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Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka

Is GlenMyu Estate a Boutique Hotels in Sri Lanka?

The Cambridge dictionary definition of the word “boutique’ is used to describe a small fashionable business that sells a particular product or service. defines it as “any small, exclusive business offering customised service”.

We consider GlenMyu to fit into this category.

Small but generous

We have three spacious on-suite bedrooms at GlenMyu. 

We are therefore considered small compared to the traditional type of hotels.

All bedrooms come with a comfortable King-Size bed and you can wake up in the morning to spectacular views of the vista looking towards the southern coast of the Island.

The floor to ceiling windows open onto small balconies where you can take in the fresh air and inspect the picturesque surroundings.

The floors are made from titanium cement which provides a clean and luxurious feel.

The bathrooms all have generous showers and modern fittings.

Two of the three rooms come with a concrete bath.

Windows in the bathrooms are tinted for privacy and look out towards the southern aspect.

We are exclusive!

Only three double bedrooms.

With only three rooms available and only open for a limited number of days during the year we also consider that we are exclusive. 

Space to Swim

Our natural spring fed swimming pool is one of the things we most enjoy at the estate. Surrounded by a lush green landscape supplied by mother nature we feel really fortunate to be able to have a refreshing swim either in the early morning or late afternoon. It really feels luxurious having the thirty six feet pool to yourself and knowing that there may be only a few other guests staying at the property to disturb your meditative time.

A customised service Bespoke dining

We provide a sample menu on our website however we discuss the requirements with our guests and make the food fresh on the day. 

We have an organic garden on the estate and a majority of the produce is used seasonally in our menu. We endeavour to source other produce from small local suppliers as much as possible to reduce the food miles and ensure that the food is fresh. 

We are enjoying welcoming guests and we have had great feedback on the stays to date. You can see our reviews on Google, TripAdvisor, and Airbnb.

If you are interested in staying at GlenMyu our rates and on our website and if you want to contact us please follow this link.

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