Our Day Trip to Diyaluma Waterfall

In early October 2022 we did our first day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

I had seen Diyaluma Waterfall on several occasions as it is easily viewed from the road between Beragala and Koslanda.

One thing I hadn’t done was visited Upper Diyaluma. 

Instagram is full of stunning pictures of the pools, the view and of people in various poses marking their time at this wondrous place

We have had several guests at GlenMyu Estate who have enjoyed a day trip to this increasingly popular tourist site. They all had a great experience and beautiful photos and videos recording their day.

Why hadn’t we visited Diyaluma when it is so close to GlenMyu Estate?

Building in Sri Lanka is a “challenge” and we really had to be on site during the whole build of the property to ensure the project ran “reasonably”smoothly.

We found often that, if we had to make a trip to Colombo for materials or provisions, when we came back there had either been slow progress or there were mistakes made which needed to be rectified.

The 5 acre estate was also really overgrown with unwanted vegetation as it had laid idle for many years and therefore there was a lot of landscaping to be done.

The hotel business  at GlenMyu Estate effectively started in January 2022. We we were really busy until May when the effects of the government protests, fuel crisis and food supply issues meant that the number of guests staying dried up.

Although we then had plenty of time available we were concerned about the lack of fuel available.  We had to save what we had until the government brought in their quota system where we knew we could get a weekly allocation.

An opportunity arises

We had two German guests book a 2 night stay in October and they were interested in visiting Upper Diyaluma. During our discussions about the trip they suggested that we join them as we had not seen the whole of Diyaluma.

The next day, the weather was good, so I accompanied Fabian and Sandra on their trip.

Diyaluma Waterfall - how far is it from GlenMyu Estate

A  day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

It is around 19 kilometres from GlenMyu Estate to the base of Diyaluma Waterfall which is based on the Beragala to Koslanda road.

The drive takes around 40 minutes however as the road is being relaid there are some spots that have loose gravel on patches which makes some of the trip a little slower

About Diyaluma

Diyaluma Waterfall is the 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka

It ranks 361st in the world.

The height is 220m (720 ft).

The Waterfall is situated around 6 km from away from Koslanda in Badulla District on the Colombo Batticaloa Highway (A4). You can see the location on the Google Map above.

A little bit more about the falls

The falls are formed by the Punagala Oya

This is a tributary of the Kuda Oya which in turn is a tributary of the Kirindi Oya.

Where does the name Diyaluma originate from?

In the Sinhalese language, Diyaluma or alternatively Diya Haluma  translates to “rapid flow of water” or also “liquid light”.

Some Folklore

According to Dr R L Brohier, Diyaluma is the setting of the tale of a tragedy involving a young chieftain who had been banished to the highlands and the attempt for his betrothed to join him. 

As all the passes in the highlands were guarded, the young man let down a rope of twisted creepers over the escarpment, and as his betrothed was hauled up, she was dashed against the rocks and died.

The Gods, were moved to pity by the harrowing spectacle. They caused the stream to gush from the mountain and veil all evidence of the tragedy in a watery light, leading to the term Diyaluma.

The view of Diyaluma Waterfall from the road on our day trip from GlenMyu Estate.

You can see the bottom of Diyaluma Waterfall from the main road.

The amount of rain determines how much water you will see coming down the falls however it is an amazing sight whatever the rainfall

It’s a great place to stop and take some pictures and there are a few shops nearby offering refreshments.

The road to Upper Diyaluma

On our day trip to Upper Diyaluma we decided to drive up to a parking place which is takes you to the start of the walking trail..

There are always some Tuk Tuks offering to take you there and, in hindsight, I wish we had taken that option.

The road up is a single track and if you meet another vehicle on the way it is quite a challenge and not great for the nerves.

We had taken a driver, Indunil, with us as he had taken guests from GlenMyu Estate to Upper Diyaluma in his Tuk Tuk for us in the past.

We did meet a Tuk Tuk and a small lorry on the way and I was pleased that I didn’t have to navigate getting past them on this small road.

On our next trip we will certainly be hiring a Tuk Tuk to take us up.

The start of the trek to Upper Diyaluma

We parked the car next to a shop which offered free parking. Of course, in exchange we would buy something from the shop when we returned.

The trek starts with several steps roughly made from rocks as you can see from the photographs below.

It was okay climbing up however I did think that if it was the rainy season you would need to be very careful.

We passed some tea bushes on the way up as it is in a tea growing area. Ruwanthi had a chat with the guests about the tea bush.

We reached another little shop where we enjoyed the views of the hills across the valley. After a small chat with the shop owner we headed on.

The next section traversed along a cut pathway through some trees which provided a little relief from the warmth and was really welcomed. We went onwards through path through some longer grass. Fabian remarked that he was pleased that he had worn long trousers.

Here are some pictures that I took along the route during the hike one our day trip to Diyaluma Waterfall

It was quite exciting seeing the waterfall and pools in the distance and we were keen to get to our destination.

Amazing Upper Diyaluma Pools

I can’t explain the feeling that came over me when I saw the first of many pools at Upper Diyaluma. It was just amazing. To have this stunning natural place of beauty so near to GlenMyu Estate makes us feel so thankful.

Since moving to Sri Lanka we have gained a much higher appreciation of nature. We feel blessed to be able to immerse ourselves in what the Earth offers.

At the top there is a stunning clear stream which has a beautiful small waterfall at the start.

I only ventured so far to take some pictures and videos however Ruwanthi explored the area fully and was mesmerised.

Looking downward we were delighted to see and immerse ourselves in the pools that have been caved naturally into the rock.

The water is cool however it was a warm day and therefore didn’t take long to warm up after a dip

We spent quite a while there at the pools enjoying this natural phenomenon.

These are some pictures of the conditions we encountered on the way down.

We ventured down to the next set of pools and were amazed even further.

There was a rope helping the entry and exit of one of the pools. It was deep enough to have a swim and also shallow enough at one end to sit and enjoy the views.

Ru swimming at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Sri Lanka.

The next set of pools were also amazing. (I know I’m using amazing a lot however this is the word that best describes my feeling).

This pool was deeper and was filled from a beautiful waterfall. We spent quite some time here and Ruwanthi really enjoyed her swim.

There were some other Foreigners visiting Upper Diyaluma and we had a chat with some other German, British and Israeli tourists.

One couple took a while before they jumped into one of the pools as the water was quite cold. However, once they were in and moving, they had a great experience there.

Another descent and we stopped by a much larger pool and waterfall. Ruwanthi wandered along the rocks at the bottom of the waterfall and also enjoyed another swim.

Diyaluma Falls: Sri Lanka's second tallest waterfall

A word of warning!

The last picture has a warning sign about no bathing.

Clearly we should all follow waning signs.

However the water flow was quite low as there had not been much rain and therefore we decided to take a considered risk and go into the pools.

Getting into some of the pools was a little tricky and there was some algae in places making is quite slippy.

One further stop was made on the way on our Day Trip to Diyaluma Waterfall.

Our day trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall has lots of highlights.

This place was where I have seen most Instagram Photos as the rock formation and pools are just stunning.

By the time we arrived here it was reasonably busy with foreign and local tourists. It took a little bit is time for the Instagram spot to be free.

Here are some of the photos we took.

You can see the main road where the main Diyaluma Waterfall is from this spot.

After spending some time here we decided to do our final trek back down to where the car was parked.

We were delayed a little as some monkeys decided that they should enjoy Upper Diyaluma as well!

Another word of warning, We would not recommend you to approach any monkeys on the island as they can be dangerous.

Here are some photos of the trek back down to the shop next to the car.

When we arrived we were quite tired from our journey and we drank some coconut water from King Coconuts which were bought and prepared by the shop.

We all had big smiles on our faces as awe reminisced about what a fabulous day we had.

When we returned to GlenMyu Estate a dip in our Natural Spring Fed Infinity Swimming Pool was the best thing to do after the heat of the trek and to work on our leg muscles which had been tested by the hike!

What would we do differently on our next trip to Upper Diyaluma


I would certainly arrange for a Tuk Tuk to take us up to the start of the trek to Upper Diyaluma on your day trip to Diyaluma Waterfall.

Indunil has taken guests in his Tuk Tuk from GlenMyu Estate in the past and acted as a guide for the day. Although you would be able to manage without a guide I would certainly recommend one as it makes the trek and day go much more smoothly.

I didn’t take a small backpack however I will on the next trip as it will be easier transporting, cameras, phones, swimming outfits and towels.

I would budget for more time at Upper Diyaluma. We spent around 3 hours there however we could have spent a lot longer enjoying the pools.

I would try to arrive by 9.30 am/10 am so that the full day could be enjoyed. This would also result in the trek taking place when the temperate was a bit cooler and there would be less crowds.

We started from the top of Upper Diyaluma and I would consider starting from the lower pools so that photos can be taken at the Instagram spot before more people arrive.

Our Day Trip to Diyaluma Waterfall- In summary!

We would definitely recommend Upper Diyaluma as a day trip from GlenMyu Estate and it now ranks equal to Horton Plains National Park as places to visit whilst staying with us

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