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Sri Lankan Food on Masterchef

Sri Lankan Food on Masterchef

Sri Lankan Food on Masterchef.

Celebrating the success of Brin Pirathapan who won BBC Masterchef 2024, we find more Sri Lankan inspired chefs

A chef cutting

Brin Pirathapan won BBC Masterchef 2024. His cooking is influenced by his Sri Lankan heritage.

There have been lots of Sri Lankan chefs compete in Masterchef in the UK and abroad. Australian Masterchef has seen the most number of competitors with Sri Lankan heritage.

Some chefs just love Sri Lankan cuisine and have made inspired dishes.

The food in Sri Lanka is wonderful and it’s great to see it being shown on the world stage through Masterchef.

In recognition of Brin’s success, here are some videos of other contestants and their dishes on Masterchef.

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Savindri is another Australian Masterchef contestant who served Sri Lanka food.

You can see from these videos that she is also a great character.

Cooking Sri Lankan food for the Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama was served Sri Lankan food by Dani Venn on Masterchef Australia.

You don’t have to be an adult to make Sri Lankan food.

Georgie made spicy Sri Lankan coconut curry in Junior Masterchef, Australia.

You don't have to be Sri Lankan to make Sri Lankan food

Many of the chefs on Masterchef have Sri Lankan heritage, however they are not the only ones to prepare Sri Lankan dishes.

There was an elimination round where the contestants had to identify twenty four ingredients in a Sri Lankan curry.

Dee, on Australian Masterchef, made a Sri Lankan crab curry and pineapple salad.

Enjoying Sri Lankan food on holiday in Sri Lanka

When you visit Sri Lanka you will have the opportunity to sample Sri Lankan food in restaurants, hotels and small cafes. 

You may even get the chance to be invited into a Sri Lankan families home to enjoy a home cooked meal. Visiting a homestay during part of your exploration of the island is a good way to support a local family and eat with them.

Sri Lankan Street Food

Food in Sri Lanka is not all about the types of dishes served on Masterchef. Street food can be found all round the island.

Whether it is roti, paratha, egg hoppers or wade’s, you will have a culinary experience to remember.

Experience Sri Lankan cooking at our free cooking demonstration

At GlenMyu Estate, we offer a complimentary informal Sri Lankan cooking demonstration when you order our Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Ru’s mother, who has fifty plus years experience of cooking Sri Lankan food runs the show!

It’s a really enjoyable experience for our guests with the benefit of eating what you have seen made in the kitchen.

Ru & her mum preparing the ingredients for our informal cookery class.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel and it will encourage us to post more videos of our cooking demonstrations at GlenMyu Estate.

Holiday in Sri Lanka and enjoy Sri Lankan Cuisine

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
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Freshly baked bread in the morning

Freshly Baked Bread in the Morning

Freshly Baked Bread in the morning.

Freshly Baked Bread in the morning.

One of the special things about staying at GlenMyu Estate on you holiday in Sri Lanka.

Our guests love it.

Ru and the team get up early and make a variety of breads, rolls and sweet buns to tempt you put of bed in the morning.

Freshly Baked Bread in the morning.

Something to look forward to on holiday

We find that our guests at GlenMyu Estate really look forward to a relaxing and lazy breakfast.

It’s important to Ru and the team that you get a nutritious start to the day. 

If you plan to go out and explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country you will be expending a bit of energy. There is nothing better to start you on your way with a great filling breakfast which will give you the energy to tackle your walk.

After eating a healthy and heart breakfast you can probably skip lunch and look forward to a delicious dinner in the evening.

Breads, tea and coffee

What type of breads do we make and serve?

Sri Lankan Roast Paan (curry bread)

This bread is great for dipping into sauces and therefore is known as a curry bread.

We also serve roast paan with some of our evening meals as it’s great to dip into the sauces for our Chilli & Garlic Prawns or Mushrooms in Cashew Sauce dishes.

Roast Paan
A roast paan sandwich
Eat a healthy breakfast


Although we are limited on the varieties of flour that we can purchase in Sri Lanka we do make a good quality baguette.

A selection soft breads and a hopper

Brioche – our version

One of the things that our French and German guest really enjoy is the brioche that we make at GlenMyu Estate. I love it when I see a French guest dip the brioche into their cup of Sri Lankan coffee.

Buns and our version of Brioche

Rolls and rolls

We make a variety of rolls for breakfast, some with wholemeal flour, some mixed or white baps.


Different days, different breads

It’s great if you are staying two days or more as Ru changes what types of bread she makes each day. 

Other breads for other meals

Ru and the team also make ciabatta and focaccia which accompany some of the meals on our dinner menu. 

It would not be right to serve an Italian style bread with our homemade Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli or our Mushroom Risotto.

You can see our current food menu by clicking the following link.

What about Sourdough?

Ru does make a sourdough bread occasionally.  

If we know a guest has some dietary restrictions and we have enough notice ahead of time we have made sourdough rolls and loafs for our guests.

It's not all about the breads.....but

A stay at GlenMyu Estate is not all about the food we serve, however it’s a really important part of your stay.

If you read our reviews on Google, and Airbnb you will regularly see Ru being complimented on her food.

Here is a taste! of what our guests say.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate, enjoy the food and explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
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Amma's Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Favourite meal in Sri Lanka.

Our guests' favourite meal in Sri Lanka.

Our guests’ favourite meal in Sri Lanka?

I think that this is our guests’ favourite meal in Sri Lanka. There are lots of dishes that we prepare for guests at GlenMyu Estate that we hear sounds of delight and praise.

The food is great. It is mainly prepared with the most local fresh ingredients that we can source. As a result, many of our dishes fall within the plant based, vegetarian and vegan categories. 

What is our guests' favourite meal in Sri Lanka?

Well, I think that it is our Sri Lankan sharing platter.

There are lots of reasons why I think that it our guests’ favourite meal in Sri Lanka.

Some of our guests may disagree, as there are so many meals that Ru and the team create that are delicious.

However, maybe I’m a little biased, as I love our Sri Lankan sharing platter so much that I limit how often I eat it!

Why is it our guests' favourite meal in Sri Lanka.

There are several factors that make our Sri Lankan sharing platter special for our guests.

One of the main reasons is the memory you get from the whole experience.

Normally when we prepare the dishes, Ru’s mother offers a free Sri Lankan cookery demonstration. 

Ru’s mum has been cooking for so many years that it’s hard to count. Her husband loves her food and that has been one major joy in their relationship. It’s funny when I ask Ru’s father “How was your lunch?” when someone other than his wife was the chef. The normal response is “It’s okay”. 

This is not the most positive response! 

In the past when Ru has cooked for him, he has been known to say “Ask your mother how you should cook this”. 

I have found that there is little tact and diplomacy in Sri Lanka in these matters and straight talking in the norm!

An entertaining afternoon.

Ru’s mums’ Sri Lankan cooking demonstration normally starts around 4.30 p.m. 

The other staff help out by preparing some of the ingredients including chopping the vegetables, preparing the coconut milk and grinding the kollu.

The cooking demonstration adds to the experience.

By participating in the Sri Lankan cookery demonstration (yes you may get your hands dirty!) it adds to the overall experience. 

Seeing how your food is prepared and cooked before being delivered to the table appears to add to the flavour of the dishes. I think that guests feel part of the experience.

By the way, the Sri Lankan sharing platter is delicious.

Ru’s mum is really a great Sri Lankan cook. The years of experience come out in the dishes she prepares. Not only are the dishes great tasting, they are also a balanced meal providing you with protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. 

There is no meat or fish in our Sri Lankan sharing platter unless you want something on the side) and it is enjoyed by both meat and non meat eaters.
The range of flavours and textures in the dishes means that you replay don’t need any meat or fish with this meal.

It is served with either rice or paratha and you will definitely leave the table full! 

Make your own mind up!

Perhaps you will disagree with me and your favourite meal in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate will differ from mine.

We hope to see you in Sri Lanka and have the opportunity to let us know.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and enjoy delicious food when you are on holiday.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
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Register for Veganuary 2024

Registration for Veganuary 2024 is open.

Registration for Veganuary 2024 is open.

Exciting new!- Registration for Veganuary 2024 opened on the 5th December 2023!

You can click on the Veganuary website to register. 

It’s quick and easy so there are no obstacles for you to not dip your toes in!

What is Veganuary?

Veganuary is a non-profit organisation that encourages people worldwide to try vegan for January and beyond.


The idea was started ten years ago by a couple whilst sitting at their table in a house in Yorkshire, England.

You can watch the video which was recently released “It’ll never catch on”.

Millions of people have signed up to their one-month vegan pledge since 2014.

You can read more about the organisation at theier website.

Are you going to register for Veganuary 2024?

Lots of us like to make New Years Resolutions. I have made many over the years and have failed.

Registering for Veganuary doesn’t mean that you are going to change your food choices to vegan.

Throughout the year, Veganuary encourages and supports people and businesses alike to move to a plant-based diet. It is a  way of protecting the environment, preventing animal suffering, and improving the health of millions of people.

Even if you trying Veganuary in 2024 results in you eating more plant based meals during the year, that will be a success. 

So, why not register and give it a go? 

I don't think I'll like Vegan food.

Maybe you haven’t tried Vegan or plant based food before. There are so many options nowadays compared to when I was growing up. 

In the supermarkets there are a lot of ready meals available from companies like Bosh which are worth trying. They even have a TV channel where you can follow some of their recipes. 

The Veganuary website has lots of recipes to try.

Browsing the Veganuary website there are lots of tools so that you can try cooking some vegan food yourself at home. 

There is a Free Cookbook for you to download, recipes and there are Veganuary Ambassadors who hopefully will provide you with some encouragement and inspiration to try vegan dishes.

Christmas is coming - you can still try plant based food.

You may think that you can’t eat anything but a traditional Christmas Dinner over the festive period.

ASDA supermarket has released ASDA Vegan Christmas Options 2023: A Complete Guide which shows a plant based options for festive period.  TESCO, Marks & Spencers Sainsbury’s and ALDI have also released vegan options for the period.

Plant Based Restaurants.

There have been lots of Plant Based restaurants that have opened in recent years providing you with another way to try vegan food.

Also, more restaurants are providing one or two vegan options which means that you can still eat in a normal eatery. 

LA.Eater reported that singer “Billie Eilish and her producer brother Finneas, are backing a New Vegan Italian Restaurant in Silver Lake”.

In April 2023 , Formula One racing car driver Lewis Hamilton co-founder of Neat Burger opened its’ first US restaurant in New York City.

You can find a list of the best Vegan friendly restaurants in an article by Plant Based News.


Lots of options - so lets give it a go!

Clearly, there are lots of options for you to give plant based food a try, so we encourage you to give it a go. By registering for for Veganuary 2024 you can make your first step.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate and try our plant based food options.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and also try the plant based options we offer on our food menu

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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Plan your meals. A healthy breakfast at GlenMyu Estate.

The Veganuary Story

The Veganuary Story

The premiere of the “The Veganuary Story” took place on Friday the 17th November 2023.

We watched the video and learnt a lot about where and when the idea for Veganuary came from.
It is amazing of how a an idea discussed at a kitchen table in Yorkshire, England has developed in a moment and an idea that such a large amount of the UK population knows about. Starting with around 3,300 participants in 2013 the numbers now are really phenomenal.

Now an international movement it was great to hear how strong Veganuary is in Germany. The US and South American is a vast market where the Veganuary team is making significant inroads.

Veganuary is supported by a range of well known Ambassadors including musician Sir Paul McCartney, wildlife presenter Chris Packham , Author and Poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Actor Evanna Lynch which helps highlight the cause.

We don’t want to spoil your enjoyment of this video and would recommend that you click on the video below to watch the program for yourself.

Watch the Veganuary Story - YouTube Video

We would also recommend that you subscribe to the Plant Based News You Tube channel as there was subsequently a question and answer session which I am unable to post on this article. There is also the Plant Based Website for more information. 

GlenMyu Estate and our Veganuary Story

Like many other mentioned in this video we had an awareness of Veganuary. Well done to the Veganuary team!

Sri Lanka is an easy country to be a Vegan or Vegetarian as much of the local cuisine is plant based.

Having come to Sri Lanka from the UK we were more confident with the sources and quality of the the produce we eat there.
Also, eating meat was convenient, easy and affordable.

We were sceptical about the conditions and the treatment of animals here and we could not be sure that they were free range and organic. Our thoughts were not as a result of seeing evidence of bad practices ourselves and there may well be good organic producers that treat their animals well.

However, the simple solution to this was to reduce our meat, poultry and fish consumption and we moved naturally to a plant based diet.

Ru was able to experiment with the organic produce we grow at the estate. Over time, she has also developed contacts with good suppliers of mushrooms, vegetables (that we can’t grow) and fruits.  And, actually Tofu can be delicious if it is cooked the right way.

After a while, we didn’t miss eating meat and really prefer to eat mainly a plant based diet.

One step at a time.

Ultimately, we would really like to only offer Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine.

Our plan is the fully establish the business, have enough guests write reviews about the Vegetarian and Vegan food we serve which will give us enough confidence to remove the fish and chicken items from our menu.

Until then we need to offer alternatives to our guests. 

The good news is that when we serve our Vegetarian and Vegan options to our guests they are wowed and happy to choose their next meals from those menus.

Read our articles about our Vegan food and Veganuary.

Find out more about Veganuary

You can find out more about Veganuary and try some Vegan dishes yourself from the recipes on the Veganuary website.

Vegan Social Media Influencer in Sri Lanka.

Recently social media influencer Maya from @FitGreenMind visited Sri Lanka. She travelled around the island and found out more about Vegan cooking and the cuisine in Sri Lanka.

You can watch the interview by Good Life X here. 

Holiday in Sri Lanka at GlenMyu Estate.

Ideally located to take day trips to Ella, Nine Arch Bridge, Upper Dityaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Horton Plain National Park and many more.

A luxury Bed & Breakfast with only three bedrooms with spectacular views of the Sri Lankan countryside.

We are listed on and Airbnb however, please contact us directly by WhatsApp for our best direct rates. (WhatsApp 94 752 999 272).

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Sleep well in the Mango Bedroom.

India and Sri Lanka – living with Nature

India and Sri Lanka - living in harmony with nature.

Both India and Sri Lanka have cultures of living in harmony with nature. In addition to providing an excellent experience for our guests, living and being closer with nature is one of our main aims at GlenMyu Estate.

A statement at the UN Biodiversity Summit in 2020.

In an article from the Hindustan Times (Oct 1st 2020) it was reported that Prakesh Javadekar, when delivering a speech at the Biodiversity Summit at the UN, stated that “India has a culture of harmony living with nature”.

He states that “Since time immemorial, India has a culture of not just conserving and protecting nature, but living in harmony with it”.

He added “As enshrined in our Vedic scripts ‘Prakriti Rakshati Rakshita’ that is if you protect nature, nature will protect you” .

Tree cover had been significantly increased and animals had been protected.

Mr Javedekar held the post of Minister of Environment, Forest and Climate Change at that date.

Restoring degraded and deforested land.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that  India aims to restore 26 million hectares of degraded and deforested land and achieve land-degradation neutrality by 2030.

If these targets can be achieved they must be applauded. 

We, in Sri Lanka are doing our bit as well.

On a smaller scale there are people and organisations in Sri Lanka working towards restoring environments for nature to thrive and for lands to be restored. Of course not everyone sings on the same hymn sheet and there are huge challenges to make a significant difference.

There is always going to be a battle between conservation and development. We know what side we favour.

Hopefully, a combination of individual effort, awareness and education will encourage others to follow suit.  

The concern about Global Warming and the extreme weather and catastrophes we have seen around the planet in recent years means a change in focus is both critical and urgent.

Restoration of the land at an abandoned tea estate.

GlenMyu Estate was formerly part of the much larger Viharagalla Estate. When Ru purchased the land it had been a tea estate and then a sugar cane estate. We understand that the product  of sugar cane became unviable and it was abandoned. 

There was apparently lots of prospective buyers that looked at the land over the years but did not think it was worth purchasing.

Ru made a brave decision to purchase the 5 acres which was mainly inhabited by Guinea Grass which is used as quick growing cow fodder. There were various trees spread around the land but the Guinness grass  was the main resident.

Initially Ru wanted to build a holiday home for herself and the family to use. It was only whilst cleaning selected areas that the land started to reveal what it could become. There were lots of ideas and decisions made and changed before the site for the holiday home would be placed. 

What to do with the five acres?

We were fortunate to meet our neighbours, some of wheat been developing their own properties with a view to living with nature. One neighbour has developed a diverse forest over the last thirty years and that were able to give us advice about what to plant and what works in this area. They also provided us with saplings and alerted us to SALT (Sloping Agriculture Land Technology) to secure the slopes and retain our valuable topsoil.

Another neighbour developed an Analog Forest over thirty plus years at Belipola which is around thirty kilometres from GlenMyu Estate. They have developed training programs so that others can follow their example.

Dr Ranil Senanayake gave us great advice on what to plant to encourage the return of wildlife to the land. He was also able to identify what creatures were already residing at the property. 

A change of plans.

As the house developed into a larger property than we planned and we also particularly liked the climate here, our plan for GlenMyu Estate changed. 

We decided in order to live with nature we would not overdevelop the land and provide a habitat for animal life whilst operating a hotel which could fund the development and maintenance of the estate. The land would become a place where guests could come and reconnect with nature. We realised that having lived in a city for many years that we were detached from nature. The development of GlenMyu Estate would allow us and our guests to reconnect. 

Providing food and and a safe habitat for animals became part of the plan. The creation of a food forest on the land, the produce of which would be used to feed ourselves, our guests and the animals. 

You will see when you visit GlenMyu Estate that we have planted Jackfruit trees, Mango Trees, Avocado Trees and many other food trees and plants. They are at a distance from the house where we will not be able to harvest the crop and therefore they will be food for the birds, animals and insects that are part of the local biodiversity settles on the land.

It's important that we do not use chemicals.

We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on the land at GlenMyu Estate. Although we do not have certification (as we feel there is no need) you can see from some of the insects that visit the land that we are not using chemicals. We have various, beautiful, dragon flies and in the evenings you will most likely see fireflies lighting up the night sky.

Dragonflies are a good indicator of a clean environment according to a Earthbuddies in their article “Dragonfly, The Environmentally Important Fairy-Like Insect“.

Springer state that “A major cause of the decline (in the number of Dragonflies) has been suggested to be the use of systemic insecticides” in their article “Chlorantraniliprole application differentially affects adult emergence of Sympetrum dragonflies in rice paddy fields”

How did it turn out?

Have we managed to live with nature?

We have found the the development of the five acres at GlenMyu Estate will always be work in progress rather than something that it completed.

Working with nature means that you will not always plant the right tree in the perfect place for it. A porcupine may visit the land during the night and dig up and destroy some of your work. The unpredictable weather patterns have meant that we were unable to plant saplings when we had planned to.  We have realised that you should work with the environment rather than push it. This means that we have to be patient. 

Since starting the hotel we have had to take some staff away from working on the land so that they can service our guests. 

In summary, we have made a lot of progress and are happy with where we are in our plan, but there is always more to do.

Getting the balance right.

It is a challenge getting the balance right between living with nature and generating income from the hotel. Historically the period between mid December and Mid April has been the peak tourist season in Sri Lanka. During these months our main focus is to provide the best experience for our guests. It is a drier part of the year and therefore not the time to plant around the estate. 

As the number of tourists visiting the island reduce and there is more rain we change our main focus towards planting and developing our food forest.

Sri Lanka Tourism has an ambitious target to increase the tourist numbers to seven million by 2030. This is a huge increase from the target of 1.55 million for 2023.

We have seen an increase in tourist numbers outside the normal tourist season.

Sri Lanka is actually an all year round destination as visiting the East Coast and Jaffna is from April to December when the South West Monsoon hits the country.

The beaches on the east side of the country are beautiful and have a different feeling than those on the south and west coasts. 

Living with Nature - good for the mind body and soul.

Our guests really enjoy their stay at GlenMyu Estate and especially when Ru takes them around the garden. Reconnecting with nature and getting to know where a large part of the food that they will eat whilst they are here is a joy. Knowing that you are going to eat organic healthy food that has been picked from the garden provides a sense of wellbeing. 

We can see that when our guests get closer to nature it really is good for their mind body and soul.

I was reading about the idea behind the Scandinavian word “friluftsliv” and the love of the outdoors and feel that we have inadvertently created this environment for our visitors. 

If you want to read about what our guests say about their stay at GlenMyu Estate please read our reviews on, Airbnb, TripAdvisor and Google.

A little bit of luxury and getting closer to nature.

We have provided comfortable bedrooms and lounges with spectacular views of the Sri Lankan countryside at GlenMyu Estate. Space to roam and a Natural Spring Fed Swimming Pool to get some exercise surrounded by a sea of green allows you to immerse in nature. 

Lots of our guests explore the fabulous sights within an hours drive from the estate. However, many change their plans and stay the whole day at the estate rather than battle with the other tourists to see Nine Arch Bridge.

We love it when guests stay at the estate as it is a reflection of what we have created.

GlenMyu Estate is still a work in progress – and nature will mean that it always will be. We hope that guests that stay with us now will return again and again to see the trees and plants grow and change the landscape. Several of our guests have planted Lemon Trees, Avocado Trees and other species. This allows our guests to be part of the development of the estate.

A stay at GlenMyu Estate and connecting with nature.

You can find our more about GlenMyu Estate at our website and contact us by WhatsApp to inquire about direct booking rates. 

We have social media channels where you can remotely see what we are doing at the estate.

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Sri Lankan Cooking Demonstration

Cooking Holidays in Sri Lanka

At GlenMyu Estate Hotel we offer our guests a free informal Sri Lankan Cooking demonstration. It’s not quite a cooking course however our guests take notes and try some of the recipes out once they get back home.

Sri Lanka is a culinary Paradise!

The local ingredients picked from fertile land, combined with spices brought to the Island by Portuguese, Dutch and British colonists and the influence of Arab, Malay and Indian flavours, over several centuries, has resulted in a special cuisine where there are subtle differences around the Island.

Being a port on the silk route we should not be surprised that traders brought a wide range of produce that has been immersed into the local dishes.

Although the Island is small, (similar inside to Ireland), the growing conditions and local weather in different part of the isle means that the North, South, East and West all have different tastes and interpretations of the food they offer.

It’s not all about chilli peppers!

There are so many spices, fruits and vegetables that grow well in the Island that your plate is not just about getting a hit from one of the variety of chilli peppers grown here

Sri Lanka reputedly grows the best Cinnamon in the World and this is an ingredient that you will find in many dishes.

Cloves, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Pepper, Chillies, and Vanilla are just some of the spices that are grown on the land at GlenMyu Estate and are used in the dishes we offer on our menu.

Here are a few pictures of some of the produce that we are growing in the garden.

To find out more about GlenMyu Estate, Haputale please click on the following link.

Join in with the cooking at GlenMyu Estate

We don’t run an official Sri Lankan Cooking course at the Estate but we have found that many of our guests are interested in Sri Lankan cooking.

We provide an informal Sri Lankan Cooking demonstration where we encourage our guests to join in. 

Ruwanthi will take you around the garden to pick some of the organic produce that will be used as ingredients for some of the dishes.

On returning to the kitchen you will be asked to join in preparing the dishes by our dynamic duo Ruwanthi and her mother.  We also will have other workers that assist and help with preparing the ingredients and dishes.

Jackfruit is picked from the trees on the estate and is one of the ingredients for the Sri Lankan sharing platter. This is a dish we regularly demonstrate in our informal cookery course.

Our cooking demonstration is informal and you will have the opportunity to watch the dishes being made and Ru will explain about the ingredients we use. Don’t worry, there is no test at the end of the demonstration, just a lovely meal.

It has been known however, for Ru to hand you a pestle and mortar and get you to work helping to prepare a dish!

Our Sri Lankan Sharing Platter - a guest favourite!

The Sri Lankan sharing platter is a vegetarian selection of Sri Lankan curries which vary depending on the availability of fresh produce. We normally run our informal Sri Lankan Cookery course and demonstration when guests order this meal.

Typically it includes a Jackfruit Curry (Great protein!), Aubergine Curry, Plantain Curry, Malum (green healthy leaves) and a salad.

We serve the Sri Lankan Sharing platter with homemade Paratha or with rice for our Vegan guests. 

Ru’s mum is a master with the knife and here she is cutting a banana flower which is one of the ingredients of her curries.

Ru lived in London for around sixteen years and is therefore experienced in cooking to a Western palette. She is fully aware that the level of Chillies and Pepper added to the dishes has to be pared down significantly for most of our guests.

However, here is Ru missing her mother putting in a little bit too much chilli during the informal Sri Lankan Cooking Demonstration and course!

It's not all about Sri Lankan Curries!

Ru makes her own fresh pasta for another favourite dish of mine and the guests – Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli.

In effect you may end up picking and cooking your evening meal.

We are always delighted if guests want to join in and we encourage them to do so.

If you end up making a dish or two when you get home it really warms our hearts!

Find our more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate

We only have three bedrooms so we can be booked out quite early in certain time of the year so if you wish to book please try to book early.

We are listed on and Airbnb however please contact on the WhatsApp button on our website for the best rates.

Sri Lankan Cooking Demonstration Read More »

Amma's Sri Lankan sharing platter.

Vegan Recipes our Guests Love

Vegan Recipes at GlenMyu Estate

At GlenMyu Estate we have adapted our menus to reflect our guests tastes and requirements. We have been surprised and delighted that we have had so many guests that are Vegan since we opened in late 2022. Our guests enjoy the Vegan recipes that Ru cooks for them and here are some Vegan Recipes that our guests love.

Why Vegan?

Well, I guess we have to move with the times. In order to care for the planet, use locally produced ingredients and change to a more healthy lifestyle is reason enough.

We don’t profess to be a Vegan venue and will always cater for the range of guests that visit GlenMyu Estate, however, we have found that there is a growing demand for Vegetarian or Vegan food. 

It’s amazing that, when we have a pair of guests, one Vegan or Vegetarian and one that eats meat, after sampling the Vegan or Vegetarian food that we serve then often the request is for non meat from then on.

Another reason for concentrating on Vegan and Vegetarian food is that we grow organic produce at the 5 acre estate and we like to serve food with ingredients that is as fresh and tasty as we can.
We don’t have the ability to serve everything we need from the garden however it is important to us to support local producers and help the local economy.

Other options are available!

We still serve fish or chicken if our guests request this. As we are and Island surrounded by water it would be wrong for us not to offer a seafood option.

Our aim at GlenMyu Estate.

Our aim however, if we can make it economically viable is to mainly cater to Vegan and Vegetarian clients in the future. We would hope that our non vegetarian guests would be happy to forego meat as the food is so tasty. So, I guess that it is over to you! If we have mainly Vegan or Vegetarian guests and can make it work we will be able to achieve our aim.

Nevertheless, we aim to make GlenMyu Estate the go-to place in Sri Lanka for fabulous Vegan and Vegetarian food.

Great ingredients in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka is a country that is abundant in vegetables, fresh fruits, herbs and spices. That is why Sri Lanka is a great destination choice for Vegans and Vegetarians. Rice and Curry is a staple meal in Sri Lanka.

There are many variations of Sri Lankan Vegetable curry and the ingredients will vary from house to house, restaurant to restaurant and hotel to hotel.

We provide garden tours at GlenMyu Estate so you can see where the ingredients is sourced from.

There are some classic Sri Lankan recipes that you will find on your travels around the Island. You will find that there may be slight differences to recipes and tastes around the country. I have found that Parripu (Dhal Curry/Red Lentil Curry) changes in density and taste depending upon who makes the curry and what additional ingredients they use.

Varieties of Rice

In Sri Lanka there is a large variety of types of rice which also changes the taste of your meal. Back in the UK we would normally buy Basmati Rice, Long Grain or  Brown Rice (or Arborio when making Risotto).

In Sri Lanka you will come across healthy Red Rice, Rose Rice and White Rice in most shops.

Varieties include:

Kuruluthuda wee.

Each type of rice brings a different texture and taste to your dish. 

You can read more about the different types of rice in Sri Lanka in the following link.

Guest favourites at GlenMyu Estate Hotel

Here are some of the Vegan recipes that our guests love at GlenMyu Estate.

Ru keeps experimenting with new recipes from ingredients grown on the 5 acre estate so there will be more exciting meals to sample in the future at GlenMyu Estate.

Sri Lankan Vegetarian Sharing Platter

Although this meal is called Vegetarian, it is actually Vegan. 

This is the most popular choice for our guests that stay with us at GlenMyu Estate, whether they are Vegan, Vegetarian or meat eaters. 

Ru’s mother is the main chef preparing this meal and she regularly does a complimentary cooking demonstration which our guests love. Some even get involved on the cooking themselves.


The Sri Lankan sharing platter dishes vary depending upon what ingredients are available from the garden and to purchase from local suppliers.

Normally it would include one or two types of Jackfruit curry, Aubergine (Eggplant) curry, Banana curry, Kohlu (a lentil curry), Mallum and a fish tasting salad.

The platter is normally served with Parathas which are wonderful for dipping into the different dishes and soaking up the gravy.

Find our more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate Hotel

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Our food menus are regularly updated on our website.

Please visit our food menus at this link.

Mushrooms in Cashew Sauce

Another favourite dish which has a taste of this Tropical Island.

Abalone or Oyster mushrooms (whatever is available locally and fresh) in a creamy cashew sauce served with green beans and a fresh side salad.

Breads are also served and a delicious soaked in the cashew sauce ensuring the cleanest of plates.

Roasted Pumkin Ravioli.

Handmade Ravioli stuffed with roasted pumpkin served with tile bread and red pepper salsa.

Ru is happy to show you how she makes the Ravioli from scratch.

Ru Making pasta at GlenMyu Estate.
Please subscribe to her channel Ru’s Recipes for more videos and YouTube Shorts.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Macaroni serves with Cashew Cheese.

Mushroom Risotto

A classic mushroom risotto.

Pulled Jackfruit Burger.

Jackfruit harvested from the garden in a Barbecue Sauce served with chunky chips and fresh crispy salad. 

The chips will be made with potato or sweet potato depending upon what is available.

Soups, Soups, Soups

Although we are on a Tropical Island sometimes there is nothing better than a hearty soup. 

The temperatures in the Hill Country of Sri Lanka get cooler in the evenings and therefore a warming soup accompanied;anied with freshly made bread is a really comforting light evening meal.

Our favourites are:

Carrot & Ginger – a touch of ginger really adds to that warming taste.

Roasted Pumpkin – we love pumpkin. When it is roasted and blended it makes a delicious soup.

Leek and Potato – another homey staple that is a simple winner with our guests.

We have Vegan Desserts too!

Sometimes you just need sweetness to finish a delicious meal.

Fresh Fruits with Vegan Ice Cream – A simply classical dessert.

Pineapple and Cinnamon Sorbet – Locally sourced Pineapple and Cinnamon from the garden at GlenMyu Estate.

Baked Banana, Banana Sorbet topped with Caramelised Cashew Nuts – naughty be soo, so nice.

Rice pudding with freshly cut oranges – Mandarin oranges sourced from our garden.

Read our reviews - see what our guests think of our food.

Our guests love the food that we serve. Please see our reviews on Booking.Com, Airbnb, Google and TripAdvisor.

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The food is exceptional, with products directly grown in the garden.

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Garden tours around GlenMyu Estate

Garden Tour

Garden Tour around GlenMyu Estate

At GlenMyu Estate we find that one of the highlights for our guests is to enjoy a relaxed and informal garden tour around the 5 acre estate.

We are continuously landscaping parts of the estate and we see it as a forever work in progress. It’s enjoyable experimenting with different fruits, vegetables, spices, trees and other plants to see what works in different areas around the land.

Our aim is to reinstate many endemic plants and trees in conjunction with developing a fruit forest. We want to encourage more wildlife to come and live and forage on the land.

Guests enjoying the garden at GlenMyu Estate.

The fruits, vegetables and spices that we grow on the estate are used as ingredients for the dishes Ru serves to our guests. You will see that we have planted all around the 5 acre estate so that the wildlife can eat some of the produce in a peaceful environment.

It’s amazing how quickly some of the plants grow and some of our Avocado, Jackfruit, Clove and  Mango trees have been established over a few years.

We have made pathways around the estate which makes it safe and easy to walk and enjoy the surroundings. There are part of the land which are quite steep so you can get a bit of a workout on your walk during your garden tour.
There are several places to sit, rest and enjoy the surroundings whilst listening to nature provide its’ background music.

A little bit of history to the Land.

GlenMyu Estate was originally part of the much larger Viharaghalla Tea estate and our 5 acres was abandoned many years ago. It was subsequently used as a sugar cane estate. We understand that this ceased when the government started importing cheaper sugar cane making it unviable enterprise for a previous owner of the land.

A lot has changed.

The current owner, Ru (my wife), bought the land almost 20 years ago. It was a real gamble as we could not navigate the 5 acres as it was totally overgrown. It was also raining when we viewed the property and, unprepared for rain, we only ventured in around 200 metres.
Despite not seeing much of the property, the decision was made to go ahead with the purchase, at least to get a foothold in the area.

Although we looked for other lands to buy around the country, something kept bringing us back to Beragala. We eventually fell in love with the area and the search for something better was over.

If you saw the land, overgrown with Guinea Grass (used as cow fodder) and looking like a jungle, you may well have asked “What have you done”.
However Ru felt that the climate, the availability of water and electricity was at least something positive about the land.

There were some large established trees on the land also which were regularly used by monkeys as their playground.

The Climate

What I love about GlenMyu Estate and this little piece of the Hill Country is the climate. Sri Lanka doesn’t have seasons like were experienced in Europe, however it does have 2 monsoon seasons. 

Fortunately for GlenMyu Estate, we are located in a place where we don’t experience the full wrath of either monsoon and are in the Inter-Monsoon area.

It you visit one of the many weather websites you can see that Beragala or Viharagala has an average annual temperature in of 21.3 °C (70.4 °F). The annual rainfall is 1652 mm ( 65.0 inch).

You can see the weather forecast for Beragala at Meteologix or for Viharagala at JustWeather.

Why I love it at GlenMyu Estate!

For me, most of the year is like a reasonable English Summer and I can be in shorts and a t-shirt all year round. We do have some rainier periods (Mid-April until Mid-June and Mid-September until Mid-December) which helps with the garden and the planting we do. 

Climate change however, appears to have had some affect on the normal wetter and drier periods and we can never be certain when the weather will change.

Developing the garden

My wife and I don’t have much experience of developing a garden. And, we certainly didn’t think we were capable of making something that would be of such interest to our guests.

Fortunately, along with the internet and a few books, we have some wonderful neighbours who held our hands part of the way. Some of our neighbours have been living in the area for 40 years, some are botanists and some have developed forests. We fell we are very lucky to have such an abundance of resources and knowledge locally.

The Plant Nurseries (both private and government run) have also been very helpful in providing advice.
There is also a great Ayurvedic Plant Nursery in Haldumulla who supplied many of the endemic plants we are re-introducing to the land.

Also, you will find that the older generation of Sri Lankans have a good knowledge of plants, where they grow and what benefits (including medicinal) they have.

Sometimes nature tells you what you can plant by establishing certain types of trees and plants in the land. We have learnt by trying something in one place and mother nature lets us know whether it will work or not.

Protecting the top soil and securing the slope

As we are in the hill country and there are periods where the rain can be heavy there can be small land slips. One of the most important things we have done is to secure the slopes by planting trees to ensure that the ground has a strong foothold.
One of our neighbours alerted us to creating hedgerows on the land along contour lines which helps stabilise the land.
You can read more about SALT technology on this article by International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) 

What will you see on the garden tour at GlenMyu Estate?

Well, that depends on who is taking you on our garden tour!
If I take you I always say to guests that you get the second class tour!
The reason being is that my wife has planned and planted most of the garden (with help from the staff off course!).
Therefore, my knowledge is quite a bit less and although I am learning, I’m sure that there are things that I miss.

Ru showing some guest around the garden close to the Pomelo Tree.

My wife, Ru, normally picks salad leaves and other vegetables and fruits from the garden and sometimes includes this as part of her tour. I stay well away from the vegetable garden – it’s her domain!

Here are just some of the fruits, vegetables and spices that you will see on the tour of the garden. (There are many more but Ru will let you know!).

Yams, Jackfruit, Avocado, Lettuce, Cucumbers, Spring Onions, Tomatoes

Cloves, Cardamon, Cinnamon, Curry Leaf, pepper, coffee, 

Papayas, Bananas, Mandarin Oranges, Lemons, Mangos, Pomello, Passionfruit, Giant Passionfruit.

I have planted lots of trees myself since being at GlenMyu Estate . If I eat a good Avocado, Mango or Jackfruit, I normally save the seed and plant it somewhere on the land.
The plan is to eventually grow a fruit first which will be good for us, our guests and the animals that visit the property. We want to encourage more endemic species back to the property by providing an environment where they can thrive. We have already seen lots of Crane Flies (daddy long legs), Fireflies and Butterflies visit the property to eat. Occasionally we will see some deer at parts of the property that have been left for the wildlife.
In future we expect to see a large variety of frogs and birds come to GlenMyu Estate to forage.

You will see on your garden tour that lots of the trees I have planted are far away from the property. Therefore we are unlikely to be able to protect and eat the fruits from these trees and they will be a good source of food for the birds, monkeys and squirrels.

An informal garden tour - Don't expect Kew Gardens!

We offer the gardens tours to guests that stay at GlenMyu Estate and it is a relaxed and informal wander around the garden. It’s not a formal garden tour by a botanist or student of  the subject. Both Ru and I are enthusiastic and interested in what we are developing on the estate and I’m sure that this will come through on the tour.

I look at our garden tour as similar to our cooking demonstrations – relaxed and informal …. and a bit of fun.

Find out more about a stay in the Sri Lankan Hill Country

If you want to find out more about a stay at GlenMyu Estate please visit our website.

You will also find us on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook (Meta!).

You can readout reviews on Google,, Airbnb and Tripadvisor.

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Our Cow and a dog. Wandering around GlenMyu Estate. Inspires my though for the day

We got a cow!

We got a cow!

In December 2022 we got a cow.

I didn’t want a cow however, my wife was determined to get a cow, so we have a cow!
If you know my wife, she normally gets her way.

We had several discussions over the last few years about a cow and I was adamant that we would not have a cow at GlenMyu Estate.
I had several concerns about taking on this responsibility. One of the main ones was the terrain which is quite steep in places. I was worried about a cow having a fall and breaking a leg. Also, I was concerned that we would start racking up vet bills if the cow fell ill. Many of our neighbours that have cows (mainly for milking) appear to have the government vet visiting them often.
The other main concern was that it was another level of responsibility that we would be committed to.

Organic Farming and Cows

Cow manure is an important part of organic farming. It has high levels of minerals and nutrients which are one of the best natural fertilisers used in organic gardens. Using cow dung to nourish the soil eliminates the requirement for chemicals and pesticides.
By having a cow at Glenmyu Estate we also do not have to use fossil fuels to transport manures and compost to the property reducing our carbon footprint.

There are many articles providing information on the benefits of uing cow dung/manure in an organic garden or farming.  Home Biogas outlines these benefits.

Science Direct provides a good history and data about cow manure.

This cow is not for milking

At GlenMyu Estate we are happy for Malli just to provide us with manure. We just want her to lead a good, stress free and comfortable life. There is no need for Malli to go down the route to provide us with milk. We have plenty of neighbours that have cows where we can buy milk when we want to make ice cream or cheese. As Malli was premature she may not be able to produce milk successfully and we do not want to put her through that stress.

Malli our Cow

Eating our flowers

Initially we were really pleased with what Malli was grazing on. Having been confined to a small shed before arriving at GlenMyu Estate’s 5 acres, she was fed grains as there was no where to forage. It was like having a smorgasbord with the offerings at the land. She went from place to place sampling new tastes and didn’t stay in one place for too long.

I was pleased as she was eating some grass where I would normally have to strim with my brush-cutter to keep the growth at bay.  

She also provided the manure that we were after for our organic garden so all was good. 

Well, it was, until she decided that flowers were tasty. She managed to destroy quite a lot of the planting alongside the main lawn at the estate which had been painstakingly maintained by Ru and the gardeners.

Shouts of “Malli No!”became a new sound often heard in the garden.

Imprisoned - for part of the day.

In order to get Malli to concentrate on what we would like her to graze on (and protect our flowers) she is now tied in an area for a few hours a day. She does a good job there and is later released from her bondage to roan freely. There are still cries of “Malli No!”, however, they are getting less frequent.

We have come to the conclusion that losing some flowers is a compromise that is worth making.

Funny Cow anecdotes are starting to pop up

Malli has only been with us a short time but already there are some events that are making us laugh.

Papaya - No it’s for the chickens!

We normally give the leftover or spoilt papaya to our chickens. Malli loves Papaya.
Our Walli Amma was taking some Papaya peelings to the chicken shed but met Malli on the way. It is quite a narrow pathway and therefore is single file only.
Malli wouldn’t let her pass until she had given her some of the Papaya peelings! After a while Walli Amma realised that the chickens would be without their snack if Malli had her way. She dropped some Papaya on the floor and managed to slide past Malli and make her way to deliver the remnants of the fruit to the chickens!

A taste for Jackfruit

Ru was trying to take Malli around the pathway in below the house to graze on some of the foliage there.
As soon as she let go of her rope Malli went tearing off completing the circuit to where one of our staff was taking a Jackfruit off the tree.
Malli loves Jackfruit!
When Ru found her she was just standing by the Jackfruit Tree looking upwards. She wouldn’t move until she was given a chunk of the fruit!

Customer feedback about the cow!

The reaction from our guests so far has been great. They love the story and that she has been rescued from a dangerous situation.
Malli looks great in the environment and adds some additional life and colour to the Estate.

When guests have found out we have a cow they have immediately asked to see her and be “introduced”.

One of our guests had to say a last goodbye when they were leaving.

We have a great picture of one of our guests feeding Malli some Papaya. It was a special experience for both parties!
She is becoming quite a character
Malli has quickly become one of the family here at GlenMyu Estate.

Our Cow and a dog. Wandering around GlenMyu Estate. Inspires my though for the day

A turnaround

I must admit that I have changed.

Malli is a real asset for the Estate and has become part of the experience for guests at the estate. My fears of Malli destroying large parts of our work and making lots of unwanted noise has not come to fruition. The main issues are whether we can keep “some” of our flowers and whether we can dodge the cowpats before they are picked up and added to the compost.
Unfortunately, during my brush-cutting, I have not seen one of Malli’s fresh offerings and been “splattered” which is not a pretty sight!

My concerns have been lifted

The main reasons why I didn’t want a cow have mainly disappeared.
Malli bounds around the property without fear or concern. I have been really surprised on how she manages to get up to steeper parts of the land when she forages.
She appears to have settled into the climate and environment quite quickly and despite being premature she shows no sign of needing a vet.
It also turns out that one of our staff has experience in looking after cows and he has taken on the main part of this responsibility that I was concerned about.

Early days - don't speak too soon!

We are still in the early days of Malli being at GlenMyu Estate but most of my concerns have been lifted.

Meet Malli, our chickens and our ducks

If you want a holiday with a difference in Sri Lanka, then maybe GlenMyu Estate is the experience for you. To find out more please visit our website  or contact Ru on WhatsApp for direct booking rates.

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Ducks at GlenMyu Estate

The Good Life

The Good Life in the 21st Century

Are we living “The Good Life” at GlenMyu Estate, Beragala, Sri Lanka in the 21st Century?
This is something that I have thought about often as I strim the lawns & pathways around the 5 acre estate in anticipation of our next guests.
For me, it’s very important to keep the grass height. At a low level to make a walk around the land an enjoyable experience. It also makes the Estate look fabulous and me particularly proud of the work.

The Good Life - the sitcom

British sitcom “The Good Life” consisted of 30 episodes running from 1975 to 1978. As there were only a few television channels in the UK during the 1970’s and 1980’s the hit series was rerun often. 

The Series starts with the midlife crisis of Tom Good, a 40 year old plastics designer. He and his wife Barbara attempt to escape from the “rate race”. The couple try to become self sufficient in their suburban house in Surbiton (a neighbourhood in South West London).

They change their gardens into allotments to grow fruits and vegetables. Tom and Barbara introduce chickens, pigs and goats into their garden. They try to make their own electricity, clothes and sell and barter their produce reducing the amount of money they need.

Their neighbours, Margo and Jerry, are horrified by what Tom and Barbara are doing next door. This is where a lot of the comedy for the series is generated. They are often placated by the Goods very strong homemade wine.

An enjoyable watch.

When I watched the repeats of the sitcom in the UK and I remember finding it a little bit boring and frustrating as a young child who preferred his comedy in the form of cartoons.

The Good Life - GlenMyu Estate, Beragala, Haputale, Sri Lanka

My wife always dreamed of owning her own farm in the mountains, having animals and being self sufficient.

I must admit, I don’t remember her mentioning this to me over the years we have been together, until we settled in Sri Lanka.
We had met in London and I always understood that Ru wanted to move back to Sri Lanka to spend more time with her parents as they get older.
Maybe I wasn’t listening at the right time!

Showing our guests around GlenMyu Estate on the garden tour.
The House at GlenMyu Estate, Hotel and Bed & Breakfast, Haputale, Sri Lanka.

Did you plan this?

I had never aspired to become a farmer however, there appeared to be a movement during ones “middle age” contemporaries of ours moved out of London for a more suburban or rural life.

Every so often I read in various newspapers, magazines and articles about professionals leaving the “rate race” changing career to something more artisan and moving to the countryside.
I read books about people moving to France, Italy or Spain and renovating an old property and starting their own business. I watched YouTube videos of renovations of old farmhouses in France and Spain.

It was an attractive idea but I questioned my confidence to enter into a new venture after being part of an institution and system for so long

A special song.

A song replayed on repeat in the back of my mind which gave me some impetus in part to consider a change. “Rat Race” by the Coventry Ska Band “The Specials” really did resonate over the years.
I was however, very thankful for the experience, lifestyle, opportunities and so many more things that my career had given me. There were lots of good times over the years, great colleagues and clients that made the commitment worthwhile.

Changes made me look for a change

As with most industries, things change and some of that enjoyment (in the good old days) are not there anymore.

I also was aware that if I did not make a change my health would deteriorate.
Every morning I would go to the gym before work, sometimes have a session with my personal trainer and try to change the results of the bad habits I had picked up over the years.
Too many lunches with clients, drinks with colleagues at the end of the day and exploits after playing rugby on a Saturday had taken its toll

Decision made - lets go.

Once the decision was made to relocate to Sri Lanka it was quite a relief that I didn’t have to do the commute to work and all that a day in the office entails.

It was scary. Having been used to the comfort of collecting my monthly salary to having no pay and trying to live off savings it was a large ask. This was the big test. Can we change from being employees to working for ourselves?

Fast forward 6 plus years we have managed the challenges and struggles to create a small business that allows us to pay our way.
The huge task of building a property, managing a 5 acre estate and dealing with all kinds of contractors in a new country was something that nearly broke us. We could see why the couples that built their Grand Designs Homes were under so much stress and endured the levels of frustration trying to build their dream homes.

Challenges - but worth it.

Sri Lanka has had its’ challenges as a country whilst we have been here and it will continue to do so for some years to come until it can get itself back on its’ feet economically

However, we love it here. 

Are we living the Good Life?

My wife and I do feel that we are living the good life.

We have a collection of ducks, chickens, dogs along with a cow on the estate.
There are a variety of fruits and vegetables that we are growing that helps to feed ourselves, our workers and the guests.
Any food waste is composted or eaten by the chickens or the dogs.

Let's be creative.

Ru has been very creative in the dishes we eat and serve to our guests using as much as we can from the land. We do not add any chemical and pesticides to what we grow so are as organic as we can be. Our diet has changed to one based a lot on the convenience of meat in the UK to a more plant based diet. We eat some chicken and fish occasionally however are fully satisfied with the delicious vegetarian and vegan dishes we create.

If you look at our food menus you should get a grasp of the idea.

Mainly plant based but....

We do serve chicken or fish dishes to our guests if required but we have found that most people are really happy with the plant based dishes we offer once they have tasted them.

It is great that wee have learnt so much about farming and operating a small bed & breakfast business over the last few years.  Howver, we continue to learn.

We love meeting guests which adds so much to our Good Life.

Welcoming guests and getting to know about their lives back in their respective countries adds so much value and interest to our lives. We have met people from different countries that have different and interesting professions that we would not have met in our lives in the UK.

Would we recommend the Good Life?

Well, for us, this was the right time in our lives to make the change. We also think it is inevitable for the benefit of the planet and all who live here. More people will need to carry out some of the concepts we are practising. Some are already doing this. Composting food waste, eating mainly organic, turning to a plant based diet and planting more trees.
Since we have been living in Sri Lanka we have reduced our consumption, partly as a lack of choice available in the supermarkets, but also because we feel that we don’t need as much.

Less consumption is more!

Both of us were never wanting the latest Apple I-Phone, a new car every year or the hippest fashion. The environment where we live has meant that we don’t need new clothes as often due to working on the land and on the farm.
We are too busy for our time to be consumed by the amount of television that we watched in the UK. That being said we do watch some TV and series every so often.
Our wine consumption has reduced as it is quite expensive being imported so we are a little bit more healthy.
We no longer spend hours at a desk looking at a screen as we have work to do around the property. It has the benefit of us feeling physically stronger (especially walking up and down the hills).
My wife used to fly quite a lot for work and this is an experience that she does not miss.
We both have much more interest in the environment, trees, plants and what food we can grow locally.

In conclusion.

So, in conclusion, if you are able and it is the right time for you, we would highly recommend it.

If you are interested in visiting GlenMyu Estate and experiencing the Good Life in the Sri Lankan Hill Country please visit our website to find out more.

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The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie

Papaya and Banana Smoothie

Papaya and Banana Smoothie

I love my Papaya and Banana Smoothie in the morning.

I feel that it provides me with a healthy start to the day.

It’s also delicious, so it’s also something that I really look forward to almost every day.

Did you know that there is more than one type of Banana?

We are very luck in Sri Lanka to have a variety of Bananas all of which have their own unique taste. Whilst living in London we only sampled the Cavendish Bananas which were imported fro the West Indies and South America.

It was quite a taste sensation trying out the different types of Banana that are available in  Sri Lanka. If you are going to visit I would recommend that you ask your guide to buy a variety of bananas and see what the difference in the tastes are for yourself.

It's never boring!

The good thing about the variety of bananas means that my smoothie never gets boring as the taste changes throughout the year as different type of banana are available.

We pick our Papayas and Bananas from the garden

At GlenMyu Estate both Papayas and Bananas grow really well. All our produce is organic and you can really taste the goodness in our fruits and vegetables. 

The Papayas sweetness does vary throughout the year depending on how much rainfall we get. 

There are also several different type of Papayas and therefore the taste of my smoothie changes depending what has come off the tree.

What happens when the bananas get too old?

When we get a hand of bananas from our tree there is too much to eat before they go all black and mushy.

Of course we distribute some of the bananas to our friends and family. Also our workers on the estate are provided with bananas when they take a break. 

Actually, some are also left near where the monkeys that forage close to the estate eat so some animals also get a share!

Even distributing bananas results in a large amount leftover which would go off. 

We peel the bananas and keep them in the freezer so that they can be added to a smoothie when we are out of fresh bananas.

As they are coming from the freezer there is no need to ass ice to the smoothie for that cool taste.

Making a Papaya & Banana Smoothie - It’s so easy!

My method for making a Papaya and Banana Smoothie is quite simple.

Peel and cube half of a Papaya.

Peel and chop two of three bananas, depending upon taste.

Add some water.

Whizz in the blender until there are no lumps and pieces of fruit.

Sit back and enjoy natures goodness!

Bananas for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
Bananas for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya for the Papaya and Banana Smoothie
The Papaya and Banana Smoothie ready to be blended
Water added - The Papaya and Banana Smoothie ready to be blended

Other Smoothie recipes that I love

Banana and Rose Apple Smoothie

Rose apples do not have a really strong taste however it’s amazing what it does when you add it to bananas and a little bit of yoghurt to make a smoothie!

The colour turns a lovely shade of pink and It has a taste similar to a strawberry smoothie.

Here are some other recipes that I have found on the web that I like:

try our Papaya and Banana Smoothie onHoliday in Sri Lanka

If you are holidaying in Sri Lanka and are in the Hill Country near to Ella, Beragala, Haputale and Nuwara Eliya you may want to stay at GlenMyu Estate to experience the smoothies for yourself.

We have three guest bedrooms with spectacular views of the hills leading to the South coast.

The five acre estate is a calm and peaceful place for you to stay and get closer to nature.

Our guests really enjoy a tour around the garden to see what other fruits and vegetables we grow here.

Please click on this link to our website for further details.

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An Egg Hunt ….but it’s not Easter!!!

An Egg Hunt… but it’s not Easter

It’s been a really steep learning curve being new to raising ducks and only being 18 months in

It started with a ......

A spur of the moment birthday present for my wife in late 2019 brought four ducklings to GlenMyu Estate. 

We didn’t know at the time that you cannot work out the sex of the duckling until it grows a bit and therefore we were unsure what mix of a batch we had picked from the retailer.

Waiting, waiting and......

Ducklings at GlenMyu Estate.

We waited with anticipation and we thought that we were lucky as it turned out we had two males and two females. We thought we would have a stream of eggs coming from these pairs in the coming months.

Little did we realise that there is a rule of thumb ratio of one male to four or five female ducks however we were soon to find this out. From the markings we appeared to have two Muscovy Ducks and two ….well we don’t really know what they are!

The dominant Drake would bully the Muscovy Drake and it was pitiful to watch. 

One day the Muscovy Drake decided enough was enough and flew away never to be seen again despite and extensive search by us and our team. We often think about what happened to him. Did he manage to survive or was he lunch for a mongoose or one of the other predators that may be hiding in the forests.

Anguish and agony!

The remaining Muscovy female was a little bit lost for a few days however settled into life with her duck house mates. 

The Muscovy female decided one day that she was going to sit on her eggs and our egg production was reduced however, we were intrigued to see what would happen

Amazing Mother Nature.

We are amazed by mother nature and how animals, without any training or knowledge, instinctively mate, deliver and care for their offspring.

Been here....done it!

We had witnessed this with our first dog, Clove, who had been on heat whilst we were in Colombo and we missed the boat on getting her spayed to avoid adding to the already large number of dogs in the community. 

Clove was so young but delivered, cleaned and fed her seven puppies to our astonishment and admiration. We were disappointed that she decided after three or four weeks feeding them was too much of a bother and handed the responsibility over to us!

Mama Duck.

Mama Duck, as she is now known, also instinctively did what was required to see seven eggs through to the emergence of seven beautiful, cute, and hungry ducklings.

Mama Duck has turned out to be quite prolific and has delivered several batches of new life since. 

The Lonely Duckling.

We have one of her offspring who are now sitting on its own batch of eggs and we are awaiting to see if she are as successful as their mother is. Mama Duck is also sitting on eggs so we are expecting lots of new arrivals in late July or early August.

Both females are sitting on eggs in the security of the greenhouse and duck house. This is a first as Mama Duck usually sets up her next near our Temple Rock which is not secure from predators and we have had many nights of lost sleep concerned about her safety. We are sleeping better now knowing that they are better protected and can be locked in at night.

You have to laugh.

We joke that every morning we have to go on an egg hunt to find where the ducks have laid their eggs so we can collect them. They can lay their eggs in the most awkward of places and are really good at hiding them!

Hide and Seek!

One of the other females is now laying and hiding her eggs in anticipation of sitting on them delivering more life to GlenMyu. She has tried a few spots before settling on one place.

Around six thirty this morning I decided I would go open an egg hunt and watch where she went after her morning dip in the stream. 

I kept my distance and had an idea of roughly where she was sitting.

At around midday I had a look at the spot and eventually uncovered five eggs well hidden by leaves, grass and other flora. I took a short video showing what I found.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

GlenMyu Estate is listed on and Airbnb.
Contact us by the WhatsApp button on our website for direct booking rates.

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