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A Unique place to stay in Sri Lanka

Unique places to stay in Sri Lanka.

Where can I find a unique place to stay in Sri Lanka?

GlenMyu Estate is a boutique hotel in Beragala in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

A view from the lawn of the the house at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
A stunning red sky view from the House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Light on the Honeymoon Bed for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka
The kingsize bed in the Cinnamon Bedroom
The Luxurious Mango bedroom at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel, Bed and Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka. Wonderful for Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka

Reasons to stay at a unique place.

There are lots of reasons why you should stay at a unique place in Sri Lanka. It really depends on your personal preference and what gets you excited.

It’s no surprise to us that there is more value in staying at independent, quirky places than run-of-the-mill chain hotels.

Since the global pandemic we also think that travellers want space and not to share a property with lots of other people.

We have three bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate and some guests do book all three rooms so that they can spend the time solely with their family and fiends.

As we started to establish the business in 2022 are staring to get busier. Some of the guests have been fortunate to book when we didn’t have any other bookings so they had the place to themselves. Due to our reputation growing, there are less nights when this happens, however you might get lucky!

Perhaps the following reason, to stay in a unique place, would be considered shallow. However, in this Instagram and Social Media age there are lots of people that want to stay in a place which has been undiscovered or to impress friends.

There are more worthy reasons to stay at a unique property such as supporting local charity work and ensuring employment for people that need the work. There are lots of places to stay in Sri Lanka that have good ethics at their heart and want to support the community and the environment.

We have been amazed and humbled by the number of guests we have met since Sri Lanka’s economic crisis. They have made a deliberate choice to spend their holiday money in this paradise island in order to support local people who have gone through a difficult period.

What makes GlenMyu Estate a unique place to stay?

We have tried to create a unique place for you to stay on holiday in Sri Lanka where you will feel so comfortable that you will be reluctant to leave.

It was important for us to provide the following for our guests:

A welcoming atmosphere where you feel at home.
Good quality accommodation where we are proud to host guests..
Comfortable spaces – bedrooms, common areas, dining and around the five acre estate.
Opportunities to mix with other guests or spend time on your own.
Great food – made with local ingredients, supporting local suppliers.
A relaxing atmosphere enabling you to get away from a busy lifestyle where you can relax and recuperate.
Enjoy the views of the beautiful countryside.
A place where you can reconnect with nature.
Activities that bring people together, whether in the swimming pool. badminton on the lawn or board games in the house.
An opportunity to understand the local culture and support local people.

And of course, there are many more reasons which you will understand when you visit GlenMyu Estate.

The food, the food!

Providing our guests with great for is so important to us.

Ruwanthi lived in the UK for over ten years and developed her skills in cooking fabulous meals.

Our apartment was where all our friends wanted to come as they knew that Ruwanthi would provide something delicious for them to taste. She completed a short Corden Bleu course and honed her skills over the years before coming back to her native country. We believe that the food we serve makes GlenMyu Estate a unique place to stay.

At GlenMyu Estate we grow a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices in our organic garden on the five acre estate. This produce is used as part of the ingredients for many of the meals that Ru makes for our guests. Ruwanthi has been creative and concocts and develops recipes that are a fusion between East and West.

Having lived in the UK she is able to adjust the seasoning and spices to suit our guests tastes. Sometimes in Sri Lanka you need a little bit of a pause from the salt, pepper and chillis added to most dishes around the island.

She also adds little twists to some of the more traditional Sri Lankan dishes that she prepares. You should try her version of Egg Hoppers for breakfast!

What do our guests say about Ruwanthi's food?

We are always delighted when guests mention how much they enjoyed the food at GlenMyu Estate in their reviews on Google,, Airbnb and TripAdvisor.

Here are some snippets from what our guests say about the food.

Are we a unique place to stay? - we think so!

There is only one GlenMyu Estate. As we only have three guest bedrooms there is limited availability, especially during the peak holiday periods between December and April. 

Additional things that make at stay at GlenMyu Estate Unique.

Our rescue dogs and other animals.

Our guests love the rescue dogs that we have on the estate. They are all vaccinated and are used to meeting guests. Clove, our first dog, really gets quickly attached to the guests. We can see that she really misses them when they go on to their next destination. 

We also have ducks that forage around the estate and provides with an egg or two. They are my way to meditate watching them wander around the land finding food, communicating with each other and using the streams for bathing.

The chickens also add to the GlenMyu experience. We regularly have chicks which are cute and added source of amusement.

And finally we have our rescue cow Maali. She is a beautiful addition to the family here and provides compost for the garden. Maali has character and is happy to meet guests.

The hidden waterfall

We have a small waterfall at the lowest part of the estate. Guests have visited the waterfall and one of our visitors spent some hours there, meditating with the sound of the water in the background. 

As the final approach to the waterfall is by ropes you need to be confident enough to tackle hurdle.

Ru’s mothers informal Sri Lankan cookery demonstration.

We find that guests really enjoy Ru’s mothers entertaining cookery demonstration at our outside kitchen. When guests order our Sri Lankan sharing platter she normally starts the cooking demonstration are 4 p.m./4.30 p.m.

An informal garden tour by Ruwanthi.

Guests really enjoy accompanying Ru around the garden seeing what fruits, vegetables and spices we row around the five acre estate. Quite often you will also be able to pick some of the herbs or vegetables that will be used as part of the ingredients in your evening meal.

What is the best way to book a stay?

Our best rates are available by contacting us directly via WhatsApp or email. You will find a WhatsApp button on our website.

We are also listed on and Airbnb.

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Glenmyu Estate view

Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Is GlenMyu Estate a Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka?

The Cambridge dictionary definition of the word “boutique’ is used to describe a small fashionable business that sells a particular product or service. defines it as “any small, exclusive business offering customised service”.

We consider GlenMyu to fit into this category.

Small but generous

We have three spacious on-suite bedrooms at GlenMyu. 

We are therefore considered small compared to the traditional type of hotels.

All bedrooms come with a comfortable King-Size bed and you can wake up in the morning to spectacular views of the vista looking towards the southern coast of the Island.

The floor to ceiling windows open onto small balconies where you can take in the fresh air and inspect the picturesque surroundings.

The floors are made from titanium cement which provides a clean and luxurious feel.

The bathrooms all have generous showers and modern fittings.

Two of the three rooms come with a concrete bath.

Windows in the bathrooms are tinted for privacy and look out towards the southern aspect.

We are exclusive!

Only three double bedrooms.

With only three rooms available and only open for a limited number of days during the year we also consider that we are exclusive. 

Space to Swim

Our natural spring fed swimming pool is one of the things we most enjoy at the estate. Surrounded by a lush green landscape supplied by mother nature we feel really fortunate to be able to have a refreshing swim either in the early morning or late afternoon. It really feels luxurious having the thirty six feet pool to yourself and knowing that there may be only a few other guests staying at the property to disturb your meditative time.

A customised service Bespoke dining

We provide a sample menu on our website however we discuss the requirements with our guests and make the food fresh on the day. 

We have an organic garden on the estate and a majority of the produce is used seasonally in our menu. We endeavour to source other produce from small local suppliers as much as possible to reduce the food miles and ensure that the food is fresh. 

We are enjoying welcoming guests and we have had great feedback on the stays to date. You can see our reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.

If you are interested in staying at GlenMyu our rates and on our website and if you want to contact us please follow this link.

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GlenMyu Estate
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