New Ducklings arrive on 5th March 2022

New Life Arrives

New Life Arrives

We get very excited when new life arrives at GlenMyu Estate.

Today (5th March 2022) our wonderful Mama Duck has done it again!

We have some new life arrivals at the Estate in the form of the cutest ducklings.

Our Mama Duck does it again.

New Ducklings arrive on 5th March 2022

Our Black Muscovy Mama Duck is a proud mother looking after her new offspring.

Feeling uplifted after a bad week - thankfully new life arrives

Unfortunately one of our dogs went missing on the 21st February and we have been in mourning since. We have searched the Estate and further, driven for many kilometres and spread the word over the internet and by printing lost dog posters to try to find him.

We have not given up hope and have come to the conclusion that someone really wanted our beautiful dog and he is in a new caring home. Other outcomes we can’t bear thinking about.

The new life arriving today at the Estate has given us a bit of a lift. 

Mama Duck was not very successful with her last batch as only one egg hatched. 

We were really concerned that this solitary duck would be lonely not having siblings.

However, Mama duck looked after her until she was old enough to join the rest of the mature ducks and she has just fitted in very well and is part of the family.

Here is a picture of the new ducklings that hatched this morning.

As you can see there are more eggs to hatch. We will have to wait and see whether all ten eggs are successful.

We just love watching our ducks wander about the estate

One of the joys of being at GlenMyu Estate is to be closer to nature, switch off and enjoy the little things in life.

We really get a lot of satisfaction out of spending half an hour or so just watching our ducks go about their business.

They waddle from their duck house down to the stream for bathing and then forage around the grounds looking for something to eat. Even watching them have a snooze perched on one leg is just very soothing.

Ducks at GlenMyu Estate

The new life that arrived today will give us more interesting things to watch and pass the time.

I often say that watching the ducks is a kind of therapy.

If you want to spend your holiday in Sri Lanka closer to nature GlenMyu Estate is great choice.

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We had three sets of guests here today to witness the new life arrive at the Estate. Maybe you will also be able to experience this if Mama Duck times it with your visit.

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