and weather also changes through the year providing a variety of sights to enjoy.

I think that it easy to get complacent leading to your senses dampening and not being alert to what is in front of you.

Same old, same old?

The landscape that we look out to every morning as we are awoken by the morning light gives us a jolt every so often to electrify our eyes and emotions.  

It really is good for the soul.

A flash of pink in the morning sky, a sweep of yellow reflecting on the hills below and flashes of swallows littering the scene provides variety.

A stunning red sky view from the House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
A stunning red sky view from the House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka. An inspirational landscape

A clear view of Udawale Tank looking like it is floating in the sky or a thick mist wrapping itself around us is natures way of keeping us alert.

The view of Udawalawe Tank - the colours are good for the Soul.
Udawalawe Tank (reservoir) appears to be floating in the air. On clear days it is a spectacular sight from the lounges at GlenMyu Estate. It's good for the soul.

A change in weather bringing clouds that paint pictures for us to interpret and flashes of rain providing different shades for the greenery that surrounds us.

Catching the sun setting and delivering a kaleidoscope of colours warms the heart at the end of a wonderful day.

I admit I do have to kick myself every so often so that I appreciate what nature has given to us but, I am thankful when it does.

Experience the variety for yourself and revive your soul.

No visit to GlenMyu Estate is the same as the flora, fauna and vista are ever changing.

We have three king size on suite double bedrooms that look out onto this extraordinary view.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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The Best Places to Stay

One of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka 2022

One of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka 2022 - well that’s just our opinion.

Why do we think we are one of the best places to stay in Sri Lanka in 2022.

Most visitors to Sri Lanka come enjoy the fantastic beaches that surround this beautiful paradise Island which lies off the southern tip of India. 

Relaxing at the beach in Sri Lanka
Beaches in Sri Lanka
The Best Places to Stay

Prior to moving to Sri Lanka in 2016 we visited the Island every year to visit my wife’s family we travelled around the Island and holidayed at some beaches.

I really enjoyed the stunning beach at Negombo when we stayed at Jetwing Beach Hotel in one of my early holidays to the Pearl of the Indian ocean. The beach is an idyllic sandy yellow with palm trees and small fishing boats resting before their next adventure in search of the bounty the ocean offers up.

The east coast has some of the most stunning beaches in the world and during our stay at Maalu Maalu in Pasikuda we walked barefoot on the pristine sand which leads to the inviting warm ocean which is comfortably shallow where you can walk out for quite some way before losing the sea floor.

There is so much to explore on this small island however the building of GlenMyu Estate took our focus from finding out what gems we are yet to discover on the island.

The House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Relax by the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and B & B, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

The pandemic has changed our thinking on what type of hotel we want to stay at when we travel around the Island and also when we next get the chance to see the rest of the world.

We now are more reluctant to stay in one of the larger hotels as we want space and some solitary time together. A smaller venue will be our preference in the future.

We have found that from the visitors to GlenMyu Estate so far in our first year that they have really enjoyed having the place to themselves and really submerged themselves in the tranquility of the nature that surrounds us. I can see our guests really switch off and relax.

The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
A view from the main lounge at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

There are several places of interest near to GlenMyu Estate which we expected our guests to carry out day trips to and return for a delicious meal in the dining room in the early evening.

However, we have found that although there are great intentions to explore the area, most people quickly change their outlook and just stay on the Estate. 

The morning is spent listening to the birds starting their day and watching our ducks wander down to the streams and ponds to enjoy their early morning bath.

A wholesome breakfast is followed by a stroll around the pathways around the Estate taking pictures of those Instagram moments.

There are plenty of places to sit and take in the fresh air, the delightful scenery and listen to mother nature getting on with her work.

A refreshing swim in the natural sorting fed swimming pool is followed by drying off sitting on the stone seat looking onto the water.

Relax by the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

If you are considering a place to stay in the Central Hills of Sri Lanka maybe Glenmyu Estate is for you.

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A family gathering at the balcony.

Making Memories

Making Family Memories

I sit and listen to the screams of the three young girls that are braving the swimming pool early in the morning.

They are screams of delight and bravery as they contend with the fresh water that flows into our pool which is sourced from an underground spring.

The wind is making it a bit more of a challenge however I glance at the parents overseeing their daughters at play.

I have a feeling of great satisfaction that we have created an Oasis at GlenMyu Estate where this family can create these memories that they may well talk about in years to come 

Earlier in the morning the family had walked to the lower part of the property to feed the monkeys with left over or spoilt papaya. It’s not a practice that I agree with however my wife appears to be committed to the cause and the guests certainly enjoyed being closer to nature.

I watched momentarily from the kitchen and saw the family sitting on the rocks enjoying the sound of the stream. Then the father was guiding his daughters holding a hand over the rocks in the stream. This is what family memories are made of. Just a simple thing, but so important for that close bind between parent and child.

I think back to my younger days in England where the family holiday was a long trip to Devon or Cornwall to a Caravan near the coast. We would spend our time trying to catch fish with our small inadequate nets in the streams or at the seashore. We would jump and leap from rock to rock as it we were mountain goats with nothing to fear.

(My steps are a lot more considered at this age!).

These were joyous simple times that are a warm memory of a childhood.

A family gathering at the balcony.

Yesterday evening the guests arrived at around five in the afternoon and experienced the sunset as a family standing in a row on the balcony. The stunning view and light provided by mother nature did not disappoint.

There were family photographs and a number of selfies taken that will be despatched around the country and the world to family and friends so that they can be part of the experience also. 

A special place.

We didn’t expect that what we had created in the Sri Lankan Hill Country would be such a special place for families and we are delighted to be educated by our guests on what we have really provided.

The family were a little nervous of our pack of seven dogs however it did not take any time for introductions and friendships to be made. Within a couple of hours there were selfies and more photographs with the dogs. An unplanned benefit of getting nervous individuals more comfortable with mans best friend is an added bonus from spending time here.

"The House with the Seven Dogs"

The Dog looking down to the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Patch and Kahlu

We are known as the “House with the seven Dogs” by a previous family that loved the experience so much that they came back for another holiday here within a couple of months. The families two daughters were delighted to reacquaint themselves with the dogs and they had remembered all their names.

Make your own family memories at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

We have three double bedrooms (one can be converted into a triple room), which have stunning views of the Sri Lankan Hill Country below the house,

There are lots of walkways around the five acre estate to explore and enjoy.

There are rocks to climb and streams to wade in.

Food is freshly prepared by Ruwanthi and the menu is adapted to the guests requirements.

Reconnecting with nature, relaxing and having some time together to strengthen relationships throughout the family are something that appears to come naturally here

Please visit our website, Instagram and Facebook page for more information and to read some guest reviews.

We are also on and you can also contact us directly via WhatsApp or on telephone 0094 0752999272 

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Hotel Bedrooms with a View

Hotels in Haputale

Hotels in Haputale - A new place to stay in 2021 and 2022.

Newly opened in 2021 - GlenMyu Resort, Hotel and B & B, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Opened in 2021, GlenMyu Resort and Hotel is a new luxurious venue enveloped in nature and set in five acres of land in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

The newly built hotel has three luxurious bedrooms all of which have splendid views of the Southern Sri Lankan Hills where you can relax and be at one with nature..

Hotel Bedrooms with a View
Stunning sunsets from the House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
A stunning red sky view from the House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

You can see the views from the lounges on the middle and lower floors.

You can also wake up to the glorious vista in the morning from your bed!

A view from the middle floor lounge at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The Mahogany Room - One of the three luxurious bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The Luxurious Mango bedroom at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka. Wonderful for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka

Relax, refresh and renew in the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool set in a sea of green.

It is really a unique experience swimming in this refreshing water surrounded by the trees and listening to the bird calling each other.

The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Swim as the sun goes down

Explore the Estate, watch the ducks, meet our dogs and be at one with nature.

There are plenty of places to explore on the Estate and we have put in seating areas around the land to allow you to sit be and be with nature.

We have around a dozen ducks at the Estate and they are a joy to just watch and see them go about their day.

The Dog looking down to the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Where is GlenMyu Estate located?

We are located around 10 km from Haputale Town and Railway station. It takes a total of around 20 minutes to drive down the hill from Haputale to Beragala and the 4 km from Beragala junction to the Estate.

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Lipton Seat

Lipton Seat, Sri Lanka

Stunning views from the viewpoint from where Scottish tea baron, Sir Thomas Lipton, used to survey his vast tea empire

Lipton Seat is a stones throw away from GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Sri Lanka and is well worth a visit.

The top of Liptons Seat is 1970m above sea level and the elevation provides some stunning views of the country.

It has a panoramic view over the hills and you can see Udawalawe Tank (reservoir), Handapanagala Lake, the Wedihiti Kanda Mountains, Chandrika Lake and Hambanthota Port which is located on the southern coast.

You can see five provinces from the viewpoint including Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Eastern Provinces.

As your view includes the surrounding tea estates you are likely to see some tea pickers with their baskets on their back where they put the picked leaves.

What will I see on the way?

There are two ways to get to Liptons seat however we have only been there via Haputale and Dambetenne Tea Estate. 

On the way from Dambetenne Tea Estate you can see Lemastota Waterfall.

You will be travelling through beautifully manicured tea plantations. The route is well marked and you will travel through some narrow roads (some in need of TLC) and you will come across stone roads built during the period where Britain colonised the Country when it was known by its former name Ceylon.

If however you are approaching from Bandarawella and Nayabedda Estate, the viewpoint at St Catherine’s Seat in the Nayabedda Estate provides a great view of Bandarawella , Diyitalawa and the Uva Valley.

No promise that you will get a clear view, however it is still worth the trip

As with lots of places in Sri Lanka there is no guarantee that once you arrive at the destination that you will get the view you were hoping to upload on your Instagram feed. 

The weather in the Hill Country is changeable and on our visits to Lipton Seat we have experienced stunning views of the tea country and also the viewpoint covered in a thick mist giving no view at all. 

Despite our disappointment it was still well worth the trip and we still managed to take some really memorable photos in the mist.

I’m sure that Sir Thomas didn’t get a clear view each and everytime he went to survey his empire!

Where is Lipton Seat Located?

Lipton Seat is a high viewpoint in the hills of Poonagala and is located at the top of the small town with the same name. 

It is located around 15 kilometres from Haputale Town. 

There are busses that go from Haputale to Dambetenne Tea Factory and you can either hike or get a tuk tuk to take you the on the remainder of the journey which is around 6-7 km.

What’s the best way to get to Lipton Seat?

Well, it depends on how fit you are and whether you are up for a hike.

The drive is a bit of a challenge to get to Lipton Seat and gets trickier as more tourists visit the site putting pressure on the small road. If you are not up for the hike we would recommend hiring a Tuk Tuk to get you there as they are able to cope with the road conditions and are small enough to pass other traffic on the narrow roads and lanes. 

If you look at a few reviews of Lipton Seat you will read that most people recommend to walk there after experiencing the journey by vehicle!

Can I get a nice cup of Sri Lankan Tea when I am at Lipton Seat?

There has been a small shop built at Lipton Seat in more recent years and you can get a limited amount of refreshments and snacks including a cup of tea, some roti, dhal etc.

What’s the temperature like?

Due to the elevation and potential change in weather it can get a little chilly (for Sri Lanka) at times. I’ve seen on some reviews that early in the morning some people have experienced temperatures of 8 degrees Celsius, so I would recommend that you take something to wrap yourself up with just in case.

When is the best time to go to Lipton Seat?

Well, it depends on whether you want to get up early or not. 

I have only been there during the day however most reviews that I have read recommend that it is worth getting there for sunrise for the spectacular views. 

As a rule, in Sri Lanka, I would recommend to get to most of the tourist sites early as for lots of reasons.

You can avoid the crowd

The light is normally great for photographs early in the morning (and as the light goes down – according to most photographic manuals I have read).

You can avoid the really hot part of the day – and perhaps the pain of sunburn!

You have the rest of the day to relax and catch up on that sleep that you missed early in the morning.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Sri Lanka and visit the local places of interest.

In addition to Lipton Seat and Dambetenna Tea Factory there are lots of places to visit within a stones throw from Glenmyu Estate such as Horton Plains National Parl, Addisham Bungalow, Bambarakanda Waterfall and Diyaliuma Waterfall. 

GlenMyu Estate has three luxurious bedrooms with stunning views of the Southern Sri Lankan Hills for guests. It also has a natural spring fed waterfall and five acres of land to explore. To find out more about a stay in the Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate please visit our website using the button below.

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Lemastota Waterfall

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St Catherine's Seat.

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