Monkeys at GlenMyu Estate, Sri Lanka

Watching the monkeys hang out and play in the trees in front of GlenMyu Estate is an enjoyable experience. The monkeys are not there every morning and sometimes they are hidden in the foliage. I thought I would share some of the videos and photos I have taken. 

If you stay on holiday at GlenMyu Estate, you may well see some monkeys and take some photos of these intriguing creatures yourself.

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What types of Monkeys visit the trees at GlenMyu Estate?

There are two types of monkeys which we regularly see in the trees around the 5 acres at GlenMyu Estate.

Toque Macaques

The Toque Macaque  (Macaca sinica) is a reddish-brown-coloured Old World monkey.

Toque macaques are native and endemic exclusively to Sri Lanka.

They generally occupy three types of habitat, hence can be divided into three subspecies.

Common toque macaque –  living in dry habitat 

The Pale-fronted toque macaque – inhabiting wet areas

Hill-zone toque macaque -found at high elevations.

You can read more about Toque Macaques at the the following links:

Dilmah Conservation

New England Primate Conservacy

Animalia bio

Tufted Gray Langurs (Semnopithecus priam thersites in Sri Lanka).

The tufted gray langur (Semnopithecus priam), also known as Madras gray langur, and Coromandel sacred langur, is an Old World monkey, one of the species of langurs.

They are mainly leaf eaters and you can see them eating the leaves of many of the trees around GlenMyu Estate.

You can read more about Tufted Gray Langurs in the following links:

New England Primate Conservancy


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Monkey Kingdom and Monkey Camp

Many people may have seen the film “Monkey Kingdom” produced by Disney Nature.

Studies at Monkey Camp (formerly the Smithsonian Primate Research Station) Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka were highlighted in this film and many other documentaries. 
You can visit and stay at the Primate Center Eco Lodge, Sri Lanka (Monkey Camp)  to get a better understanding, appreciation of primate societies.

Other monkeys, other places!

As GlenMyu Estate is within one hour fifteen minutes from Horton Plains we visit there on a regular basis. We love it there. Our guests also love Horton Plains and we ask them to share some photos with us that we can share with you.

The Purple Faced Langur is a monkey that is only found in specific habitats in Sri Lanka.

You can read more about the Purple Faced Langur at New England Primate Conservancy

Some photos have been provided by our guests in the gallery below.

We also love Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and we have added a few for good measure.

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Not just Monkeys - many more things to see at GlenMyu Estate

At GlenMyu Estate we also have several rescue dogs. They are all vaccinated and used to meeting guests. You can see videos and YouTube shorts at our Youtube channel specifically for our dogs at D’Dogz – Adventures of the Magnificent Seven Dogs.

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