10 Reasons why you need a holiday

If you are finding it difficult to have a reason to go on holiday here are ten things that hopefully will inspire you to book your next trip. We will also let you know why selecting Sri Lanka and making GlenMyu Estate an essential part of our itinerary. Here are our ten reasons why you need a holiday.

Our list is not exhaustive but hopefully some of the items on our list will inspire you to book you trip!

1. Spend quality time with your family.

Do you find it difficult to spend good quality time with your family and friends? We include friends as they are really part of your extended family. Isn’t there always something that gets in the way. We are all too busy to even think. You always have those chores to do at home. Taking the kids to their tuitional class or their after-school activities.  After a hard days work and commute you just want to relax and lose yourself on your current Netflix binge

An escape from your normal daily routine with no concerns about who’s doing the dishes, the laundry and grocery shopping is what you need.

With little distractions you will be able to put that much needed time into your family making memories and strengthening that bond.

At GlenMyu Estate we don’t have TV’s for guests (the WiFi is there though!) so you can spend more time with each other. We have some good old fashioned board games, a badminton set to play on the lawn and lots of dogs to pet.

2.  Take a break from work

We all appear to be working longer hours and much harder nowadays whilst we wait for AI and Robots to take over our jobs! You can feel exhausted and are getting much too familiar with those four walls in your office. What you need is some sunshine and a top up of vitamin D from the morning sun. A change of environment where you can reward yourself for the hard work you have been putting in at the office is what you deserve.

One of my favourite places in the morning is sitting on the lawn soaking up the morning rays that bathe the land here at GlenMyu Estate.

3. Relax and get some inspiration

It’s hard to get inspired when you are on the same hamster wheel day after day. The same faces on the commute to work, the same order at the coffee shop and the same old sandwich for lunch.

Doing something different and sampling new food and cuisines adds more variety to life and can inspire you to change some habits when you get home. I have seen guests at GlenMyu Estate get inspired and excited about discovering new flavours and a desire to cook after savouring what Ru serves. We hold an informal cookery demonstration run by Ru and her 70-ish year old mother which brings back a love for food.

4. Have something to look forward to

We all need goals and dreams don’t we? Having something to look forward to helps you get through the work weeks until that well deserved break arrives. 

Knowing that a holiday in Sri Lanka will take you miles away from home in a different time zone means that you can really have a proper break. 

5. Heal your body, mind and soul

I don’t meditate myself however I appear to accidentally do this when I am at GlenMyu Estate. By getting back to nature, having food made with love and doing a different form of exercise helps reenergise your body, mind and soul. GlenMyu Estate is in five acres of land and you are surrounded by nature. 

We have tried to create an environment which is good for our guests and also good for the animals that visit the trees, flowers and other plants to feed upon. It is joyous to watch the birds fly by or temporary seek some nectar from the flowers. Watching our ducks wander around the property foraging for food or having a bath in the streams is my kind of meditation.

With distractions like this your mid is far, far away from your normal routine.

A swim in the natural spring fed swimming pool, looking at the surrounding greenery and listening to natures soundtrack is good for the body and soul. 

6. To learn something new

Exploring another country provides you with lots of opportunities to learn something new and have different experiences. Whether it’s language, culture or just how others live their lives. I have certainly learnt a lot since I have been living in Sri Lanka and it has opened my mind and has been an interesting experience. 

Sri Lanka is full of sounds, smells and experiences that you will remember. A multi cultural small island with an amazing range of things to do and experience. This small island has a variety of beaches around its coastlines which can be family friendly, a surfers paradise, a party place and a place to fish or sail. 

Visiting the temples in the cultural triangle provides you with the opportunity to delve into and find out more about the blended culture. 

A safari in Yala, Wilpattu, Minneriya and Udawalawe all are different experiences with different types of animals to see.

7. Life is going to fast - time out to enjoy life

How many times have you heard the phrase “life is short”?

And it truly is. Embrace the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and discover new things. Smell the roses on the way and create memories with the one that you love. These experiences will be with you for many years to come and another reason to get together with your family and reminisce about the good times you have had on holiday. 

We recently had a family staying with us at GlenMyu Estate and one of my lasting memories of their time here will be the time they spent playing cricket and badminton on the lawn. I will also remember the squeals of anticipation and excitement as the family dipped their feet into the stream and were given a free pedicure by the tiny fish. Sometimes the simple things make lasting memories.

8. Release that stress

Looking after your mental health appears to be the buzz word in recent years. We think that it is really important and it helps getting away from your normal environment and relieving the pressure. By focussing your mind on other things, learning something new and not having deadlines helps you get your feet back on the ground. 

An image that comes to mind is when Richard Gere walked barefoot on the grass towards the end of the movie. The joy he has doing this simple thing is easily absent from our lives.

I often walk barefoot on the grass on the lawn at GlenMyu Estate or sit and wait for the dogs to come and find me for petting.

9. You need a break

Most people have a really hectic schedule. I always knew what I was doing for at least ten days in advance when I was working in London. Actually I could also tell you what I would be doing every hour over those ten days with some accuracy!
It’s really not the way to live life – well at least that’s my thinking. 

I remember in the early days of my previous career I used to work through break time and lunchtime to meet deadlines. A wise older colleague of mine explained that I could not concentrate for hours after hours and it was essential to take a break to enable me to reenergise and refocus. And, off course, he was right!

10. Having fun and a good time

Don’t you find that when you are on holiday you are able to loosen up a bit and relax more? Holidays are meant to be fun and it clearly has so many benefits for you. Guests at GlenMyu Estate regularly complain that the food is so tasty that they will put on a bit of weight whilst they are here. Holidays are a time to be a little bit indulgent and discover new things. So, it’s time to treat yourself, feel good, have some fun and laughs and an overall good time. These are things that you can take home with you and talk about with your family and friends for years to come. 

We love having guests at GlenMyu Estate as when they arrive they have already had a good time on their tour of the island and been provided with Sri Lankan smiles and hospitality on the way. Hearing their stories and how much they love the island and their people is heartwarming. 

We hope to hear your stories when you are on holiday in Sri Lanka and look forward to providing you with a warm welcome at GlenMyu Estate.

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