Swimming in Sri Lanka - A different experience.

GlenMyu Estates Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool - a different experience

If you want a different experience Swimming in Sri Lanka, we think that we have a good option for you.


Our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool was something that I didn’t want to start until we had finished the building of the house at GlenMyu Estate.

We were living in a building that we had constructed consisting of one bedroom, one bathroom and attached garage to house our car. I didn’t want there to be any delay in building the main house however Ruwanthi was adamant that we start the swimming pool in conjunction with the main build. 

I was a little worried that we would run out of money to complete the main house as prices were rising of both labour and materials. 

However, Ruwanthi insisted and the builder ploughed on creating the concrete box that we eventually become our swimming pool.

Another good decision by my wife!

Of course once the swimming pool was complete and we started using the pool on a regular bass I was really pleased that she had insisted that we build the pool at the time we did.

It’s hard to explain the feeling of swimming in cool refreshing spring water surrounded by a sea of greenery whilst listening to the birds provide the background music. 

Some cheeky Sri Lankan Hill Swallows would sweep over the water and take a sip or two whilst we were swimming. It’s amazing that they take the risk of drinking the pool water rather than from the stream next to the pool. Maybe they have a preference for clean spring water too?

The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Whilst living in the UK it was always a desire to swim regularly.

The want was never fulfilled either due to a lack of facilities nearby or the hassle of parking and level of chlorine you had to endure.

I like to swim either early in the morning (around 8 am) before the sun starts to increase its’ intensity and attack my bald spot on my head!

The other time I like to swim is around 4.30 pm where the cool water wakes me up towards the end of the day in conjunction with zapping my energy as I complete my target lengths. 

I just feel that I am held strongly by mother natures secure and comforting hands and she dazzles me with the natural surroundings bringing me closer to her.

The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Swimming in Sri Lanka - The surroundings are stunning - but we are not finished yet

We are still landscaping the surroundings of the swimming pool so that when you swim your eyes will delight in the colours we plan to pepper the slope opposite. 

Over the next few planting seasons we will be adding plants and trees that will mature into a fruit forest which will feed us, our guests and the biodiversity that we aim to attract to the area.

We believe in sharing what we grow with the animals that visit the land.

A ray of light hits the water at our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool.

Light falling on the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Sometimes you will have the pool just to yourself

Our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool just feels like a bit of luxury. 

As we only have three guest bedrooms at GlenMyu Estate you are likely to have the pool to yourself on periods during your stay.

Our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool is surrounded by nature and you can feel quite indulgent having a use of the pool to yourself. 

As we only have three bedrooms for guests at GlenMyu Estate, there will be times where you will be the only people staying at the estate or other guests will use the pool at a different time than you.

I feel so lucky when I swim on my own. It is a time to think, off load excess energy and just have a bit of me time.


Our pool creates a different experience swimming in Sri Lanka.

Relax by the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Colours as the sun goes down

10 Reasons Why We Love Our Swimming Pool. Our best decision when we built GlenMyu Estate B & B in Sri Lanka.

The Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool has beautiful colourful reflections on it when we get a good sunset.

Occasionally we swim a little late and enjoy the kaleidoscope of light that the Sri Lankan sky delivers.

However, once the bats decide the airways are theirs I tend to make an exit and return to the luxurious bathroom in our bedroom for a warming shower.

Experience our pool for yourself - Swim in Sri Lanka.

If you want to experience the luxury of swimming in our natural spring fed infinity swimming pool please contact GlenMyu Estate for details of our rates and availability.

Please click on the following link to find our contact details.

When is it safe to Swim in Sri Lanka.

It is important that if you are wanting to swim in the sea then you consider what time of year you visit the island.

Experience Travel Group has a good article on when it is best to visit if you are swimming at the beach.

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