What is the entry fee to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?

Up until recently there was no entry fee to enjoy the amazing Upper Diyaluma Waterfall. I was surprised to hear on a YouTube video about Ella by Where’s Lucie that she and her husband were charged an entry fee when they visited the marvellous sight.

In May 2023 two of our guests at GlenMyu Estate left the hotel early and travelled the 40 minute journey to experience the beautiful pools at Upper Diyaluma.

They had a wonderful time and shared gave me their entry tickets so that I could share the information with our other guests at GlenMyu Estate.

Here is a photo of the entry ticket price for a Foreigner.

The ticket cost is 350 Sri Lankan Rupees per person (May 2023).

In the scheme of things it’s not a large cost but something you will need to be aware of if you decide to visit Upper Diyaluma Waterfall.

Is it worth it?

We would certainly recommend that you experience the wonder of Upper Diyaluma Waterfall. The hike is not strenuous and you will get to see a beautiful and natural place in Sri Lanka.

Visiting Upper Diyaluma has been more popular since the road between Beragala and Koslanda has been improved (there are still some rougher parts of the road to be fixed).

We have noticed that it is now becoming another must do Instagram spot in the area along with Nine Arch Bridge, Ella, Lipton’s Seat, Haputale and World’s End in Horton Plains National Park.

You can read our BlogPosts about Horton Plains National Park  and Upper Diyaluma Waterfall which we continuously update.

Any other costs when visiting Upper Diyaluma Waterfall and Pools?

If you do not have your own transport you will need to arrange to get to the start of the hike to Upper Diyaluma which is between Beragala Junction and Koslanda towards Wellawaya.

From GlenMyu Estate it normally costs around 6,000 Sri Lankan Rupees (May 2023 cost) for a return journey in a Tuk Tuk. The driver who we usually use accompanies you on your hike, will look after you bags while in the pools and show you the best route.

Did the guests enjoy their trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?

They loved it!
The Nature was amazing, the hike was easy and the clarity of the water in the pools was beautiful. As it had rained a little during the previous day, the pools were quite full of water and they decided not to go into some of the pools where they thought it was a dangerous.

They felt that the whole experience was worth it and the entry fee to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall was negligible.

How long did they stay at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?

Our guests stayed around 3 hours enjoying the hike, swimming in the pools and taking lots of photos and videos. 

We have had other guests that have stayed longer as they enjoyed it so much there.

What will I need to bring?

Well, 350 rupees per person entry fee to Upper Diyaluma is a god starting point.
Swimming costumes as you will want to enjoy the pools.
The hike is quit easy and you don’t need walking shoes. A pair of training shoes or sandals with a good grip should do.
A sun hat! – You will be a quite a high elevation and it’s easy to get sunburn if you don’t take precautions.
Suncream – it’s less painful!
Water – you will need to rehydrate as the sun can be quite strong.

Some money to buy something at the local shops to support the businesses there. We normally buy a King Coconut each after the hike and enjoy this refreshing drink at the shop. Some fruit of other local produce is also a good gesture to support the local people.

Your purchase will be accompanied by a Sri Lankan smile for free – it’s worth it!

What else did your guests do on their trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?

The guests stopped at a clay pot shop located on the side of the road between Koslanda and GlenMyu Estate. They bought some small locally made items to be used as gifts for their friends and family. Again it was great to see them support a local small business which was really appreciated by the shop owners.

Any other tips for a trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall?

We always recommend to get up early and see the sights before it gets too hot and too busy with other tourists.

Our guests had the top of Upper Diyaluma Waterfall to themselves for a while and as the morning advanced more people started to arrive. However they said that there were probably only 20 or so people around towards the end of their trip.
In May tourist numbers reduce as the South West Monsoon starts so in peak tourist season between December and April you are more likely to encounter more people.

They finished their experience as the rain started, so another very good reason for getting up early!
You can read about our trip to Upper Diyaluma Waterfall on the following BlogPost.

Our guests also did a day trip to Horton Plains National Park from GlenMyu Estate and they provided a copy of their entry ticket so we could share the entry fee cost with our guests. You can read about our trip to Horton Plains National Park here which we update as guests provide a copy of their entry tickets..

If you are interested in a stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country at GlenMyu Estate please visit our website for more details.

We are located within reach of great experiences such as Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Nine Arch Bridge, Mini Adams Peak, The Pekoe Trail, Horton Plains NationalPark, Lipton’s Seat and many more.

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