Where is the best place to stay to visit Horton Plains, Sri Lanka?

Where is the best place to stay to visit Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka?

Here is why we think GlenMyu Estate is ideal for you.

So many options

Scroll through the web and you will find lots of places to stay when you visit Horton Plains National Park

What's important is" what do you really want?"

There are some places that are nearer to Horton Plains but, as of yet, the quality may not be what you require.

Nuwara Eliya does have some good quality accommodation. However you must remember that you will be at an altitude of 1,868 m (6,128 ft). It can get a bit chilly at night.

Climate Data shows the average temperature in Nuwara Eliya however in January the temperature can get as low as 0°C (32°F). 

A little bit of luxury away from the crowd

Guests tend to choose GlenMyu Estate as it is away from the larger tourist towns such as Nuwara Eliya and Ella.

It is a chance to properly relax during your busy itinerary around the island. 

As we only have three bedrooms on the five acre estate you will have plenty of space for yourselves.

GlenMyu Estate - The same time to get to the park as from Nuwara Eliya

It takes a similar time get from GlenMyu Estate to the entrance to Horton Plains as it does from Nuwara Eliya.


Are you heading North or South?

Perhaps if you are heading from North to South then staying in Nuwara Eliya would be convenient. However, we would recommend that you research Nuwara Eliya and decide whether you really want to stay there.

Of course there are several interesting places to visit in Nuwara Eliya. The Post Office, The Grand Hotel, Gregory Lake and  Waterfall. There are some really good tea factory tours such as Pedro Estate.

If you want to be nearer, but not in Ella, then GlenMyu Estate provides a good base. It’s a great location to visit to Horton Plains and also day trips to Ella and the sights there.

GlenMyu Estate is also only 40 minutes to 1 hours drive from the spectacular Upper Diyaluma Waterfall which is one of our favourite places. 

We can arrange a driver - and a fabulous packed breakfast.

We regularly arrange a cart or van to take you to Horton Plains National Park (and back!). 

Ru makes a fantastic packed breakfast to take with you so that you can have something to eat and drink during your hike.

We normally send to off at 6 -6.30 am in the morning so you have the best chance to see the views at World’s End and also to avoid the intensity of the sun.

The great news is that you can get back to GlenMyu Estate in the early afternoon, You can enjoy a refreshing swim. Your muscles and tired legs will be thanking you!

A delicious meal in the evening (and perhaps dessert!).

The food at GlenMyu Estate is starting to get a reputation (please read our customer reviews).

So, after expending the energy on your hike, what better way to finish your day with a delicious meal prepared by Ru and the team.

Stay at GlenMyu Estate to explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country

A stay at GlenMyu Estate as you explore the Sri Lankan Hill Country and see sights like Horton Plains National Park is a unique experience.

We only have three bedrooms and you will need to book early during the peak holiday season.

The estate is usually within an hours drive of the major sightseeing locations such as Nine Arch Bridge, Ella Town, Upper Diyaluma Waterfall, Lipton’s Seat, Bambarakanda Waterfall and many more,

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