Exploring Sri Lanka's Hill Country.

Explore Sri Lanka’s Hill Country – the best places to visit whilst staying at GlenMyu Estate, Haputale, Beragala.

Guests really love staying at GlenMyu Estate and exploring the five acres of land.

A garden tour by Ru is very informative and we are amazed about how many guests love to find out more about where their food come from. 

Spending time at our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool, playing badminton on the lawn or board games in the lounge are some of the fun things to do. 

A free fish pedicure in the stream and if you are brave an able enough you can go on an adventure to the waterfall at the bottom of the land.

However, there are some wonderful places to explore in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country within an hours drive or so from the estate. Lots of guests like to stay outside the busy tourist town of Ella and have day trips to see Nine Arch Bridge, Ravana Waterfall or climb Little Adam’s Peak or Ella Rock.

We have listed the most popular things that our guests visit when they stay at GlenMyu Estate. They are not in any particular order however there is a reason why we have put Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and Horton Plains National Park at the top. We love visiting these places.

Please do not discard the other items lower on the list. Our guest have raved about seeing the sun rise at Lipton’s Seat. The Pekoe Trail is a new hiking route and there are only a few of our guests who have completed the stages so far.

Our Top places to explore in the Hill Country near to GlenMyu.

  • Upper Diyaluma Waterfall – the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Horton Plains National Park (UNESCO), Lesser World’s End, Greater World’s End and Baker’s Falls.
  • Lipton’s’ Seat, Haputale.
  • Bambarakanda Waterfall – the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Nine Arch Bridge, Ella.
  • Adisham Monastery, Haputale.
  • Stages 11,12,13,& 14 of the Pekoe Trail.
  • There are many more places to visit – we will write an extended list of places to see in the future.

Explore Sri Lanka's Hill Country: Upper Diyaluma Waterfall

One of our favourite spots close to GlenMyu Estate explore in Sri Lanka’s Hill country is Diyaluma Waterfall which is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
It ranks 361st in the world and is 220m high (720 ft).

The falls are situated around 6 km from away from Koslanda in Badulla District on the Colombo Batticaloa Highway (A4).

It is a forty minute drive from GlenMyu Estate and we can arrange a Tuk Tuk and guide for you.

You can read our article about our day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall with some guests from GlenMyu Estate.
We also have an article about the entry cost to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.
Guest photos of their experience at the waterfall can be found here.

Horton Plains National Park - a UNESCO heritage site

Another favourite that we enjoy in Sri Lanka’s Hill Country is a hike around Horton Plains National Park.

You can read our article about our hike at Horton Plains in our article Hike around Horton Plains National Park.

We also have guest photos of their experience which you can look at here.

Lipton’s Seat is a place where lots of our guests enjoy and is around one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

Most of our guests combine a hike at Lipton’s Seat with a visit to Dambetenne Tea factory to see how the tea is processed

You can see our guest photos of their experience here.

Bambarakanda Waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and is less than one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

You can read our article about Bambarakanda Waterfall here.

Explore Sri Lanka's Hill Country near Ella.

Nine Arch Bridge is located just outside Ella Town and is one of the must see places to visit in Sri Lanka.  If you make it there when a train passes over the bridge it is really a memorable sight. 

We visited Nine Arch Bridge in early 2023 and you can read about our day trip here. 

Adisham Hall is one of the closest places to visit from GlenMyu Estate

You can read our article about our visit with our family to Adisham Hall and Monastery.

The Pekoe Trail is a 300-kilometre long distance walking trail through the Central Highlands of Sri Lanka

The 22 – stage walking trail takes you through some of the finest ecology and mountain terrain in the South of Asia. The trail begins in Kandy is routed through Nuwara Eliya, Haputale, Hatton and Ella.

The following stages are within reach of GlenMyu Estate: 
Stage 11 – Horton Plains to Udaweriya
Stage 12 – Udaweriya to Haputale
Stage 13 – Haputale to St. Catherine
Stage 14 – St. Catherine to Makulella
Stage 15 – Makulella to Ella
Stage 16 – Ella to Demodara.

Ru always says to guests that if it is your first time in Sri Lanka’s Hill country you should visit a tea estate and see how your tea is made. If you have not done a tea tour in Nuwara Eliya then we would suggest doing a tour at Dambetenne Tea Factory after visiting Lipton’s Seat.

How do I find out more about GlenMyu Estate?

If you are travelling to the Sri Lankan Hill Country and do not want to be located in a busy tourist town GlenMyu Estate may be the place for you. 

You can find out more about GlenMyu Estate on our website and also subscribe to our social media platforms so you can see some more pictures and videos of the property and land.

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