New Vegan menu.

We have just launched our new Vegan menu at GlenMyu Estate. Ru delivers a variety of Sri Lankan and fusion dishes which you will love.

What's in our New Vegan menu?

Let’s start with Breakfast. We always want our guests to have a great start to the day. Our breakfast is quite substantial and really set you up for a day of exploring in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

We offer Bed and Breakfast at GlenMyu Estate and therefore your breakfast is included in your booking cost on or Airbnb.

Kola Kanda is a really health porridge like drink made from healthy leaves from the estate. 

We also offer some Sri Lankan offerings such as Hoppers and String Hoppers with a little twist. 

We have some Avocado trees at the estate and they fruit a couple of times a year. Avocado is only available when the fruits are in season. Hopefully you will be here when our delicious Avocados have just been picked from the tree.

Vegan Soups and Salads.

We try to source as much of our ingredients from our organic garden at GlenMyu Estate.

It’s also important that we support local businesses and suppliers. Therefore, we do source some ingredients from outside the estate. For example, Mushrooms are supplied by a regular supplier located near Bandarawella.

We cannot guarantee that these items are organic as we do not have control over their growing processes.

Guests enjoy accompanying Ru when she picks items from the garden that are used in the dishes she serves.

Vegan Main dishes.

As mentioned we have a great supplier for mushrooms from Bandarawela. We love the Spiced Grilled Mushrooms in cashew sauce. (we can adjust the level of spice to suit your palette.)

Sri Lankan Roast Paan is a perfect bread for dipping into the cashew sauce. 

We also love the homemade Roast Pumpkin Ravioli

Here is a video from Ru’s recipes where she is making the ravioli.

The Vegan Burger

What I love about our Vegan Burger is that the Jackfruit we use is picked from the trees on the side of the lawn in front of the house.
It is truly food to fork and almost no food miles.

Ru makes the buns freshly at GlenMyu Estate and the salad is picked from the garden. (normally served with chunky chips, not potatoes as shown in this photo).

Sri Lankan offerings - well you are on the island.

Since you are on holiday in Sri Lanka it is important that you sample the local cuisine. 

We are fully aware that some guests prefer to eat without lots of chilli and pepper. As we lived in the UK for many years we do understand the Western palette and can adjust the dishes to you preferences.

Sharing plates and a cookery demonstration.

Our Sharing Plates are an experience that both Vegans and Non Vegans enjoy. The kaleidoscope of flavours tasted in the array of dishes is wonderful.

Ru’s mum is the chef for these dishes – she does have around 60 years experience so we bow to her knowledge and skills! 

What is life without dessert? Vegan

You are on holiday so something sweet after the meal is okay. The good thing about staying at GlenMyu Estate is that you can swim some lengths in our swimming pool to burn off your  dessert.

Sorbets, fresh fruits, rice pudding and ice cream are all there on our new Vegan menu to finish off your meal.

Please note that the prices quoted are at November 2023.

These prices are subject to change. Please click on the link to our Menus on our website for current menu pricing.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and taste our New Vegan Menu.

When you are travelling around Sri Lanka and are looking for some really great tasting Vegan food then GlenMyu Estate is a great option.

Near to many great tourist sights such as Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plains, Diyaluma Waterfall and also the busy tourist town of Ella. You can explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and come back to the tranquility of the five acre estate at GlenMyu to relax and have some good food.

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