Our Hike to BD Naketiya School, Koslanda

Why go?

Ruwanthi is a local representative for the Wildlife Nature and Protection Society locally in Badulla district. https://www.wnpssl.org

It’s something that she has recently gotten involved in and is keen to do what she can to support this worthy institution.

An initiative was put forward recently for each area to submit a project to restore and protect endemic species in Sri Lanka with the generous sponsorship of Hemas Group.

We met a principal of a remote school in Koslanda and, after a long discussion about two potential projects, we decided we had better visit the preferred site to see if it was worthy of submitting a proposal.

The school historically served a Tea Estate which has now closed. 

There was a landslide in 1996 and most of the villagers were relocated expect the ones who were determined to remain.

The children of the remaining villagers attend the school up until Grade 4 where they move to a new school.

The total number of pupils …..18!

The school is set within three acres of grassland and is abutted by a small stream and therefore, with careful planting, there appeared to be an opportunity to replant a small area with a variety of plants which would grow into a small patch of forest which would draw wildlife to the area.

The principal of the school, Anbu, warned us that there was a four and half kilometre hike to the school which he does every day.

Where is it?

BD Naketiya is located around four and a half kilometre hike from the main Koslanda Road and can be found on the map below.

Fit enough?

Anbu’s word of warning were there for a good reason. He looked at us, and me in particular, and was a little concerned that the hike would be too much.

A 7 a.m start

Anbu came to GlenMyu in the early morning and we followed his motorbike in our car to the start of the hike.

There is a road that can get to the school, however, Anbu has gone by motorbike and felt a little bit sick at the end of the journey due to the rough road.

It may be attempted by a good four wheel drive vehicle but when there is rains it would be quite treacherous even for the most experience 4 x 4 driver.

The start of the Hike

We had a beautiful sunny morning commencing the hike and we thought we were lucky because we were sure that it was going to rain on the day.

Well, I got a quick wake up call to my fitness level as the first part of the hike led us up quite a vertical rough stone walkway.

Here is how I sound as I attempt to keep up with the others on the hike.

As we walked we had some fantastic views of the landscape of the Hill Country.

Anbu loves nature and wildlife which is evident even after a short conversation with him.

Outside his school work he spends time as a guide on walks in the area and certainly has a really good knowledge of all the well known and lesser known places to visit .

Here is Anbu talking about a potential hike (24 km – way to much for me at this stage).

The first part of the hike is completed - phew!

You can see the beautiful scenery in the video below (sorry about the heavy breathing!)

Catching my breath and enjoying the view

An outline of the project

Here is Ruwanthi talking about the project that she hopes to submit to the Wildlife Nature and Protection Society.

Beware of the Elephants!

Elephants regularly can be seen in the area and there is evidence of them on the roads and also from the damage that has been done to various buildings as highlighted by the local villagers.

They advised that one elderly lady had been killed by an elephant when she was startled to come across the animal one evening.

The Human – Elephant conflict is a serious challenge in Sri Lanka and the Wildlife Nature and Protection Society are a key stakeholder in trying to protect the elephants and the people.

Some of the people we met.

Evidence of Elephants.

Elephant damage to buildings.

Here is Anbu talking about the elephants that can be seen in the area.

Still on the Hike!

A few friends that we met on the way.

Here I stop and take a short video of the line houses where some of the children live and have a long hike to their school.

The last part of the Hike - almost there but still breathing heavily!

Boy, I was pleased to be getting close to the school. I definitely need to improve my fitness if I’m going to do more of these hikes!

The school is set in the most beautiful place and although it has been a tough climb for me it was certainly worth it.

Probably - the school with the most beautiful view in the World.

Here is the splendid view from the school.

I’m sure that you will agree – it is just wow.

Murals on the school walls.

Hanging around on a rock

Hiking in the Hill Country

If you are interested in hiking around the Haputale area including Lipton Seat, Horton Plains National Park, Bambarakanda Waterfall, Diyaluma Waterfall, Pilkington Point or other hikes we can connect you with Anbu..

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