Sunrise at Lipton's Seat, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Getting up early to see the sunrise at Lipton’s Seat is one of the special things you can do whilst staying at GlenMyu Estate, Sri Lanka.

What is Lipton's Seat?

Lipton’s Seat viewpoint is one of Sri Lanka’s most impressive scenic vistas on the island (unless it’s misty and cloudy of course, which is why early morning is the best time to visit).
The Scottish tea baron Sir Thomas Lipton used to survey his vast empire from here.

This magnificent view encompasses scenes across emerald hills and tea estates to no fewer than five different provinces.

Sir Thomas Lipton?

Lipton’s Seat viewpoint was named after the celebrated  Tea Baron: Thomas Lipton.

Lipton was a Scottish businessman who moved to British Ceylon in 1890. At that time he met James Taylor and, together, they introduced tea gardens to the island. Before Lipton’s arrival, Taylor had tried to grow coffee on the island.

Unfortunately the coffee plantations were devastated by a leaf-blight called Hemileia Vastarix.

The two men started a business venture together which would outlive their lifetimes.  Sri Lanka’s (known as Ceylon then) tea estates were established and tea is forever connected with Sri Lanka. Originally known as Ceylon Tea, tea has been a major export crop for the country since. Beautifully manicured tea plantations are also an image which is linked to the island.

Have you ever had a cup of Liptons Iced Tea. Or do would you recognise the yellow branding of Liptons Teas? The name of the viewpoint and the tea brand are one in the same. You can read more about Sir Thomas Lipton on at the “History of Lipton Tea from the 1800’s” on the Lipton Tea website.

A unique viewing point.

Lipton’s Seat is a popular viewing point, from where Thomas Lipton would sit with a cup of tea in hand and proudly look over his estate.

Today, you can also enjoy one of the best views on the island from the lookout. You can also take a picture with the even a life-sized statue of Lipton on a bench.

It is best to go early in the morning to avoid the crowds and the late-morning fog or mist.

The breathtaking views provide a feast for your eyes as the sun rises and the hills turn from a dark blue to vibrant green. A variety of yellows scatter across the sky creating a kaleidoscope of colour from lilac with a burst of pink and orange before finally turning blue.

It is really something that must be experienced.

Later on ofter the views are obscured by mists of fogs that are painted over the hills. This can be spectacular itself if you choose not to get up early for the sunrise,

What will I see when I get to Lipton's Seat?

As you look over the tea hills below Lipton’s Seat you will see across the Uva, Sabaragamuwa, Central and Eastern provinces.

Also visible from the viewpoint are Handapanagala Lake, Chandrika Lake, Udawalawe Lake and the Wedihitikanda Mountains.

You can also see the relatively new even the Hambanthota harbour from the Southern Coast. 

Part of the new Pekoe Trail.

Stage 13 of the Pekoe Trail (Haputale to St Catherine) takes you to Lipton’s Seat.

The Pekoe Trail is a new hiking route that covers 300 kilometres of the Sri Lankan Central Hills in 22 stages.

Starting in Kandy the trail takes you through Nuwara Eliya, Hatton, Haputale and Ella.

The route takes you to the Thotalagala – Dambatenne Valley. As you walk uphill through the beautiful tea trails and tea estate you will reach Lipton’s Seat  with views across the valley.

Where is Lipton' Seat?

Lipton’s Seat is one hour, fifteen minutes drive from GlenMyu Estate along a small road from Haputale Town towards Dambethenna Tea Factory.

Lipton’ Seat is around one hours drive from Haputale Railway Station

How do I get to Lipton's Seat.

To hike to the lookout, take the signed narrow paved road from the Dambatenne Tea Factory. The climb is about 8km through lush tea plantations.

At GlenMyu Estate, we can arrange for a Tuk Tuk to take you to Lipton’s Seat and Dambethenna Tea Factory. You can go early and return for a late breakfast at the estate.

When should I visit Lipton's Seat to see the sunrise?

There is no guarantee that you will get a clear view from Lipton’s Seat as the clouds can come in an obscure the view.

Lipton’s Seat is at an elevation of 1,970  metres above sea level so there is every possibility that you can be in the clouds. 

We have personally experienced this on one of our trips with our family. It was still a good adventure as taking pictures in the clouds was fun and different. We had arrived a little late in the day and there was more chance of the clouds obscuring the viewpoint.

However, we always recommend that you go early in the day, whether you want to catch the sunrise or just a great view.

Normally, during the inter monsoon period in Sri Lanka there is less chance of getting a good view as it rains quite a lot. The Inter-monsoon period is from October to November.

However, our Australian guests, Millie and Matt, took these stunning photos on the 4th November 2023. They were the only people at Lipton’s Seat that morning. So, it may be worth gambling on the weather to benefit from having the place to yourself.

A sunrise, a hike, a tea factory tour and breakfast at GlenMyu Estate.

We know that the idea of getting up early on holiday is a challenge to many, however, the experience is worth it as you can see from our guest photos of their trip.

Experiencing the stunning sunrise, the exhilaration of hiking through the tea plantations, learning how the tea is processed is good use of a morning. And you can come back to GlenMyu Estate for a delicious breakfast prepared by Ru and the team.

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