Is this my favourite place?

Is this my favourite place? I often think where is my favourite place to live? At this time in my life, it is the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

My favourite places have changed throughout my life.

I think that my feelings about places have changed over the years. There clearly was a right time and right place at different times of my life.

Formative years in the countryside.

When I was young I spent my secondary school education at a boarding school on a 64 acre estate in the Suffolk Countryside. I loved it there. Spending the time with my school friends, playing rugby with my teammates and enjoying the grounds was a far cry from Brixton, South London. 

London - a city with so much to offer

Starting in Banking in Mayfair (the most expensive property on the Monopoly board!) was a great place to start my career. Unfortunately I did have to commute, so it wasn’t ideal.

Working in Kilburn and being able to walk to the office was a joy. The vibe in the area as it was slowly becoming gentrified was an interesting time in my life.

London’s pace and energy was a great place to live in my mid twenties until my mid forties. I used as many of the elements that this city offers (within my budget). The atmosphere in the pubs, bars, restaurants and nightclubs were just what I wanted at that period. London emits a power that inspires and creates art, music and fashion. It was a pomace that I felt comfortable and proud to live during that time.

Colombo, Sri Lanka - a new place, a new continent

Moving to Sri Lanka at fifty was a deliberate choice to slow down the pace of life and get some time back. Living in Colombo initially was enjoyable. My early morning walk along the walking tracks that abut Parliament was a healthy start to the day. The smiles and relationships that we started to build with the people we met on our walk or in the neighbourhood gave us a good felling of community.

As I got older the realisation that family, friends, people and community are a major part of what makes living in a place more enjoyable and brings elements of happiness.

And then to the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

My favourite place at this time in my life is GlenMyu Estate and the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

What makes GlenMyu Estate my favourite place?

Great people make this my favourite place.

We are so fortunate to have great neighbours that have a similar outlook on life. They go through the same trials and tribulations that we go through living in the hills means that we have empathy for each other. The fact that most have travelled widely, have lived interesting lives and enjoy good food and drink are a bonus.

We get to meet people

Starting GlenMyu Estate and inviting guests into our house was quite daunting at first. We were not hoteliers and would it work. Both my wife and I had lived on our own together in North West London for many years, so how would we manage with strangers coming in and out of the house?

Well, it worked out great and we love it.

We live on the top floor of the house and have a separate entrance which gives guests their separate space. 

Meeting new guests exploring this paradise island adds so much colour to our lives. We really enjoy getting to know our guests, finding out about their lives and where they live. As our guests are on holiday and they have enjoyed their tour around the country spirits are positive and high. 

Having people to stay with us is one of the most enjoyable parts of living here and the main reason that it is my favourite place.

The estate keeps us busy

With fives acres to maintain and look after we are always busy. There is always something to do, Lawns and pathways need cut, shrubs and trees need pruning and trees, flowers and vegetables need planting. 

We are continually developing the estate to improve it for ourselves and our guests. The development of our version of Lombard Street is taking longer than I wanted. Our circular pathway around the border of the estate needs completed. We always have new ideas on what we want to do and the work needs to be planned between guests and seasons.

We wait for the rainy season to start and clear areas in readiness for planting. The rain doesn’t come and we can’t plant what we planned.

There are great places to visit nearby

We love living at GlenMyu Estate because it is close enough to so many great places to visit. A day trip to Ella to see Nine Arch Bridge, Ravana Waterfall or people watch from a bar in the high street. Visiting the UNESCO heritage site Horton Plains became one of our favourite places to go when we first started living here. Being in the Montane Cloud Forest and enjoying the eleven kilometre hike makes life interesting and makes you feel good.

Finding Upper Diyaluma Waterfall when accompanying a German couple on their trip was a wonderful find. We feel that we were lucky to visit the second tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka before it gets too busy with tourist. 

Seeing the views from Lipton’s Seat, Haputale looking over the manicured tea estates are also an enjoyable experience. There are so many other places to see and visit nearby, like the stages of the new Pekoe Trail and we never have enough time to go as regularly as we would like to.

Never a dull moment

Whether it’s the animals, the weather or our staff’s stories, there is never a dull moment for us at GlenMyu Estate. We have a crazy cow who keeps us entertained. Ru is regularly nursing one of the chickens who may be under the weather. We can be searching for a duck who has decided to nest in a dangerous location as the nigh falls. Some of our dogs are needy and refuse to let me get on with my work unless I spend time petting them. 

My favourite place - at the moment.

So GlenMyu Estate and the Sri Lankan Hill Country is my favourite place at the moment. I love it when guests stay and enjoy their time here so much. The reviews that they leave make both Ru and I feel great and it gives us inspiration to work hard and provide our guests with the best experience.

We hope that this also becomes their favourite place also.

GlenMyu Estate
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