Reasons not to hate February

4 reasons not to hate February

4 reasons not to hate February.

4 reasons not to hate February.

I used to think it was the worst month of the year.

But then I moved to Sri Lanka.

Why I used to hate February

The weather was awful…. and the light!
When I lived in the UK I really didn’t like February because of the weather.

The grey skies, cold weather and potential snow meant that it wasn’t my favourite month. 

It’s hard to get the enthusiasm for anything when days short of light and uncomfortable temperatures just want you to stay in and hibernate.

January was bad enough

It was a long wait until January payday, but February……

The festive season really hits the bank balance pretty hard.
Whether it’s buying presents for the extended family, getting together with friends or attending Christmas parties, the costs add up.

With the bank account drained in December, it was a long wait until January payday. Thanks to Dry January, some manage to have a good excuse not to go out during this hard month. After the excesses of the festive season it was better for my waist.

We used to get paid early in December (18th rather than the 25th). This meant that it was around six weeks before the next paycheque!

January comes at last!.... but....

January payday comes – it doesn’t get any better!

It’s great to see the balance increase in your account in January, but then comes the credit card bill!

This makes February another hard month before the bank account is under less strain.

The worst month for a birthday?

It just happens that my birthday is in February also!

The elements and knowing that everyone else is under financial strain doesn’t make you feel like celebrating very much. I wouldn’t want to put more stress on my friends and family. And who wants to go out to a bar or restaurant on a dank, bleak evening. 

Valentine's Day - Bah Humbug!!!

And of course, you have another expense to come – Valentines Day!

Restaurants bump up prices.

Roses in February – we know that they are not real or full of chemicals.

How much do I spend for love from my bleak looking bank account

And then February got better

We moved to Sri Lanka as my wife wanted to spend time in her home country with her elderly parents.

Living in the tropics changed my feelings towards the month of February.

We are fortunate to live in the Sri Lankan Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate. When we originally came to Sri Lanka we lived in Colombo, however the weather was too hot for me. 

The Sri Lankan hill country has temperatures more akin to a UK summer around 26 °C during the daytime.

I now spend my days in shorts and t-shirts for most of the year and don’t have to consider covering up in February.

The Peak Tourist Season in Sri Lanka

Another thing that I now love about February is that is during the peak tourist season in Sri Lanka.

Ordinarily you would think that would not be great as the island would be too crowded.

At GlenMyu Estate we get to meet lots of new people interesting people and share the estate with them. We find that our guests love Sri Lanka and can’t believe that they haven’t visited the island before.

4 reasons not to hate February (if you are in Sri Lanka!).

Our 4 reasons why a holiday in Sri Lanka in February will lift the February blues.

Here are our reasons why visiting Sri Lanka in February may improve your mood and put a smile on your face.

1. The weather is great

Sri Lanka’s peak tourist season is during mid December until the end of March. At this time of the year the best weather is in the South and West of the country.

Of course, you can visit GlenMyu Estate and the Sri Lankan Hill Country for most of the year. Ella town, which is just over an hours drive from the estate is a must see place in all the guide books.

2. Time at the beach will put a smile on your face.

What can put a smile on your face more than spending time at the beach.

Getting a tan during February and then going back to the office will get your colleagues talking.

There are so many beaches in the South coast to discover which deliver different experiences.

3. Some of the sunsets are bliss

We have some great skies during February. In the evenings you may get lucky and experience spectacular colours across the sky before the sun goes down.

4. Hike and feel great

There are lots of opportunities to get out and hike in a more pleasant temperature than back at home.

We love Horton Plains National Park which is an 11 kilometre hike in a montane cloud forest. 

You really do feel good completing the walk and if you are staying at GlenMyu Estate you can look forward to a dip in the pool. Your muscles and legs will be thanking you for the relief that the natural spring fed pool provides you.

So, my conclusion is that generally February is not great, unless you happen to visit Sri Lanka and forget all the negative issues you face back at home.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and get away from the February blues.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on Booking.com and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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A honeymoon chair

Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka

Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka

My experience of Valentine’s Day in the UK was very different to that in Sri Lanka. Memories of a cold mid winter and under pressure to book a table at a suitable restaurant is not one that I think back fondly on. Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka couldn’t be more different.

Going out on a chilly night, and getting a cab. Buying an over expensive meal in a place thronging with people. This I can do without.!
I really didn’t want to follow the crowd and pay a surcharge for something that we probably would not enjoy.

My wife is a great cook and our flat was the place our friends wanted to come for dinner.

We had so many great diner parties full of laughter and in a comfortable place. That is something that I think back on to our time in the UK with a smile on my face. I also loved the short distance from the dining table to the bedroom at the end of the night when our friends had left for home.

I can do better!

Most Valentine’s Day meals most disappointing for me for lots of reasons.
After making a great effort to find a good restaurant, paying a substantial bill at the end of the meal I would ask how the night was? The normal response was mediocre at least as my wife knew she could do better for most of the meals we had.

Of course, when we eat in a Michelin Star Restaurant (on a deal) she was happier!

I used to get frustrated because of the effort and money spent for that kind of reaction.

Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka

An inspiration

My wife and I always talked about going to Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons by Raymond Blanc. However never quite made it there.
The experience of going to a luxurious property in Oxfordshire, eating a delicious Michelin Star meal and retiring to bed in one of their rooms was a dream for me. Also knowing that you had a wonderful breakfast to look forward to would be the icing on the cake! 
There are many other places in the UK that do a similar offering however Le Manoir was the place we would have liked to go. My wife also really liked Ramond Blanc as a chef which added to the desire to go there.
We did sample some delicious food at Brasserie Blanc in the City of London one lunchtime and it was superb both in terms of the food and the service.

The idea of eating a delicious meal and retiring to bed. My idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka

Over the years I have been to many family and colleagues weddings. I have always tried to book a room in the hotel where the wedding reception took place. It did cost a bit extra. However, not having to travel to a B & B at the end of the night and wait for a cab was certainly worth it. We have all had experiences of waiting for a taxi and the firm saying it is around the corner!

A comfortable bedroom

Valentine’s Day in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate Hotel?

When we built GlenMyu Estate I wanted to ensure that the accommodation for guests was of good quality and a place that they would be comfortable.
One little item was to have two comfortable seats or chairs in each room. The amount of hotels I have been in where there is only one chair in the room and I was normally relegated to the bed!

I knew that we could provide good meals that our guests would enjoy. My wife tends to ask what kind of meal the guest would like and creates something around the menu so that it is bespoke to each guest. 

We have great reviews on the meals that we have provided at GlenMyu Estate. Our reviews can be found on Google, TripAdvisor, booking.com and AirBnb.

Relax in the Bath and Watch the Stars

Our Mahogany Bedroom and Mango Bedroom both have concrete baths for two in their bathrooms.
We provide candles to create a special atmosphere for you.
The windows in the bathrooms have mirror stickers in the outside which provide you with privacy and comfort.

Relax in the Bath

Valentine's Day in Sri Lanka

We had two honeymoon couples stay with us during December 2022. The room was decorated to reflect this romantic occasion.
Our guests were delighted with the meals that we provided.  My wife did a few extra special dishes for them to make it a place to remember.

At GlenMyu Estate as the night falls we light some candles in our dining room which makes a romantic atmosphere. We have three sets of tables so Valentines Couples can enjoy their special evening together.

Valentine’s Day - what’s is all about?

Valentine’s Day is a holiday in February where lovers express their feelings and affection for each other with greetings and gifts.

Due to their similarities, it is suggested that the holiday has its’ origins in the Roman Festival of Lupercalia. This is also held in Mid February.
The festival celebrated the coming of spring and included fertility rites and the pairing off of women and men by a lottery!
It was banned at the end of the 5th Century by Pope Gelasius I who forbid the celebration. He is sometimes attributed as replacing the festival with Valentine’s Day however the origins are vague and not certain

The name may have been taken from a priest who was martyred around 270 AD by emperor Claudius II Gothicus. According to folklore the priest signed a letter “from your Valentine” to his jailer’s daughter whom he had befriended.

It also could be named after St Valentine of Terni, or a bishop for whom the holiday was named. One other legend is that St Valentine secretly married couples to spare their husbands from war, defying the emperors orders.

There were formal messages (or Valentines) sent in the 1,500’s.  By the late 1,700’s commercial cards were printed.
In the US the first commercial cards were printed in the mid-1,800’s. They commonly depicted Cupid (the Roman God of Love) and hearts. Birds were also depicted because it was typically the start of their mating season in mid February.
Traditional gifts for Valentine’s day include sweets/chocolate and flowers. Red Roses are most well known as the ocular red is associated with beauty and love.

Only 3 bedrooms

As we only have three bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate your Valentine’s Day can be an intimate experience for your and your partner.
Please visit our website for more details about a stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.
We have also a Blog Post about our first honeymoon and you can see how we decorated the rooms for our newly married couples.

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