The Pekoe Trail Stage 2

The Pekoe Trail Stage 2 is  a 14.69 kilometre hike from Galaha to Loolkandura.

What will I see on my hike?

You will see steeped in historic significance, this stage takes you to the first tea plantation in Sri Lanka.

Here are some videos which give you an insight into the Pekoe Trail.

About the Pekoe Trail

The official Pekoe Trail Website gives you the details of the 22 stages over the 300 kilometre hike.

Who funded the new Trail?

Funding for the Pekoe Trail was from;

The European Union (Euros 5.7 million) supporting Sri Lanka’s tourism development strategy.

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) contributed approximately $787,000 for the project.

The newly routed Pekoe Trail takes you through some of the finest ecology and mountain terrain in the South of Asia.

Delight when you view beautiful landscapes as you hike by tea plantations, forests, rivers and paddy fields.

This Tropical Island is rich in culture and history. Meeting local people on your adventure will allow you to see how they live.

Like most visitors to the island, you will be met with a warm Sri Lankan smile.

Sri Lankan’s are very hospitable and do not be surprised if you are invited into someone’s house for a cup of Ceylon Tea to experience how they live.

Where is Galaha?

You will find Galaha on this Map.

Can I use a Hiking app to help me on the trail?

The Pekoe Trail Official Website recommends that you use either All Trails, Outdoor Active or Wikiloc to navigate the trail.

All Trails – Pekoe Trail Stage 2

Outdoor Active – Pekoe Trail Stage 2

Wikiloc – Pekoe Trail Stage 2

Places to Stay

At present, there is no recommended list of where to stay on the official Pekoe Trail website.

We will update this article when a recommended list is published.

However, Sri Lanka offers a wide variety of places to stay which will suit all ranges of budget in Sri Lanka. You can choose from a Homestay and Hostels to B & B’s and Luxury Hotels.  With the range of options on offer you will be able to find something suitable for you and your budget. 

We would suggest that you look at the normal hotel booking sites (, Airbnb etc), and you will no doubt find something you like.

GlenMyu Estate Hotel, near to Haputale.

GlenMyu Estate is a good option for stages of the Pekoe Trail near to Horton Plains, Ella, Lipton’s Seat and Haputale.

The boutique hotel has:
3 Kingsize Double Bedrooms with Spectacular Views
2 Spacious Lounges with views over the hills below the house
A Natural Spring-Fed Infinity Swimming Pool
5 Acres of land to explore

We are listed on Airbnb and

GlenMyu Estate
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