Hindu Festival in Sri Lanka

Hindu Festival in Sri Lanka

During mid August there is an annual Hindu Festival that takes place close to GlenMyu Estate Hotel. It normally lasts for around three days, however this year it was extended to five days.  The Festival is part of the local culture here in Sri Lanka and we understand that it consists of rituals to gods that provide water which is essential for life. Across the road from the estate lies the stream that provides water for the villagers and this is the focus for parts of the festival. 

As it can be noisy and the festivities can take place overnight we close the hotel during this period so our guests do not get disturbed. It also allows the Tamil Hindu workers at GlenMyu Estate Hotel to enjoy and participate in their festival which is very important to the community.

Worshippers at the source of the water just above GlenMyu Estate Hotel

The local Hindu village along with family and friends get together.

There was a large crowd gathered for the occasion.

A healthy offering.

It is traditional in the Hindu community to offer fruits and coconuts to their gods. 

We knew there was a festival because the band was playing.

Spectacular colours at the Hindu Festival.

The array of beautiful colours make it a spectacular local event.

You can hear the level of the noise from the band as one devotee takes part in his ritual to the gods.

Although this looks painful the devotee is mentally ready and prepared to go through this pain barrier. We understand from one of our workers that did this a few years ago that they regularly fast and only eat vegetarian meals on the run up to the ceremony.

A large crowd has gathered at the road above GlenMyu Estate to take part in the festivities.

Cleary the celebrations are all too much for some!

Do not read further if you are squeamish!


Some of the traditions are not for the fainthearted.

The Festival takes place just above GlenMyu Estate on the A4 road between Beragala Junction and Koslanda.

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