The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie

Papaya and Banana Smoothie

Papaya and Banana Smoothie

I love my Papaya and Banana Smoothie in the morning.

I feel that it provides me with a healthy start to the day.

It’s also delicious, so it’s also something that I really look forward to almost every day.

Did you know that there is more than one type of Banana?

We are very luck in Sri Lanka to have a variety of Bananas all of which have their own unique taste. Whilst living in London we only sampled the Cavendish Bananas which were imported fro the West Indies and South America.

It was quite a taste sensation trying out the different types of Banana that are available in  Sri Lanka. If you are going to visit I would recommend that you ask your guide to buy a variety of bananas and see what the difference in the tastes are for yourself.

It's never boring!

The good thing about the variety of bananas means that my smoothie never gets boring as the taste changes throughout the year as different type of banana are available.

We pick our Papayas and Bananas from the garden

At GlenMyu Estate both Papayas and Bananas grow really well. All our produce is organic and you can really taste the goodness in our fruits and vegetables. 

The Papayas sweetness does vary throughout the year depending on how much rainfall we get. 

There are also several different type of Papayas and therefore the taste of my smoothie changes depending what has come off the tree.

What happens when the bananas get too old?

When we get a hand of bananas from our tree there is too much to eat before they go all black and mushy.

Of course we distribute some of the bananas to our friends and family. Also our workers on the estate are provided with bananas when they take a break. 

Actually, some are also left near where the monkeys that forage close to the estate eat so some animals also get a share!

Even distributing bananas results in a large amount leftover which would go off. 

We peel the bananas and keep them in the freezer so that they can be added to a smoothie when we are out of fresh bananas.

As they are coming from the freezer there is no need to ass ice to the smoothie for that cool taste.

Making a Papaya & Banana Smoothie - It’s so easy!

My method for making a Papaya and Banana Smoothie is quite simple.

Peel and cube half of a Papaya.

Peel and chop two of three bananas, depending upon taste.

Add some water.

Whizz in the blender until there are no lumps and pieces of fruit.

Sit back and enjoy natures goodness!

Bananas for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
Bananas for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya and Banana Smoothie ready to be blended
Water added - The Papaya and Banana Smoothie ready to be blended

Other Smoothie recipes that I love

Banana and Rose Apple Smoothie

Rose apples do not have a really strong taste however it’s amazing what it does when you add it to bananas and a little bit of yoghurt to make a smoothie!

The colour turns a lovely shade of pink and It has a taste similar to a strawberry smoothie.

Here are some other recipes that I have found on the web that I like:

try our Papaya and Banana Smoothie onHoliday in Sri Lanka

If you are holidaying in Sri Lanka and are in the Hill Country near to Ella, Beragala, Haputale and Nuwara Eliya you may want to stay at GlenMyu Estate to experience the smoothies for yourself.

We have three guest bedrooms with spectacular views of the hills leading to the South coast.

The five acre estate is a calm and peaceful place for you to stay and get closer to nature.

Our guests really enjoy a tour around the garden to see what other fruits and vegetables we grow here.

Please click on this link to our website for further details.

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