Why do we love our swimming pool?

Why do we love our swimming pool? Building our Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool was one of the best decisions we made!

Why a swimming pool?

I certainly never had the ambition to have a swimming pool.

Whenever I swam in a pool in the UK, it was either too cold, or overrun with people. I used to dislike swimming lengths as there was always either someone in front slowing me down or some speedster was on my tail.

It felt very uncomfortable and, the result was that, I really did not enjoy swimming. 

This may upset a few people or raise their temperature, but I also found it a little boring. Swimming length after length for such a long time to burn those calories was not very exciting. Nothing to look at and the echo of the noises in the pool was also off-putting.

Swimming on holiday was not much better. It was great to jump in the pool to cool myself off however the UV’s hitting my Northern Hemisphere skin meant that I couldn’t stay in the water for too long. Holiday swimming pools are also mainly for leisure and not for doing a little fitness. I needed to work off those calories eaten at the buffet breakfast! 

I was surprised.

My wife was really determined to have a swimming pool. After all, it is an additional attraction for guests.

I was more concerned about spending our budget on the main house and grounds. However, my wife is very determined and she got her way.

We completed the building of GlenMyu Estate during the global pandemic and Sri Lanka was not open for tourists at that time. This meant that we had GlenMyu Estate all to ourselves.

After a hard days work on the estate progressing the landscaping, we started to go for an evening swim together.

I was amazed and surprised at the experience that we had.

The luxury of few.

There was a special luxury to be able to spend the late afternoon swimming with my wife without any other people. Apart from being good for our relationships chatting as we stopped for breath in between lengthy, it was also good for the body.

The strains and stresses on our bodies, which had been used to sitting in front of computer screens for years, were relieved by our swim. We got fitter and were able to increase the amount of time we spent in the pool.

GlenMyu Estate only has three bedrooms and therefore we have no need to provide time slots for the pool like other hotels. There is a luxury to this and we find that often our guests have the pool to themselves as other residents may be out discovering the Sri lankan Hill Country.

Now I have to time my swim.

I try to time my daily swim around guests either early in the morning on late in the afternoon. This gives the guests full access to the pool when they want it. 

I’m delighted to be able to share this fantastic facility with our guests.

What do you find special about the swimming pool at GlenMyu Estate?

I love swimming either before the sun is fully up around 8.30 am. It’s a really refreshing start to the day and you know that you are alive as the pool is not heated! However, i assure you the temperature is not too cold and you will enjoy it.

As we are used to the cooler pool temperature we find that when we swim in warmer hotel pools it feels more like a jacuzzi rather than a swimming pool. Our pool temperature inspires you to swim rather than lounge around and play with a beach ball.

Our other favourite time is around 4.30 p.m. when the sun is starting to go down, The pool has been warmed during the day by the midday sun and is a nice temperature. Sometimes we swim through layers of warm into cold which is quite an odd sensation. 

A little later, when the sun goes down around 6 p.m. – 6.30 p.m. is another amazing experience to swim. The colours in the sky can be quite spectacular and it easy to sit for a while admiring natures delivery.

Sight and sound

Another thing we love about the swimming pool at GlenMyu Estate is that we feel more connected with nature.

The sounds of the birds that provide the background music and the array of colours from the trees, plants and flowers are something special. Sometimes the Hill Swallows take sips of water from the surface of the pool (despite there being a stream below). I also love the sound of the parrots making loud noises as they speed from tree to tree. 

Why do we love our swimming pool? No chlorine!

The swimming pool is filled from a Natural Spring. The water goes through sand and rock filters before reaching the pool. As we are in a region where we get enough rainfall, spread throughout the year, we are able to empty and clean the pool fully every month to six weeks (apart from drier months in July and August).

We don’t use chlorine in the pool as the spring water constantly flows in and out the pool. It’s such a good experience to have to deal with chlorine when swimming and leaving the pool with the chlorine smell. 

Sometimes, if we see the start of the build up of some algae, we do stop the water over night and add a little chlorine to clear it, however it is all gone by the morning.

We love that our guests enjoy our pool.

It is a real pleasure talking to our guests about their experience in the pool. 

Several of our guests use the pool more than once during the day. Our record is by a German couple who were in the pool four times in one day. We were really impressed! 

It’s also great when families spend their time in the pool with their children. I love the noise and the memories that these families create.

I let all our guests know that they have to be careful in the sun as we are around 1,000 metres above sea level. The UV rays can be quite strong and it’s easy to get burnt.

Despite my warnings there have been too many sore red shoulders and legs for my liking!

Easing those legs and the body after a hike.

Many of our guests enjoy a day trip to Horton Plains National Park and complete the eleven kilometre hike.
A dip in the pool to ease those legs is a great way to end the day. 

There are some other great hikes within an easy drive from GlenMyu Estate to enjoy which may test the body. Little Adams Peak and Ella Rock near Ella Town is just over an hours drive.

There are several sections of the new Pekoe Trail near to the estate. Some of our recent guests did the hike from Haputale to Lipton’s Seat and enjoyed a swim on their return.

Nearby stages are:
Stage 11 – Horton Plains to Udaweriya
Stage 12 – Udaweriya to Haputale
Stage 13 – Haputale to St. Catherine
Stage 14 – St. Catherine to Makulella
Stage 15 – Makulella to Ella
Stage 16 – Ella to Demodara

Stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate.

GlenMyu Estate is located on the Wellawaya/Koslanda Road, four kilometres from Beragala. It is conveniently situated to do day trips to Ella Town, Diyaluma Waterfall, Bambarakanda Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plains National Park and many more. 

We are listed on Booking.com and Airbnb however you can enquire about direct booking rates by pressing the WhatsApp button on our website.

You can see more information about a stay at GlenMyu Estate at our website and follow us on our social media channels.

Experience our Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool for yourselves when you book your stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

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