Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka Entry Fee

The Horton Plains entry fee. What is the ticket cost to enter Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka?
Here we provide feedback from some of our guests who have visited the park in 2023. 
Clearly, prices can change and we will update this post during the year as we are told by our guests about any increases. However, here we tell you about the entry cost paid by our guests in May 2023.

UNESCO Heritage Site, Horton Plains National Park, is a favourite day trip from GlenMyu Estate, Beragala, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Our guests love the feeling of completing the 11 kilometre circular hike where they see Lesser World’s End, Greater World’s End and Baker’s Falls.
There is also an abundance of flora and fauna to see on the hike through this Montane Cloud Forest.

What are the entry costs to Horton Plains?

Entry fees to Horton Plains have changed over the time that we have been visiting this unique experience.

In May 2023, our guests left GlenMyu Estate early in the morning to reach Horton Plains at the best time to try to see a clear view from the precipices at Lesser World’s End & Greater World’s End.
It normally takes around 1 hour 15 to 30 minutes to get to the park entrance.
As our guest leave early we provide a takeaway breakfast to eat on arrival at the park or on the route.

Our guests provided a copy of their entry ticket to the park.
The entry fees totalled 22,597.50 Sri Lankan Rupees.
This cost was for 2 foreign adults.

The copy of the ticket provides the breakdown of the costs.

You can read our BlogPost about our hike in January 2023 to Horton Plains National Park.

What did our guests see at Horton Plains National Park?

Our guests were very lucky to get clear views at both Lesser World’s End & Greater World’s End. It was worth getting up early.
We recommend getting up early for lots of sights and activities when in Sri Lanka and you can read our BlogPost about why here.

In May it tends to rain in the afternoon and our guests were fortunate enough to complete the hike, see the views and get back to relax at GlenMyu Estate in the early afternoon.

As it had been raining the previous evening the water flow at Baker’s Falls was strong which provided a stunning cascade of water.

There are also lots of Flora and Fauna to see in this unique landscape and there are information boards as you travail the hike worth reading.

Our guests were so lucky to see Purple-faced langurs on their walk. We have been to Horton Plains National Park many times but have never seen these unique creatures.

Despite the weather in May and potential rain it is a good time to visit the park as the Rhododendron Arboreum are in bloom only at this time of year.
This has inspired us to also do the hike this month and we will update this post with pictures of our hike.

You can read more about the Rhododendrons at this link.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and visit Host Plains

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