Sri Lankan Food on Masterchef

Sri Lankan Food on Masterchef.

Celebrating the success of Brin Pirathapan who won BBC Masterchef 2024, we find more Sri Lankan inspired chefs

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Brin Pirathapan won BBC Masterchef 2024. His cooking is influenced by his Sri Lankan heritage.

There have been lots of Sri Lankan chefs compete in Masterchef in the UK and abroad. Australian Masterchef has seen the most number of competitors with Sri Lankan heritage.

Some chefs just love Sri Lankan cuisine and have made inspired dishes.

The food in Sri Lanka is wonderful and it’s great to see it being shown on the world stage through Masterchef.

In recognition of Brin’s success, here are some videos of other contestants and their dishes on Masterchef.

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Savindri is another Australian Masterchef contestant who served Sri Lanka food.

You can see from these videos that she is also a great character.

Cooking Sri Lankan food for the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama was served Sri Lankan food by Dani Venn on Masterchef Australia.

You don’t have to be an adult to make Sri Lankan food.

Georgie made spicy Sri Lankan coconut curry in Junior Masterchef, Australia.

You don't have to be Sri Lankan to make Sri Lankan food

Many of the chefs on Masterchef have Sri Lankan heritage, however they are not the only ones to prepare Sri Lankan dishes.

There was an elimination round where the contestants had to identify twenty four ingredients in a Sri Lankan curry.

Dee, on Australian Masterchef, made a Sri Lankan crab curry and pineapple salad.

Enjoying Sri Lankan food on holiday in Sri Lanka

When you visit Sri Lanka you will have the opportunity to sample Sri Lankan food in restaurants, hotels and small cafes. 

You may even get the chance to be invited into a Sri Lankan families home to enjoy a home cooked meal. Visiting a homestay during part of your exploration of the island is a good way to support a local family and eat with them.

Sri Lankan Street Food

Food in Sri Lanka is not all about the types of dishes served on Masterchef. Street food can be found all round the island.

Whether it is roti, paratha, egg hoppers or wade’s, you will have a culinary experience to remember.

Experience Sri Lankan cooking at our free cooking demonstration

At GlenMyu Estate, we offer a complimentary informal Sri Lankan cooking demonstration when you order our Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Ru’s mother, who has fifty plus years experience of cooking Sri Lankan food runs the show!

It’s a really enjoyable experience for our guests with the benefit of eating what you have seen made in the kitchen.

Ru & her mum preparing the ingredients for our informal cookery class.

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Holiday in Sri Lanka and enjoy Sri Lankan Cuisine

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