Getting away from it all

Getting away from it all

Getting away from it all – a phrase/idiom that we all know. We reveal why a stay at GlenMyu is a perfect place to “get away from it all”.

The phrase “getting away from it all” is something I have heard so many times in my life. I probably heard it mostly at the office when it came up to one of my colleagues annual leave.

We all need to ‘get away from it all” for lots of reasons. 

I thought I’d better do a little bit of research before starting to write down my thoughts. The inspiration for my writing is to reason why GlenMyu Estate is a great place to “get away from it all” was from a recent review we received from one of our guests.

We tend to find that guests want to stay at the estate for a while to get away from it all.

GlenMyu Estate is a place where you can restore your mind body and soul.

So, what does “getting away from it all mean?”

The Online Cambridge English Dictionary defines this idiom as “to go somewhere, usually on holiday, where you can completely relax and forget your responsibilities or problems”

We certainly think that we fit the bill at GlenMyu Estate.

I came across a wonderful Scandinavian word “Friluftsliv” and we think that we provide lots of the attributes to this idea. You can read more at our article “What-is-friluftsliv

The English Club Online says that the phrase means “If you get away from it all, you go somewhere to escape from your usual daily routine”.

“Getting Away from it all” was also a movie made in 1972 where two city couples decide to leave the hectic urban life and retreat to the country. They find that rural living isn’t quite what they thought it would be. The movie start Larry Hagman of Dallas fame, Barbara Feldman, Gary Collins and Edra Jane Peaker. There are many other renowned actors in the cast.

At GlenMyu Estate you can experience a different kind of living compared to the city, hopefully with a different results than that in the movie.

How do you "get away from it at GlenMyu Estate.

When we lived in London, similar to so many people living in a city, we managed in a small space. It was around 58 square metres which was not unusual in London. We felt quite lucky. A small terrace was our only outside space, and being North facing it could only be used for a few months of the year. 

GlenMyu Estate is set in five acres of the Sri Lankan Hill Country. 

Guests regret not booking for a longer time

If you read our reviews there is a regular theme where guests wish that they had stayed longer.  

It makes feel great that our guests enjoy the experience at GlenMyu Estate so much. However, we really see ourselves as a place that you stay four or five days on your second holiday in Sri Lanka. Your first experience should be a dip in the water and you should get an overall flavour of the island.  Spending one or two days at each hotel, guests house or homestay is a sensible thing to do. The second trip to Sri Lanka should be a deeper dive and you should spend three or four days at each place so you can explore more places and get to know more about the culture and how people live.

They don’t want to leave

It’s heartbreaking for us when guests that we have bonded with in a small period of time leave and go on to their next destination. There is regularly a reluctance to leave the estate and it is not unusual for guests to change their travel plan and extend their stay.

We may be doing the wrong thing

I do question what we are doing from time to time!

Another guest review said that when they left they had “GlenMyu Depression!”.

You can read Stefan’s review on

“We had an incredible time and enjoyed every second of it! From the house itself, to the pool, the food and the dogs and of course the hosts – everything has just been great. Leaving this place after just two nights felt wrong and we fell into a post GlenMyu depression.”.

That’s certainly not the result we want from their stay. We love the fact that guests love it here. Although I know that everyone should stay for at least three days, I don’t feel that it is my place to give that message. If I was at the other end of this message I would think that the hosts were just being greedy and trying to squeeze some more money out of their guests.

It's not about the money!

Once you meet myself and my wife you will quickly understand that making a quick buck is not what we are about. We really want guests to have the full experience of the estate, what we are trying to do here and explore the wonderful places nearby. 

Realistically you could spend ten days on holiday at the estate and still feel you could have been here longer.

Here’s my logic why:

Day One – most guests arrive in the afternoon and settle in and have a fabulous meal crafted by Ruwanthi

Day Two – a morning at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, stop at the clay pot makers and an afternoon at the estate.

Day Three – a trip to Ella Town to see Nine Arch Bridge (hopefully with a train going over it) and a short hike to Little Adams Peak

Day Four – A trip to Bambarakanda Waterfall

Day Five – get cup early and go to Lipton’s Seat to watch the sunrise. Do a Tea Factory Tour at Dambetenne Estate to see how tea is processed. Taste some tea at Stassens Organic Tea shop and buy some tea for yourselves and as gifts.

Day Six – After your early start the previous morning a leisurely day at the Estate. Swim in the pool. Visit the waterfall. Get a free fish pedicure in the stream. A garden tour with Ruwanthi.

Day Seven – An early start to go to Horton Plains National Park and complete the eleven kilometre hike. Back to the estate in the mid afternoon for a swim to ease those bones and muscles. Watch the informal cookery demonstration by Ru’s mother.

Day Eight – Hike a stage of the Pekoe Trail. There are four stages within reach of GlenMyu Estate. 

Day Nine – Another relaxing day at the estate to re-energize

Day Ten – A trip to Ella to see Ravana Waterfall, Ravana Cave and climb Ella Rock.

There are other things to do and see in the area which are more of a deeper dive than the regular tourist sites that I have mentioned above. 

We are not greedy!

However, we are aware that annual leave is limited and we have learnt to share. As much as we would love to host guests for longer periods than this Sri Lanka is a fabulous island to explore. There are lots of other great hosts and sights to see around the country and we would feel a little guilty holding on to you for too long!

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