Chloe's last minute birthday cake - our first birthday.

Our First Birthday!

Our First Birthday!

Birthdays are great, apart from February, perhaps.

We are new however we were not celebrating our first birthday – we were celebrating the first birthday at GlenMyu Estate of one of our guests.

We opened our business in 2021, however, not many people were travelling during that year due to the global pandemic.

Sri Lanka imposed several lockdowns and then inter provincial travel bans during 2021 and therefore we had a slow start to our business.

We used the opportunity to test and fine tune the house and the menu so we did use the time well.

We also were able to spend more time landscaping the gardens and providing more places for our guests to explore.

Steps were made down to the waterfall at the bottom of the land and, although the last part is still a little tricky, many of our guests have really enjoyed this experience.

The inter-provincial lockdown was lifted in November 2021 and the Island saw an increase in foreign tourists from December 2021 forwards.

A great start to 2022

We appear to have been “found” in 2022 and we have had a steady stream of guests since the start of the year

The 2nd March 2022 - our first Birthday Celebration

We had new guests arrive on the 2nd March and we discovered that it was Chloe’s birthday that day. 

Chloe and her partner had decided that they wanted to stay in a nice place for her birthday and she had searched for a long time before coming across GlenMyu Estate and making the booking.

We were delighted and honoured that Chloe had chosen our place to celebrate.

When we showed them their room and around the property they remarked that they has made a good choice which was very satisfying for Ruwanthi and I.

With no prior notice of a birthday Ruwanthi did her miracle and made a cake for the guests to celebrate Chloe’s birthday.

Our Informal Cookery Course

Shortly after confirming her booking Chloe had asked whether she could learn some Sri Lankan cookery which we were happy to oblige.

You have to work for your own dinner

Getting involved in cooking at Glenmyu Estate includes Ruwanthi taking you a tour of our vegetable garden and picking some of the ingredients that will make up that evenings dinner.

Ruwanthi’s mother is our in-house expert on Sri Lankan cooking and she takes charge of the kitchen and explains the process as she prepares and cooks the food.

Ruwanthi translates her mothers commentary into English and the other staff at the Estate are there to help the preparation and clean the dishes and kitchen as the lesson is in progress so there are lots of people involved.

It’s like a TV cookery demonstration with all the aromas and sounds

Our guests really enjoyed the cookery demonstration and took lots of notes whilst savouring the smells and tastes as the dishes were being prepared.

The good thing about Sri Lankan cooking is that a majority of the ingredients would be available in supermarkets in our guests home cities and therefore there is no excuse on trying the dishes at home.

The Cake

Here is the last minute cake that Ruwanthi prepared for Chloe

Chloe's last minute birthday cake - our first birthday.
Happy Birthday to Chleo

The cake was delicious and a great end to a fantastic meal.

A Special Birthday Venue?

As we celebrated with Chloe, I remembered our favourite restaurant in London, the Oslo Court in St Johns Wood

The restaurant is old fashioned and has a really unique ambience to it. We loved the food. We loved the service. The staff were great.

Whenever we dined at the restaurant there were always several birthdays taking place. There were repeated rounds of the diners singing “Happy Birthday” to the individual celebrating their special day, whether at their table or another, known or unknown. A good time was had by all.

I wonder whether GlenMyu Estate will become a special place to celebrate a birthday in the future.

If you are looking to celebrate your birthday at GlenMyu Estate, it would be great to know in advance so we can make it special for you.

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