A Traditional British Sunday Roast

Traditional British Sunday Roast

Roast Chicken Dinner in Sri Lanka

A Traditional British Sunday Roast or a Roast Chicken Dinner in Sri Lanka appeared to be a bizarre concept to me. 

Whenever I went on holiday to a warmer climate, after a few days my appetite would reduce and, I would only want lighter meals. 

It seemed very odd that I would want a Roast Chicken Dinner when living in Sri Lanka.

When we lived in the UK a Sunday Roast was almost essential on a weekend, especially during the Autumn and Winter months. I would return from my junior coaching rugby session around 1 p.m on a Sunday afternoon and look forward to a sumptuous late lunch cooked by Ru in the mid afternoon.

When you have been running around a cold rugby pitch for a few hours a warming hearty meals was really appreciated.

Other days outside the rugby season would provide the opportunity to go to the local pub and try out their Sunday lunch.

Originally, when we were living in Colombo, a traditional British Sunday roast was not even considered in the heat of the mid 30’s. Getting the oven to the right temperature in the City would result in an exodus from the house as the heat would be unbearable.

The Sri Lankan Hill Country

Up in the Hills we experience a temperature much similar to a comfortable UK Summer ranging from 22 – 26 degrees.

In the evenings it can be chilly and fall to 14- 16 degrees.

When I was in the UK I would still have found the night time temperature to be comfortable and would not even consider adding an extra layer or two.

Having lived in the Hill Country for 4 years I am now a little more acclimatised and do sometimes put on a long pair of trousers or a long sleeved shirt.

A Traditional British Sunday Roast
Enjoying a Roast Chicken Dinner at GlenMyu Estate.

Is it too warm for a Traditional Sunday Roast Dinner?

Although the climate for most of the year is like many English Summers I experienced whilst living in the UK it does not inspire the desire for a Traditional British Sunday Roast Dinner every week.

However, as an occasional treat which brings back great memories and a sense of comfort, it is something that I look forward to. 

Ruwanthi does a great Yorkshire Pudding and they are truly delicious smothered in gravy. I also cannot get enough of her roast potatoes (this was always a problem for me even in the UK!).

If you have left “space” you might even consider finishing the meal with another classic of Sticky Toffee Pudding. 

I am normally sensible and opt for Pineapple and Cinnamon Sorbet which brings me back to a taste of Sri Lanka at the end of the meal.

You can see our full menu on our website 

Where can I get a traditional Sunday Roast in Sri Lanka?

So, a Traditional British Roast Chicken Dinner is something to look forward to when you stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until Sunday to order your Traditional Roast Chicken Dinner. It is on our menu and is available to order at any time during the week – provided you give Ru enough time to prepare it.

If you want to find out more about a “Stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country” please visit our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

Please contact us directly on WhatsApp 94-752-999-272 for bookings and our best rates.

Work of that Roast Dinner by visiting the sights near GlenMyu Estate

You can work off those delicious additional calories from your Traditional British Sunday roast dinner by visiting some of the fantastic places of interest near GlenMyu Estate.

Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma Pools

Horton Plains National ParkMini Worlds End, Worlds End and Bakers Falls

Adisham Bungalow

Liptons Seat

Dambetenna Tea Factory

Bambarakanda Waterfall

Thangamale Bird Sanctuary

Ella Town 

9 Arch Bridge

Mini Adams Peak

Ravanna Waterfall

There are great places for hiking such as 

Thank you to our lovely guests, Jack and Lauren, for suggesting that the Sunday Roast should be added to our menu.

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