Today, I was swimming in the rain.

Today, I was swimming in the rain.

It was only a light drizzle and I was determined to carry out my pre-New Year’s resolution.

A pre - New Year's resolution?

You may well ask, what is a pre-New Year’s resolution?

I may have just made this up to fit what I wanted to do!

In essence I started my New Year’s resolution early.

Inspired by guests at GlenMyu Estate.

I had gotten out of the habit of swimming everyday.
Lame excuses were abundant and once I was out of the rhythm, it was hard to get back. 

In early November 2023, we had guests from the UK who used the swimming pool once, and sometimes twice, a day. 

I was impressed.

After lots of discussions it turned out that one of the couples’ parents had a swimming pool in the UK. Swimming everyday had become a habit for the family and when there is a swimming pool, they will swim!

I was a little embarrassed when they were surprised that my wife and I didn’t use the pool more often.,

Inspired by them, I was determined to swim everyday.

I would not relent, whatever the weather, and this is why today, I  swam in the rain.

My ambition was to swim twice a day but, I knew that when we have guests, this would be a hard goal to achieve.

Swimming in the rain in Sri Lanka.

There are times of the year where swimming in the rain in Sri Lanka would be a challenge.

We had some uncharacteristically heavy downpours in October. I would have forgiven myself for not swimming in this extreme weather.

However, for most of the year, even if it is raining, swimming in the rain poses no difficulty.

Swim in the morning, swim in the evening.

I actually like to swim in the morning and the evening. 

As our swimming pool is not heated, a morning swim is refreshing, wakes you up and you know that you are alive.

In the evening, the water has been warmed by the sun and it is a more pleasant temperature with no shock to the system.

It’s a really good way to end the day. Calmness surrounds as I am relaxing my muscles and connecting with nature as the birds start finding their nesting places for the night.

Connecting with nature - swimming in the rain.

You definitely feel more of a connection with nature and the elements when swimming in the rain or other conditions.

I a reminded of this when a couple of Sri Lankan Hill Swallows skim the water taking a sip.

And relax.

Part of the experience is to sit at the end of the pool admiring the nature surrounding you and watching the sky change colour.

It’s then that I feel lucky to be able to commit to my pre-New Year’s resolution.

Swimming, whatever the weather at the pool at GlenMyu Estate is something that you should try for yourself if you are on holiday in Sri Lanka. 

I’m sure you would love it as much as I do.

Swim, whatever the weather, at GlenMyu Estate in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

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