Photos of Lipton's Seat

Lipton’s Seat is a great place to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill Country with stunning views over the tea plantations that were owned by Scottish tea Barons Sri Thomas Lipton. Our guests at GlenMyu Estate have been generous enough to share their photos of Lipton’s Seat with us so we can give you a taste of what you will see.

Lipton’s Seat is located 25 kilometres away from GlenMyu Estate and it takes just over 1 hour to drive there. The last part of the journey is best done by foot as the road is quite small and suitable for a Tuk Tuk.

Mike and Ru's photos of Lipton's Seat

Ru and I went to Lipton’s Seat many years ago and it was quite cloudy so our photos are not fantastic. We will return , inspired by our guests wonderful photos and hopefully add some better ones in future.

Patrick and Fabienne’s photos of Lipton’s Seat

Our German guests Patrick and Fabienne were generous enough to share the wonderful photos of Lipton’s Seat that they took early one morning.

They were hoping to get to Lipton’s Seat to see the sunrise however missed it by a few minutes. However, I’m sure that you will agree that their photos are inspiring and wonderful. They certainly make you think that it is worth getting up early to see this wonderful sight.

German Travellers to Sri Lanka

Stefan & Vera's photos of Lipton's Seat

Stefan and Vera, our German/Austrian guests visited Lipton’s Seat when there were some atmospheric clouds. They did get a good view of the tea fields on the day and were delighted that they made the trip. They took a picture of the statue of the tea Baron himself, Sri Thomas Lipton.

Austria Flag

Millie and Matt's photos of Lipton's Seat.

Millie and Matt, our Australian/British couple visited Lipton’s Seat in early November 2023. They set off early (4.30 a.m.!!!) to see the sunrise at Lipton’s Seat.

You can see from the photos and their experience that it was well worth getting up early.

Amazingly, due to the low numbers of tourists in early November (and the reluctance to get up early) they were the only visitors at Lipton’s Seat. What an experience having the beautiful piece of this paradise island all to yourself.

I’m sure that Millie and Matt will remember this uniques experience for years to come.

The Australian flag

Greg and Kasia.

Greg & Kasia are from Krakow, Poland and they stayed at GlenMyu Estate in early December 2023. 

The weather wasn’t great when they arrived at GlenMyu Estate, however the next morning delivered a beautiful day. They left the estate around 8.30 am and took a Tuk Tuk to Lipton’s Seat. 

They managed to get some great photos. I especially like the photos of the tea pluckers at work.

Thank you Greg and Kasia for allowing us to share your photos.

GlenMyu Estate

GlenMyu Estate is located in the Sri Lankan Hill country within driving distance of many great sights of interest including Lipton’s Seat.

With only three bedrooms and in 5 acres of land, it is a great alternative to the more tourist town of Ella.

Please visit Google, Tripadvisor, and Airbnb to see what our guests think of their holiday at GlenMyu Estate.

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb. For best direct rates please contact us directly view the WhatsApp button on our website.

GlenMyu Estate
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