The best places to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

We are often asked by guests that stay with us at GlenMyu Estate Hotel where are the best places to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

There are so many places of interest to visit on a day trip from the Estate that guests could stay at least a week and still not really get to see everything. That’s why we love it when they say they will be back ….and some have!

GlenMyu Estate is located 4 kilometres from Beragala Junction on the Wellawaya/Koslanda Road.

We are not in the heart of the action (which is what our guests love!) however we are close enough to intersperse enjoying our five acre estate with day trips to see the sights.

So many choices in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

The options that are available for you to visit include strenuous and lighter hikes, spectacular waterfalls, peaks and tea estates, gardens and a historic house.

Ella Town - only one hour away.

The tourist town of Ella is only one hour’s drive.

You can also experience some hikes, see a waterfall and visit the high street with the bars and the shops.
A day trip fro GlenMyu Estate to see Nine Arch Bridge is also a great experience and you can read about our own experience in the following article “Our Day Trip to Nine Arch bridge”.

Templed Out?

There are some temples of all (most) religions to see however, normally by the time guests have arrived at GlenMyu Estate they have seen enough Temples, Churches, Kovils and Mosques in Colombo, Kandy, the ancient cities of Anaradhapura and Polunaruwa.

The best places to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill Country.

We provide a list of places to visit in the Sri Lankan Hill Country reachable from GlenMyu Estate.

Our guests like different things and preferences differ.
The antithesis in an experience at Upper Diyaluma Waterfall compared to  Flying Ravana Zip Line is a contrasting example.

Some places are for the more adventurous and some for the more relaxed.

We have not placed the experiences in any order of preference as we know that everyone is different.

This is what make life interesting and is one reason why we love welcoming guests to GlenMyu Estate Hotel.

Wonderful Waterfalls

The Tallest and the Second Highest Waterfalls Sri Lanka are within one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

Less than one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate, Diyaluma Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka at 220 metres high.

This waterfall is the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka at a height of 263 metres. It is also the 461st tallest waterfall in the world!

The falls are located under one hours drive from GlenMyu Estate.

Of course, we can’t forget about Ravana Falls which are located outside of Ella Town and a good for part of your day trip.

Testing Treks and Happy Hikes.

Horton Plains National Park

This UNESCO Heritage Site is a mountain grassland and cloud forest.  It is between 2,100 and 2,100 metres in elevation and has an array of flora and fauna worth seeing alone. Horton Plains National Park also boasts two precipices and a beautiful waterfall to visit on this eleven kilometre hike. World’s End (870 metre drop) and Lesser World’s End (270 metre drop) are spectacular view points. Baker’s Falls is a stunning cascade of water, whatever the time of year.

This is a new 300 km trail with 22 stages that starts in Kandy and passes through Nuwara Eliya, Hatton, Haputale and Ella. 

You can read more about the Pekoe Trail at the official website. This is a new trail and in May 2023 some of our guests hiked from Haputale to Lipton’s Seat. They have shared their photographs with us. See our article “Photos of the Pekoe Trail”

We must also not forget the short hikes to Lipton’s Seat and Little Adam’s Peak.

A visit to Lipton’s Seat to see the view that the Tea Baron Sir Thomas Lipton surveyed his empire. It is a favourite place to visit for many of our guests who enjoy the short hike to the top. Many guests visit to the Dambethenna Tea Factory after the hike to see how tea is processed. 

Some of our visitors get up early in the morning to see the sunrise and come back to GlenMyu Estate for a late breakfast.

The two hour hike to the top of Little Adam’s Peak is quite easy and easy to find.

You will reach the peak which is an elevation of  1141 metres and see some beautiful views. 

Up for something a little tougher?

Ella Rock is a tougher hike to navigate. You can see more in this Vlog by

We can also provide you with a guide to see some of the hikes off the beaten track such as Pilkington Point and Millennium Point

Another good hike is to visit a remote school close to Koslanda. You can read about our experience in the following article.

A historic house.

Adisham Bungalow and St Benedict’s Monastery is located just outside Haputale.

The Bungalow was previously the country house of Sir Thomas Lester Villiers. It now it houses St. Benedict’s  Monastery  and has beautiful manicured gardens. There are three rooms in the main house that are available for guests to see.

You can read about our experience at our article “Our Day Trip to Adisham Bungalow”

A bit of bird watching.

Thangamale bird sanctuary is located on the same road before you approach Adisham Bungalow.

There are lots of birds that visit GlenMyu Estate. So if you just want a relaxing day you can just sit back and identify the different birds that visit the estate throughout the year.

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