horton plains national park

Stunning pool at the top of Upper Diyaluma

Our 3 Favourite Places in Sri Lanka

Our 3 Favourite Places in Sri Lanka

Our 3 favourite places in Sri Lanka

Having lived in the Sri Lankan Hill country for the past six years, it’s an easy choice to pick our favourite 3 places.

Of course GlenMyu Estate would automatically be number one, however here are our favourite places to visit in the Sri Lankan hills.

You may be surprised that Ella, Nine Arch Bridge and Little Adam’s Peak don’t make our list.

They are a little too touristy for us!

Our guests tend to agree

When guests ask for recommendations on what to do and see when they stay at GlenMyu Estate, we are always happy to help.

It’s amazing how many things that you can do when staying in the Sri Lankan Hill Country. 

The opening of the Pekoe Trail in 2023 added a new dimension to what we typically would recommend. 

There are several sections of the trail within reach of GlenMyu Estate and we have already had several guests complete stages 12 and 13 of the Pekoe Trail.

Our 3 favourite places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Here are our three favourite places to visit in Sri Lanka when staying at GlenMyu Estate.

1. Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

Diyaluma Waterfall is the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka. Bambarakanda Waterfall is the highest and is also within reach of GlenMyu Estate.

It’s number one on our list for many reasons. Embarrassingly, we were a little late finding out about this amazing place. It was only when some German guests invited us to accompany them that we discovered this gem.

What and where?

The second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka is a spectacular sight, especially when there is good water flow.

Here is a video of Diyaluma Waterfall from the roadside that was taken in January 2024.

Diyaluma Waterfall and Upper Diyaluma Pools are around 45 minutes drive from GlenMyu Estate.

The main waterfall is located on the A4 road between Koslanda and Wellawaya.

Diyaluma Waterfall can be viewed from the main A4 road between Beragala and Wellawaya.

There is a small road that takes you to the start of the twenty minute hike to visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and pools.


The advantage of staying at GlenMyu Estate

There is a good reason to stay at GlenMyu Estate if you want to visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

We are only a 45 minute drive from the waterfall.

If you don’t like crowds and are willing to get up early, then you are more likely to have a unique experience.

The crowds from Ella and Haputale are further from the falls and therefore if you get there early you may have this amazing environment all to yourself.

In January 2024, my best friend and my godson went early to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and we were the only people there.

We saw our first tourist arrive as we finished our hike and dip in the pools.

2. Horton Plains National Park

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is our second favourite place to visit in Sri Lanka.

This National Park is located in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. It was designated as a National Park in 1988.

The park is at an elevation of 2,100–2,300 m (6,900–7,500 ft). It covers an area of  31.6 km² (3,169 hectares).

It’s unique landscape on the island consists of ecosystems such as Montane evergreen forests, grasslands, marshy lands and aquatic ecosystem.

3 places to stop and catch you breath (and take those Instagram pics!)

Horton Plains National Park has three main stopping points on the 111 kilometre circular hike. 

The first is Lesser World;s End which has a cliff with a 270 metre drop,

Secondly is Greater World’s End which has an impressive 870 metre precipice.

The third spot to rest is in front of the beautiful Baker’s Falls waterfall. This waterfall is named after the founder of Nuwara Eliya.

Flora and Fauna

Another highlight of Horton Plains is the flora and fauna you will see there.

Horton Plains’ vegetation is grasslands interspersed with montane forest. It includes many endemic woody plants.

And there are lots of different fauna to see (if you are lucky!).

Sambar Deer is the most commonly seen faunal species in the park. You can normally see them on the plains as you enter the park. There may even be a large male who hangs around by the car park.

Other fauna include the Montane Toque Macaque, the Slender Loris, the Long Clawed Shrew. The park is also home to twelve species of endemic birds.

And even some Leopards!

It is unusual to spot a leopard in Horton Plains National Park.

However, we did have guests from  Austria that saw one as they left the park in March 2024.

Ghost of the Clouded Plains is a book which was published in 2023 documenting the leopards there. 

It is Photographer/Naturalist Sankha Wanniatchi’s first book venture and captures over 8 years of intense study on the Leopard of Horton Plains.

You can see more details of the book at the following link to Barefoot Ceylon.

3. Lipton's Seat, Haputale

We first visited Lipton’s Seat many years ago before we were living in the country.

Unfortunately, we didn’t really appreciate the beauty of the viewing place of Sir Edward Lipton at the time.

We made the mistake of getting to the top of Lipton’s Seat too late on in the day and we didn’t get a good view of the landscape.

Our Australian guests set us right

In November 2023 our Australian guests, Matt and Millie left GlenMyu Estate early in the morning to catch the sunrise at Lipton’s Seat,

November is not the best month to sight see in the Hill country as there is a bit of rain before the drier peak seasons of Late December to April,

How wrong we were!

Matt and Millie really set us right about Lipton’s Seat. 

Look at the amazing experience they had watching the sunrise. We were bowled over.

Hike in a beautiful landscape in Sri Lanka

Walking through the tea plantation

One of the joys about visiting Lipton’s Seat is walking down through the manicured lines of tea bushes.

You may even get an opportunity to capture one of the tea pluckers in action.

And a tea factory tour

Matt and Millie finished of the experience by doing a Tea Factory tour at Dambetenne Tea Factory.

The tea factory offers regulars tours which will provide you with the knowledge of where you tea comes from and how it is processed.

Our top 3 favourite places in Sri Lanka - Summary

  1. Diyaluma and Upper Diyaluma
  2. Horton Plains National Park.
  3. Lipton’s Seat

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to visit the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Diyaluma Waterfall, Horton Plains and Litpon’s Seat.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town,  Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on Booking.com and Airbnb.
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Upper DIyaluma Waterfall - experiences in Sri Lanka

Our Top Two Experiences In Sri Lanka.

Our top two experiences in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate.

Here are our top two experiences in Sri Lanka when staying at GlenMyu Estate. They were easy to select as we, and our guests, love visiting them.

It was not difficult to come up with our top two experiences in Sri Lanka.

We love them both and our guests come back mesmerised by their time at these two wonderful places.
One is only a forty minute drive and the other is just over one hour from GlenMyu Estate

So much more.

There are lots of other places to visit and experience when you stay at GlenMyu Estate. The two we have picked are our favourites. However, some of our guests have had wonderful times at places such as Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall, Hiking stage Stage 13  of the Pekoe Trail (Haputale to St. Catherine).

You don't need to go out.

Staying on the five acre property at Glenmyu Estate is an experience itself.

Many of our guests use their time here to rest and recuperate before exploring more of this paradise island.

One of the free things we do at GlenMyu Estate is to provide a garden tour. You can see what fruits and vegetables we are growing on the 5 acre estate.
We do not use pesticides or chemicals on the estate and all we grow is organic produce. 

Garden tours around GlenMyu Estate

Another experience that our guests love is our complimentary informal Sri Lankan cooking demonstration.
This fun activity is conducted by Ru’s mum who has too many years to mention experience in a Sri Lankan kitchen. 


We find that our guests love to learn about Sri Lankan cooking and some even participate a bit under Ru’s mums supervision.

The demonstration takes place when guests have ordered our Sri Lankan sharing platter. 

It’s a real experience getting to eat what you have seen has been cooked an hour or so earlier in the day.

Our top two experiences in Sri Lanka -Different options for different budgets.

The cost of entry for each of the experiences may result in a choice on what to do.

Going to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is the less costly of the two experiences that are in our top two favourites at GlenMyu Estate.
You can read about the entry cost at our article “Entry Fee to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall”.

Getting there by Tuk Tuk is what we would recommend. I did it in my car once. However, I would not want to repeat driving to the car park at the start of Upper Diyaluma.
If you have a vehicle, and are a confident driver, then it may add to your experience. 

A day trip to Horton Plains National Park is the more expensive experience. You can find out more about the cost at our article “Horton Plains Entry Fee”.
Although the entry ticket is costly, we consider it to be a worthwhile thing to do if it is within your budget. You will need to hire a driver and car to take you to Horton Plains (if you don’t have a car yourself) and this will add to the costs.

Horton Plains National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the entry fee helps maintain the 7,180 acres and to support employment for local people.

The scenery, flora and fauna you will see on your 11 kilometre hike is an amazing experience. On to of this you will be able to enjoy the views at Greater World’s End, Lesser World’s End and Baker’s Falls.  

1. Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

Spending a morning (and perhaps into the afternoon) at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is one of our top two experiences in Sri Lanka.

You will marvel at being closer to nature in this beautiful landscape. Going from pool to pool and swimming in the cool water will make you feel great.

If you get there early enough in the morning, you may even have the pools to yourself before the crowds arrive from Ella.

As GlenMyu Estate is in closer proximity to the waterfall than Ella Town you may get lucky. Several of our guests have been able to experience this wonderful unspoilt place for a few hours before anyone has joined them.

Why should I visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?.

Only a forty minute drive from GlenMyu Estate, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is a relatively newly discovered experience. Before the access roads were improved few people visited the beautiful pools Upper Diyaluma.

You can see the number of people visiting has increased as the local council have started charging a token entrance fee!

It’s now becoming a place that regularly features on Instagram posts by tourists that visit the Sri Lankan Hill Country. 

We recommend that you visit Upper Diyaluma as it is such an amazing experience.

The landscape appears to be untouched and you will feel a real connection with nature. 

The small hike to the top of the waterfall will invigorate you and warm you up before you enter the cool pools for a swim.

There are several pools as you traverse down the side of the falls. Each pool is unique being carved from the water eroding the bowls for years. The scenery and landscape changes as you descend  which gives variety and makes you want to stay longer. 

We spent around three hours on our day trip to Upper Diyaluma with our German guests, however we have had other guests who have spent most of the day there.

This is why Upper Diyaluma a makes it on to our list of our top two experiences in Sri Lanka.

Here is a glimpse of what you will experience at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and Pools when you are in Sri Lanka.

2. Horton Plains National Park, Worlds End & Bakers Falls.

Our top two experiences in Sri Lanka.

Why should I visit Horton Plains National Park?

Horton Plains National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a unique landscape in Sri Lanka.

The Montane Cloud Forest which covers 7,680 acres are host to some unique flora and fauna.
There are also three main scenic places to stop and get those Instagram pictures.

We love the relatively easy 11 kilometre circular hike and feel a sense of achievement when we complete it. The elevation is 2,100–2,300 metres (6,900–7,500 ft) and therefore you do feel that you have had a work-out.

Our guests at GlenMyu Estate are sent off early in the morning with a delicious packed breakfast that they can enjoy during their hike.

Sitting and enjoying the views at Lesser World’s End and Greater World’s End with a flask of ginger tea and omelette with fresh bread is an experience itself.

Making you way to the beautiful Baker’s Falls and sitting watering the water make patterns on the wall of the rocks is a meditative experience. 

Reasons to Visit Horton Plains

Visiting Horton Plains National Park is one of the more expensive outings you can do in Sri Lanka.

However, it is on our top two experiences as we still consider it to be one of the best experiences in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

You can also visit Horton Plains National Park if you are staying in Nuwara Eliya. It will take you a similar amount of time to get there from GlenMyu Estate.

Our top two experiences in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate - Summary

  1. Experience a unique environment in Sri Lanka
  2. Feel great – Hiking is a healthy way to explore the island.
  3. See the view from Little World’s End
  4. Experience the exhilaration at the precipice at Greater World’s End.
  5. Marvel at the cascade of water at Beautiful Baker’s Falls.
  6. Discover the Flora in this Montane Cloud Forest.
  7. Listen to and watch the the Fauna that inhabit Horton Plains.
  8. Spot and listen to the birds at Horton Plains.
  9. Practice “Friluftsliv” – be connected with nature and the landscape.
  10. To support local people and preserve this unique environment.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to visit Horton Plains National Park, Upper DIyaluma Waterfall and see many more fabulous sights.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park and Upper Diyaluma Waterfall is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on Booking.com and Airbnb.
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Horton Plains National Park.

The Best Hike in Sri Lanka

What is the Best Hike in Sri Lanka?

What is the Best Hike in Sri Lanka (which is not too strenuous)? We think it is Horton Plains National Park and here’s why.

Well, I suppose it is all down to how much experience, how fit you are and how tough you want your hike to be.

There are many options to choose from in Sri Lanka which will provide a different experience and variety.

The newest hiking option is the Pekoe Trail which was launched in 2023.

This is a twenty-two stage, 300 kilometre trail which traverses the Central Highlands of the Island. This experience which

allow visitors to discover the varying terrain, history, culture, food, and local communities across Sri Lanka by foot.

The first stage of the trail starts in Hanthana (near Kandy). And the final stage finishes in Kandapoloa (Nuwara Eliya).

Sections 11 to 16 of the Pekoe Trail are within a drive from GlenMyu Estate. 

An easier type of hike.

As we are not seasoned hikers, and most of our guests are not conditioned for, or want to do, a strenuous hike on their holiday. We think that a hike around Horton Plains National Park is the best hike in Sri Lanka.

Horton Plains National Park - a UNESCO Heritage site.

Horton Plains National Park is a montane grassland and cloud forest located in the Central Highlands. It is on a plateau at an altitude of 2100-2300m. In 1988 it was declared a national park due to its biodiversity and geographical importance.

It is a popular tourist destination consisting of several tourist hot spots such as World’s End, mini World’s End, Bakers Falls and the peaks of Kirigalpoththa and Totupola Kanda.

What's in a name?

The area was originally called Maha Eliya Thanna by the local people.

It was renamed as Horton Plains after Sir Robert Wilmot-Horton (the British governor of Ceylon from 1831-1837) by Lt. Albert Watson, who “discovered” the plateau.

The flora and the fauna.

Horton Plains consists of two distinct vegetation – montane grasslands and evergreen forests, with nearly 700 species of plants being recorded of which 27 are endemic to Sri Lanka.

24 species of mammals, 87 species of birds, nine species of reptiles and eight species of amphibians are found in the park.

No Elephants but beware the Leopards!

Since the Sri Lankan elephant was last seen here in the 1940s, the largest, most commonly seen mammal at present is the sambar deer. Leopards, wild boars, mongooses and giant squirrels are a few among the many species that can be spotted here. 


Horton Plains forms an Important Bird Area (IBA) together with Ohiya, Pattipola and Ambewela, and contains 21 endemic bird species with four endemic to Horton Plains alone (Sri Lankan blue magpie, Sri Lankan white-eye, Sri Lankan wood pigeon and dull-blue flycatcher.

If you can, we would recommend that you avoid weekends as it can be quite busy with local tourists. 

Why do we think that Horton Plains National Park is the best place to hike?

The circular trail is around eleven kilometres and is enough of a hike (at altitude) to make you feel like you have achieved something (but not killed yourself!).

Horton Plains is at an elevation between 2,100 and 2,400 metres above sea level. As the air is little thinner your body works a little more and you feel like you have had a workout. 

The flora and fauna that you will see on the trail is different from many parts of Sri Lanka.


Look for the information boards as you walk the trail which will give you information about the landscape and some of the unique flora and fauna.

The route for a hike around Horton Plains National Park

Mount Thotupola Kanda (2357 m) - the best hike in Sri Lanka?

If you are up for a challenge then you can opt to take the trail to Mount Thotupola Kanda (2357 m) which is the third highest mountain in Sri Lanka. It is also known as (Totapolakanda or Thotupolakanda).

The trail to the top of the mountain starts a few metres away from the Pattipola entrance to the Horton Plains National Park. The trail is around about two kilometres in distance.

One of our adventurous French guests did this and really enjoyed the more strenuous hike.

Mount Kirigalpoththa (2,388 m) - the best hike in Sri Lanka?

Even more challenging is the hike to the highest point in Horton Plains National Park: Mount Kirigalpoththa.

Read more in this article we found in TripAdvisor.

This is the 2nd highest Mountain of Sri Lanka after Pidurutalagala. It is also the highest peak accessible to the public. The peak elevation is 2,388 metres above sea level.
This 7 kilometre trail (one way) will take around five and a half hours of trekking, hiking & mountaineering.

Attempting Kirigalpoththa is for the more experienced and daring adventurers only as the conditions can be treacherous due to the difficulty of the terrain and weather.

An opportunity awaits the brave.

There are not many quality videos showing the hike to Mount Kirigalpoththa. We see this as an opportunity for a YouTuber or Social Media Influencer to create some fantastic content that we would be happy to share on our page. 

So , if you are adventurous and a skilled mountaineer with good video skills the challenge is there for you.

We consider this to be the best hike in Sri Lanka however….

There are so many more options as you travel around this paradise island.

A religious pilgrimmage.

Adams Peak 

This is a religious pilgrimage which you start early in the morning to experience the sunrise.

During the season the hike is very busy with people and you may well have to queue for some time as you get towards the top. 

In the off season you will have no problem with the crowds, however the weather may not be great, so prepare for rain.

There are lots of steps on this hike and we had guests arrive from their overnight experience who were very tired. The next day their legs were very tender due to the number of steps that they had to climb up and down. They were quite fit however did suffer the next day. Several dips in the swimming pool and a relaxing day at GlenMyu Estate helped them to recuperate. 

A hike for the more experienced

Knuckles Mountain Range

We had some German clients that did a hike in Knuckles before they stayed at GlenMyu Estate and they were quite exhausted. They had a great hike and their guide was amazing (like many others in Sri Lanka). This hike needs proper walking boots and leech socks. You have to be fit enough to tackle this hike. 

The Poster Boy of Sri Lanka.

Sigiriya – The Lion Rock

Pictures of the iconic Lion Rock is used a lot to promote tourism to Sri Lanka, for good reason. If you read the history of this UNESCO Heritage site you will discover the amazing technology and endeavour used in creating this former Royal Palace. 

The hike is a “must do” on your first visit to Sri Lanka. 

We had some guests that tackled the Lion Rock in the morning and Pidurangala Rock in the evening. I was amazed that they managed this and they had a great experience.

Hikes near Ella Town.

Little Adams Peak and Ella Rock

Several of our guests do a stay trip to Ella and take in some of the sights. Nine Arch Bridge, Ravana Waterfall and Ravana’s Cave are some of the great sights to see.

Many of our guests climb Little Adams Peak which is a short hike.

Less of our guests have climbed to Ella Rock. The hike is a little bit harder and it’s good to do this early and see the sunrise.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and hike Horton Plains National Park.

We normally send guests off at 6 am in the morning with a delicious packed breakfast to Horton Plains National Park. Getting there early is good as you are more likely to see the views at Lesser World’s End and Greater World’s End. 

As Horton Plain National Park is a montane cloud forest, the clouds do come in and obscure the view!

By setting off early you can be back at GlenMyu Estate in the mid afternoon and enjoy a dip in our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool to soothe your muscles. A delicious meal in the evening prepared by Ru. It’s a good reward for the energy you will have expended on your hike.

Find out more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate by visiting our website

Look at our reviews from our guests on Booking.com, Airbnb, Tripadvisor and Google.

For our best rates contact us directly by the WhatsApp button on our website or send us an email.

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Explore Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Exploring Sri Lanka's Hill Country.

Explore Sri Lanka’s Hill Country – the best places to visit whilst staying at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Beragala.

Guests really love staying at GlenMyu Estate and exploring the five acres of land.

A garden tour by Ru is very informative and we are amazed about how many guests love to find out more about where their food come from. 

Spending time at our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool, playing badminton on the lawn or board games in the lounge are some of the fun things to do. 

A free fish pedicure in the stream and if you are brave an able enough you can go on an adventure to the waterfall at the bottom of the land.

However, there are some wonderful places to explore in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country within an hours drive or so from the estate. Lots of guests like to stay outside the busy tourist town of Ella and have day trips to see Nine Arch Bridge, Ravana Waterfall or climb Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock.

We have listed the most popular things that our guests visit when they stay at GlenMyu Estate. They are not in any particular order however there is a reason why we have put Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and Horton Plains National Park at the top. We love visiting these places.

Please do not discard the other items lower on the list. Our guest have raved about seeing the sun rise at Lipton’s Seat. The Pekoe Trail is a new hiking route and there are only a few of our guests who have completed the stages so far.

Our Top places to explore in the Hill Country near to GlenMyu.

  • Upper Diyaluma Waterfall – the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Horton Plains National Park (UNESCO), Lesser World’s End, Greater World’s End and Baker’s Falls.
  • Lipton’s’ Seat, Haputale.
  • Bambarakanda Waterfall – the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Nine Arch Bridge, Ella.
  • Adisham Monastery, Haputale.
  • Stages 11,12,13,& 14 of the Pekoe Trail.
  • There are many more places to visit – we will write an extended list of places to see in the future.

Explore Sri Lanka's Hill Country: Upper Diyaluma Waterfall

One of our favourite spots close to GlenMyu Estate explore in Sri Lanka’s Hill country is Diyaluma Waterfall which is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
It ranks 361st in the world and is 220m high (720 ft).

The falls are situated around 6 km from away from Koslanda in Badulla District on the Colombo Batticaloa Highway (A4).

It is a forty minute drive from GlenMyu Estate and we can arrange a Tuk Tuk and guide for you.

You can read our article about our day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall with some guests from GlenMyu Estate.
We also have an article about the entry cost to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.
Guest photos of their experience at the waterfall can be found here.

Horton Plains National Park - a UNESCO heritage site

Another favourite that we enjoy in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is a hike around Horton Plains National Park.

You can read our article about our hike at Horton Plains in our article Hike around Horton Plains National Park.

We also have guest photos of their experience which you can look at here.

Lipton’s Seat is a place where lots of our guests enjoy and is around one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

Most of our guests combine a hike at Lipton’s Seat with a visit to Dambetenne Tea factory to see how the tea is processed

You can see our guest photos of their experience here.

Bambarakanda Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is less than one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

You can read our article about Bambarakanda Waterfall here.

Explore Sri Lanka's Hill Country near Ella.

Nine Arch Bridge is located just outside Ella Town and is one of the must see places to visit in Sri Lanka.  If you make it there when a train passes over the bridge it is really a memorable sight. 

We visited Nine Arch Bridge in early 2023 and you can read about our day trip here. 

Adisham Hall is one of the closest places to visit from GlenMyu Estate

You can read our article about our visit with our family to Adisham Hall and Monastery.

The Pekoe Trail is a 300-kilometre long distance walking trail through the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

The 22 – stage walking trail takes you through some of the finest ecology and mountain terrain in the South of Asia. The trail begins in Kandy is routed through Nuwara Eliya, Haputale, Hatton and Ella.

The following stages are within reach of GlenMyu Estate: 
Stage 11 – Horton Plains to Udaweriya
Stage 12 – Udaweriya to Haputale
Stage 13 – Haputale to St. Catherine
Stage 14 – St. Catherine to Makulella
Stage 15 – Makulella to Ella
Stage 16 – Ella to Demodara.

Ru always says to guests that if it is your first time in Sri Lanka’s Hill country you should visit a tea estate and see how your tea is made. If you have not done a tea tour in Nuwara Eliya then we would suggest doing a tour at Dambetenne Tea Factory after visiting Lipton’s Seat.

How do I find out more about GlenMyu Estate?

If you are travelling to the Sri Lankan Hill Country and do not want to be located in a busy tourist town GlenMyu Estate may be the place for you. 

You can find out more about GlenMyu Estate on our website and also subscribe to our social media platforms so you can see some more pictures and videos of the property and land.

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Mike at Worlds End, Horton Plains National Park.

Hike Around Horton Plains National Park

January 2023 Hike around Horton Plains National Park

Hiking at Horton Plains National Park is one of our favourite places which is within reaching distance of GlenMyu Estate. My wife and I have been three times with friends at different times of the year. It’s great to have such a wonderful landscape close to where we live. This is a summary of our experience of our hike around Horton Plains National Park in January 2023.

We would have completed a lot more hikes since moving to GlenMyu Estate however we were hampered by the building of the house, landscaping of the land and Sri Lanka’s fuel crisis.

Fortunately the country is in a better position now and we can get petrol regularly which enables us to travel a bit more.

My oldest friend visited Sri Lanka for the first time since our wedding some seven years ago. It was great to have him at the estate to show him what we have created and understand why we live on this paradise island.

We had some guests whilst he was here and he could see how we love having more people enjoying the house and estate.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate when visiting Horton Plains National Park

We are listed on Booking.com and Airbnb

Our hike around Horton Plains National Park.

It was also important to show my friend what marvellous sights and places of interest are close to GlenMyu Estate.
Before coming over I had given him a few places that I really wanted for him to see and Horton Plains was one of them.

The weather had not been kind during his holiday (however he still managed to get sunburnt at our pool) so we had to time our hike.
The weather looked okay in Viharaghalla and Beragala. However, it can change a lot when you get to Horton Plains which is a much higher elevation that GlenMyu (2,100 metres compared to 990 metres).

It took around 1 hour 15 minutes to get to the park and a light drizzle of rain was waiting for us there.

The entry price has gone up!

It has been while since I have been to Horton Plains and I last remember the entry fee to be around 5,000 rupees.
Since the financial crisis and the depreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee prices have changed in the country.
The price we paid in January 2023 was as follows:
Sri Lankan Rupees
1 Foreign Adult    8,833.75
Other fee             150.00
Service Charge    3,533.50
VAT                 1,900.00
Total                  14,417.25

This is around US$40/Euro€37/GBP£32

I don’t know whether the Service Charge is fixed for multiple adults.

If you are converting from US$, £ Sterling of € Euros it probably still is a reasonable price for such a wondrous place to visit. 

You will need to check the price when you visit as I have no doubt that there will be further increases. 

Also, we paid in cash and I don’t think that they have credit card facilities available there.

Pricing Update - March 2023

Two of our guests visited Horton Plains National Park in March 2023.

They kindly provided a copy of their ticket giving a breakdown of the entry fee.

The cost for two Foreign Adults and additional fees was Sri Lankan Rupees 23,890.50.

The cost breakdown in Sri Lankan Rupees was as follows:

2 x Foreign Adults     16,900

JOCOV???                    300

Service Charge         3,360

VAT                       3,109.50

Total                23,830.50

Here is a copy of an entry ticket for May 2023 which is a slightly lower price.

Meeting a Samba Deer

After parking the car we had a small bite of breakfast that my wife had thoughtfully prepared for us. We normally provide a takeaway packed breakfast for our guests when they visit Horton Plains so that they have some early sustain to start their hike.

We met a Samba Deer in the car park who was very interested in what we had to eat and no doubt is used to visitors. Of course, we didn’t share our food however the deers antlers did bump my head as he got a bit too close.
As these are wild animals you need to keep your distance.

A drizzly start to our hike around Horton Plains.

There was a light dusting of rain as we started the hike and we both used rain jackets. The temperature was around 16 degrees celsius and with a slight wind it was a little chilly.

Clockwise or Anti Clockwise?

As you start the hike you have a choice in what direction you tackle the 11 kilometre hike.
To the left is a harder start and to the right is a little bit easier.

Taking the left you see the main sights in this order
Mini Worlds End
Greater Worlds End
Bakers Falls

Taking the right hand track reverses this order.

There, of course, is plenty of other things to see on the way with the variety of flora and fauna that awaits you.

I have been both ways and always take the left track for the following reasons:

I prefer the easier walk at the end of the hike.
There is a better chance of seeing the views at Mini Worlds End and Greater Worlds End earlier as it is more likely to cloud over later in the day.

However there were lots of people going anticlockwise around so the choice is yours!

A change in weather

It was not long after we started that we had to remove our jackets as the weather improved and we were in sunshine.
It was interesting seeing the clouds blowing through the hills.

Put your sunscreen on!

Although there may be cloud cover you can easily get sunburnt at Horton Plains. We have had guests that have suffered a little by not taking precautions. Suntan lotion and hats are recommended for the walk (and a rain jacket).

Read the Information Boards

There are lots of information boards on the walk which give you information about the geography, flora and fauna that you will see. Some plants, birds and insects are either endemic to Sri Lanka or too Horton Plains itself.

A tough start to our hike at Horton Plains

Initially the walk is quite easy however you will come across some rougher patches which are more tricky. You will need to be careful climbing down through this red coloured rock.

Mini Worlds End

We approached Mini Worlds End and there was a short opening in the clouds where you could get an idea of the 270 metre drop to the bottom of the precipice.
There were other people enjoying the view (and the rest) and we had a short chat about there experience in Sri Lanka.

We spent a bit of time there catching our breath and the view.

On the way to Greater Worlds End

The walk to Greater World End was not as difficult.
We saw some beautiful scenes and cloud formations on the way.

Got there but no view!

This is the reason why we recommend guests to go early to Horton Plains. You are more likely to get a good view of the precipices from both Mini Worlds End and Greater Worlds End if you do.

We caught a small glimpse of some of the 1,200 metre drop below Greater Worlds End but it was not clear enough to get a really good view. Well, I guess we will have to go again!

On to Bakers Falls

The hike to Bakers Falls was lovely and not too difficult. However, if you are not primed for hiking it can be quite tiring.

There are steps down to Bakers Falls and the scene at the bottom is worth it.

There is a beautiful cascade of water coming down the wide rocks creates wonderful patterns.

One of the local Sri Lankans was disappointed with the amount of water coming down the fall however we were very happy. We sat for some time enjoying the cool spray and movement of the water.

Completing the Circle of our Horton Plains Hike

After some rest at Bakers Falls we continued our walk towards our original entry point. It is X km and does takes some time. We were in no rush so we enjoyed the scenery as we went on our way and spoke to some fellow travellers.

Success- we made the hike at Horton Plains

Back to the starting point generated a feeling of achievement and we had some refreshments when we got back to the car.

There is a small shop where you can get drinks and Sri Lankan snacks however we had some leftover cake and Cinnamon Tea in a flask waiting for us.

The road home

It was a good feeling driving the car out of the National Park and we could see some more Samba Deer in the distance foraging in the fields.
Leaving the park and climbing down through the cooling forest before reaching Oyiha was enjoyable and was the start of our way home to GlenMyu Estate.

Would I recommend hiking Horton Plains National Park?

Although the price of entry has increased I still think that it is a fantastic experience.

The park is a UNESCO Heritage site and is a unique area in Sri Lanka.
It is well maintained by the park staff and they were working on improving some pathways when I last visited.

The flora changes throughout the year and I still plan to visit at different times to get the full experience of Horton Plains.

If you are fit enough to do the hike I would certainly recommend it. I would consider it as a great experience to do when staying at GlenMyu Estate or other hotels within reaching distance of the park.

Upper Diyaluma Waterfall - an alternative

We also recommend our guests to visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfall which is only a 40 minute drive from GlenMyu Estate. The hike is a lot less arduous however it is beautiful going from pool to pool as you walk down the spectacular scenery.
You can read more about our trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall at this link.

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Sri Lanka Tourism

Sri Lanka Tourism

A special area to explore in the Pearl of the Indian Ocean.

The Beach or the Hills - maybe a little of both?

Probably the first image that comes to mind is that of pristine beaches, lined by coconut trees with the sun glistening on the sand. 

Other images of Sri Lanka could be ……

Fishermen stilt fishing

Boats parked on the sand ready to be hauled into the blue sea for their next adventure.

A couple walking hand in hand making tracks in the unspoilt sand.

King Coconut being served with two straws providing you with an opportunity to share your enjoyment of the natural tonic.


It’s unlikely to be Horton Plains National Park or other experiences around the Island.

A small Island with so many things to do

I always say to people that have not been to Sri Lanka that the Island packs a large punch for its size.

There are so many (too many for a short holiday) things to do on this Island that you cannot see everything in one vacation.

So what is there to do apart from topping up the tan on the beach?

Well, firstly, there are beaches and there are beaches!

The Best Places to Stay

The beaches around the island all have their unique appeal and they are very different and offering a variety of things to do for a tourist.

Negombo has a beautiful beach with pristine sand and a idyllic view to the ocean. It is a main stop off point within reach of the airport and therefore is quite popular with lots of tourists using the various hotels in the area,

As you go south you reach Bentota which is also a very well established beach destination for visitors to the Island. It has a slightly different vibe to Negombo and the sand feels a little bit more granular.

The South coast beaches of Mirissa, Tangalle, Hikkaduwa and so on are a great place to top up the tan or do some surfing. The development of the highway going south from the airport means that some of the south coast beaches can be reached within 2.5 to 3 hours.

Arugum Bay is another well established surfing destination and has another different vibe. 

If you travel slightly north of Arugam Bay you will come across Whisky Point which has a completely different type of beach and is quite empty.

As you head northwards up the East coast you come across Passikuda, Trincomalee and then eventually Jaffna. The beach shelves here are much shallower than those on the other coasts making them a bit safer.

Coming back down from the North to the West coast you will come across Kalpiiya where you can Kite Surf.

We love to stay at Maalu Maalu which is one of Theme Resorts https://www.themeresorts.com hotels in Passikusa which has a very safe each with a shallow shelf.

A word of warning however!

Before you decide on which beach you choose you need to know whether the waters are safe.
The North East Monsoon and South West Monsoons determine whether it is worth travelling to the beaches as each area has a season where it is worth avoiding and you will not be topping up any tan!

So many things to do

Sri Lanka has



Elephant Orphanges

Whale Watching

Turtle Sanctuaries

Surfing and snorkelling




Historic buildings and architecture

Great railway journeys

A variety of wildlife

Different cuisines around the Island

Do I need to go on?

A little less explored

At GlenMyu Estate we are finding that several of our guests want to do something a little bit different or unique and slightly off the tourist trail.

Some arrive exhausted after a hike to Adams Peak or through Knuckles Mountain range.

Haputale - set in the Central Hill Country

There are lots to do and explore around Haputale, Ella and Bandarawella.

GlenMyu Estate is located within reach of these towns and several of the tourist sights are nearby. To find our more about GlenMyu Estate please click on the following link  https://resortglenmyu.com

Whats there to do near Haputale?

There are lots of tourist sites nearby including the following

Horton Plains National Park which includes Worlds End and Bakers Falls http://www.dwc.gov.lk/Aoldsite/library/Np_Hotonplains.html

Lipton Seat

Diyaluma Waterfall

Bambarakanda Waterfall

Addisham Bungalow

Pilkington Point

Millennium Point

Bakers Bends

Ella Town

Nine Arch Bridge

Ella Gap

Ravanna Falls

The most popular site our guests visit is Horton Plains National Park. We love it there.

 We send our guests off with a packed breakfast early in the morning so that they have the chance to see the views at Mini Worlds End and Worlds End.

Horton Plains National Park.
The Samba Deer at Horton Plains National Park.
Horton Plains National Park.

How to get to GlenMyu Estate?

The nearest railway station is Haputale which is on the beautiful stretch from Ella to Nanuoya (Nuwara Eliya). We are a short taxi or Tuk Tuk ride away and are located between Beragala Junction and Koslanda towards Wellawaya.

Please see where GlenMyu Estate is on the following map.

GlenMyu Estate is a great place to relax and take a breather on what can be an exhausting tour around the Island.

We find that many guests book for one night and then extend by a day or two.

Once you are here you will realise that GlenMyu Estate is not a place for a one night stay.

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GlenMyu Estate
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