Looking forward to Veganuary 2024

Looking forward to Veganuary 2024

For the last two years Ru at GlenMyu Estate has participated and supported Veganuary by coming up with new Vegan based dishes and adding them to our menu. We are already planning what we will do for Veganuary 2024 and are regular visitors to their website.

Growing ingredients to use in our Vegan recipes.

At GlenMyu Estate, we grow vegetables, fruits and spices on the five acre estate (guests love Ru’s garden tour).

No to pesticides!

We don’t use any chemicals and pesticides on the land and all our produce is organic. Last year we got our rescue cow Maali, our natural fertilising machine, and she adds to our organic principles. Maali will never be used to produce milk and will live a simple, healthy and natural life with us at GlenMyu Estate. She has really added to the interest and landscape at the estate and our guests really look forward to meeting her.

Sri Lanka is a good place to visit as a Vegan as many of the dishes are Vegan anyway.

Check, check,check!

However, it’s important that you check with the hotel/restaurant about the dish you order to avoid any disappointment!

Rice and Curry - we love it ....but!

Rice and Curry is the favourite dish in Sri Lanka and we tend to find that sometimes when guests arrive at GlenMyu Estate, they are Rice and Curried out! 

As Ru lived in the UK for several years and developed her love for cooking there, she understands that guests want a variety of dishes during their stay. We offer a range of western, fusion and traditional Sri Lankan dishes at GlenMyu Estate. You can read more at our menu page on our website. 

Learn about Vegan Sri Lankan dishes.

We still love offering Sri Lankan dishes and lots of our guests enjoy Ru’s mothers informal Sri Lankan cooking demonstration for our “Vegan” Sri Lankan sharing platter. You can see some videos of the cooking demonstration at Ru’s Recipes YouTube channel

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Creating new Vegan recipes

Ru loves creating new dishes and twists on common recipes using the produce that is available in the garden or from good producers nearby and around this paradise island. We have found a great producer of mushrooms near Bandarawella. One of our neighbours found some great Kithul Treacle which has not been adulterated with additional sugar. Producers typically add sugar to improve their profits! We support good local businesses and serve locally grown and roasted Hansa coffee to our guests. The tea we serve is organic and supplied by Stassen, who collect the leaves from small local organic tea estates.

Some of our Vegan offerings on our menu are starting to become staples such as our Jackfruit Burger, Mushrooms in Cashew Sauce and Pineapple & Cinnamon Sorbet. I love all of these dishes and really love it when guests order them as I get a portion too!

Not 100% Vegan - yet!

We would love to be a 100% Vegan – Vegetarian hotel at GlenMyu Estate however at this stage in our development we do offer non Vegan and Vegetarian dishes to our guests. 

Over the last few years we have found that several of our guests have one Vegan/Vegetarian and one non plant based person in their party. However, we see a trend where once the non Vegan party has tasted Ru’s Vegan dishes they are happy to eat Vegan whilst they are here. One of our American guests recently said that they had been converted to Jackfuit!

Stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

So, if you are travelling around Sri Lanka and looking for a fabulous place to stay that offers great Vegan food maybe GlenMyu Estate is an option for you.

We are looking forward to Veganuary 2024 and hopefully will delight you with what we have to offer.

We look forward to meeting you at GlenMyu Estate and giving you a warm Sri Lankan welcome.

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