Making Family Memories

I sit and listen to the screams of the three young girls that are braving the swimming pool early in the morning.

They are screams of delight and bravery as they contend with the fresh water that flows into our pool which is sourced from an underground spring.

The wind is making it a bit more of a challenge however I glance at the parents overseeing their daughters at play.

I have a feeling of great satisfaction that we have created an Oasis at GlenMyu Estate where this family can create these memories that they may well talk about in years to come 

Earlier in the morning the family had walked to the lower part of the property to feed the monkeys with left over or spoilt papaya. It’s not a practice that I agree with however my wife appears to be committed to the cause and the guests certainly enjoyed being closer to nature.

I watched momentarily from the kitchen and saw the family sitting on the rocks enjoying the sound of the stream. Then the father was guiding his daughters holding a hand over the rocks in the stream. This is what family memories are made of. Just a simple thing, but so important for that close bind between parent and child.

I think back to my younger days in England where the family holiday was a long trip to Devon or Cornwall to a Caravan near the coast. We would spend our time trying to catch fish with our small inadequate nets in the streams or at the seashore. We would jump and leap from rock to rock as it we were mountain goats with nothing to fear.

(My steps are a lot more considered at this age!).

These were joyous simple times that are a warm memory of a childhood.

A family gathering at the balcony.

Yesterday evening the guests arrived at around five in the afternoon and experienced the sunset as a family standing in a row on the balcony. The stunning view and light provided by mother nature did not disappoint.

There were family photographs and a number of selfies taken that will be despatched around the country and the world to family and friends so that they can be part of the experience also. 

A special place.

We didn’t expect that what we had created in the Sri Lankan Hill Country would be such a special place for families and we are delighted to be educated by our guests on what we have really provided.

The family were a little nervous of our pack of seven dogs however it did not take any time for introductions and friendships to be made. Within a couple of hours there were selfies and more photographs with the dogs. An unplanned benefit of getting nervous individuals more comfortable with mans best friend is an added bonus from spending time here.

"The House with the Seven Dogs"

The Dog looking down to the Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.
Patch and Kahlu

We are known as the “House with the seven Dogs” by a previous family that loved the experience so much that they came back for another holiday here within a couple of months. The families two daughters were delighted to reacquaint themselves with the dogs and they had remembered all their names.

Make your own family memories at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

We have three double bedrooms (one can be converted into a triple room), which have stunning views of the Sri Lankan Hill Country below the house,

There are lots of walkways around the five acre estate to explore and enjoy.

There are rocks to climb and streams to wade in.

Food is freshly prepared by Ruwanthi and the menu is adapted to the guests requirements.

Reconnecting with nature, relaxing and having some time together to strengthen relationships throughout the family are something that appears to come naturally here

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GlenMyu Estate
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