Do you ever get bored of this view?

I am often asked “Do you ever get bored of this view?”. Here are our reasons why you should experience the changing vista at GlenMyu Estate.

Fortunately, nothing stays the same.

I remember being invited to my friends rental apartment on the 28th floor of the famous Barbican Centre in the City of London. The building is Grade 2 listed and an example of Brutalist Architecture.  You can read more about the history of the Barbican Centre here. 

The view includes St Pauls Cathedral, The London Eye, Tower Bridge along with many iconic newly built office buildings including the Gherkin, The Walkie Talkie, Nat West Tower and ….. Architects are always trying to push the envelope and create their stamp on the vista with incredible structures that will make their name and win some awards.

When my wife and I sat in the lounge of the apartment we discussed whether seeing this view everyday would get boring. 

The landscape always changes

As we sat there I looked at the cranes erupting into the sky as they continuously worked on changing the horizon and the view we were admiring. Working in London you get to know that there is always new developments taking place. I used to work next to the Gherkin and the Lloyds building and watched the “Cheesegrater” being built next door. The building I was working in was down to be developed shortly afterwards to “keep up with the Joneses”.

So, the horizon was forever changing as cranes were moved from project to project. A sparkly new skyscraper meant there was something new to look at.

The seasons change the vista to keep the boredom factor low!

In the UK the seasons provide a changing backdrop to the vista. In the summer the light does not fade until 11 p.m. or so and evening colours bring life to what you see. During the depths of winter darkness comes around 4 p.m. and the fluorescent lights of offices and vehicle headlights forge their way through the blackness.

These elements ensure that there is always life to what you see and therefore the opportunity to get bored of this view dissipates

When my wife first bought the uncared for 5 acres in the Sri Lankan Hill Country almost twenty years ago we could not see a view. 

After moving to the wilderness and slowly clearing the land with a machete in hand to see what she had purchased we still did not know we had a view.

It was only as the structure of the house at GlenMyu Estate was in its’ infancy that my wife climbed onto the beams that she saw the view. Although she encouraged me to come and join her on the platform, I sensible decided I would take her at her word and wait until there was a proper safe passage there whereby I would avoid an unwanted ride to Diyatalawa Hospital!

When it was revealed it was Wow!

Eventually when there was a safe place to stand I understood why my wife was so excited. The view was truly amazing. Looking down towards the Southern coast of the island there were beautiful hills being bathed in sunlight. We had a clear view of Udawalawe reservoir which hosts a National Park which is important for the Elephants and other animals that reside there. It is also important to hold the water during the drier season that are essential for the farmers to irrigate their paddy fields and other crops when the rain does not fall.

Maybe it was a stroke of luck purchasing the land, almost blindly, and being presented with this amazing scene. Sometimes, things are just meant to be. We thank nature often for delivering this to us and to the guests that stay at GlenMyu Estate.

Three storeys and a different view. Not bored at all!

There are many reasons why it is a challenge to get bored of this view.

Although walking up and down the steps at the house do not take you very far, the view on each level provides interests at every level. 

The top floor, where we reside, has the widest view of the landscape and perhaps we can see a little further than the floors below. We have a balcony at the entrance of our private space and guests are welcome to climb our stairs and see the view.

Although we live on the upper floor, I really enjoy the view from the middle floor where the Mango and Mahogany Bedrooms flank the communal lounge. 

A morning view from the Mango Bedroom at GlenMyu Estate.

Variety continues as you descend to the lower floor where you are nested within the trees. 

The three levels provide and different view and life and vitality to the house. I am amazed at the view as I descend and ascend on a daily basis and therefore boredom does not arise.

Seasons add to the entertainment!

GlenMyu Estate is located near Haputale in the Sri Lankan Hill Country. There are two monsoons that land on this paradise island.

The main southwest (“Yala”) monsoon brings rain to the west and southwest coasts and the hill country from April or May to September and is wettest from April to June. The less severe northeast (“Maha”) monsoon hits the east coast from November to March and is wettest from November to December.

Inbetween are two periods referred to as the intermonsoons: First Intermonsoon (March/April) and Second Intermonsoon (October/November).

The inter-monsoon period is characterised by light variable winds, warm weather and thunderstorms that can at times be heavy. Lightning activity tends to be higher during the inter-monsoon months than other months of the year.

We are located in the Inter Monsoon area and although there are some days in October and late April that we experience large downpours, we do not get the extremes of weather. I love the climate and can wear shorts and t-shirts for most of the year. 

Here are some videos from our YouTube Channel which provides an insight into what you may experience during a stay at GlenMyu Estate.

One of the things that I really enjoy at GlenMyu Estate is watching the changes in the clouds throughout the year. In August, our driest month, sometimes there is a clear view from the lounges with hardly a cloud in the sky. As we approach mis September and the rains are due, the cloud formations and the landscape we enjoys changes hour to hour and everyday.

Sometimes guests arrive in the late evening during a downpour and they ask what the weather will be like. Unfortunately as nature is in control I can never be certain apart from that fact that it is ever-changing. Most often when the guests wake up in the morning nature has been kind and delivers a beautiful scene and lots of “instagrammable moments”.

Whether the sky is full of darkening clouds or fluffy cumulus it brings an interest every day.

The seasons also determine what leaves and fruits are on the trees. The Sri Lankan Fig Tree that sits next to the Mahogany and Cinnamon Bedrooms comes to life with birds, squirrels and monkeys when it fruits. 

There is an old Lumunidella tree in front of the house where you can regularly see Langurs and Macaques eating the leaves on the beaches or just having fun, playing and hanging out. 

I take so many photos, Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts that it gets embarrassing!

The inspiring landscape encourages me to take lots of photos and videos on a regular basis. 

I remember speaking to one of my old friends about the amount of content I was posting on Facebook (Meta), Youtube and Instagram feeling that I was doing too much and people would get bored of seeing similar images. She encouraged me to post more and I followed her advice. I apologise if you get bored of seeing my posts but when you are here and experience a stay at GlenMyu Estate for yourself you may understand why I am inspired to post so much. Genuinely, I feel that so many other people need to experience the view for themselves and be affected by the emotions that mother nature delivers.

Okay, there are better view, but we love our one!

I acknowledge that there are some much more fantastic views around the island and the globe. When the house was built we did not know we had a view. If we did then maybe the angle of the house would have been rotated a little to get the best view. The sunset does not go down in front of the house and to the side. However, sometimes the light in the evening clouds at sunset provide some spectacular colours.

Come and enjoy the view - you wont get bored!

We love having guests come and visit our little piece of paradise and experiencing what we have tried to create at the estate. Every time a new persons comes I keep my fingers crossed that they get to see a clear view for at least one of the days they stay. Fortunately my hopes come true on a regular basis and it makes me so happy.

So, I will find it really difficult to get bored of this view that we have at GlenMyu Estate and hope that you come and experience what we fortunately get to see everyday.

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