Birds we have seen at GlenMyu Estate

At GlenMyu Estate we have seen lots of different types of birds since we have been living on this beautiful 5 acres in the Sri Lanka Hill Country.

My photographs are not that great and my SLR was inoperable some years ago so I have taken these pictures with my mobile phone or pocket Nikon camera.

I’m sure that you could do so much better than I have.

When I was younger I wasn’t as interested in birds however I was living in London and there was little to see.

Since moving to this beautiful Paradise Island my interest has changed so  much. It’s hard not to admire these beautiful creatures when they are singing early in the morning and swooping their way across the landscape.

Here are some of the birds that I have managed to capture, mainly from my pocket Nikon Camera.

Some of the birds have spectacular colours which are impossible to miss when enjoying the day at GlenMyu Estate.

Many of the bird are just too fast for me to catch or see. I have bought a set of binoculars so that I get to see some more of the species that visit the estate. I would recommend that you bring some binoculars with you when you stay at GlenMyu Estate Hotel so you don’t miss out.

There are lots of endemic birds that visit GlenMyu Estate. Once of our neighbours has seen almost half of the endemic species in Sri Lanka in the area. She has been birdwatching since she was a little girl and is full of knowledge and can even identify some from their birdsong.

Our own birds at GlenMyu Estate

We also have ducks and chickens at GlenMyu Estate.

They roam around the land and forage and are a delight to watch. I consider them my kind of meditation as I watch them wander and get on with their daily business.

Ever so often we have new life at GlenMyu Estate as the ducks and the chickens get broody from time to time and sit on their eggs. If you are lucky enough to be staying at GlenMyu Estate when they hatch you will be amazed on how quickly they adapt to life. We have seen duckings eating insects as soon as the hatch from the egg and also have seen some swimming on day one!

Nature is amazing and it is a great privilege living with nature.

GlenMyu Estate
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